Limerick: Once a Privy Counsellor at Lord’s

Limerick : Once a Privy Counsellor at Lord’s
Once a Privy Counsellor at Lord’s*
Watched a bowler* throw balls like gourds
Convened judicial com.*
Summoned bowler to come  
And sentenced him to eat bitter gourds.
Lord’s : The Mecca of cricket grounds in London
                where the Marylebone Cricket Club has
                its seat.
bowler : The player who lances the ball at the
                 batsman ; yet during the act the elbow
                 must not be bent – at the risk of being
                 called by the Umpire a « no ball « , that is,
                 even if the ball hits the wickets and the
                 bails are dislodged, the batsman is not
                 given « out.».
*Judicial Com(mittee) of the Privy Council, the highest
            Court of Appeal in England (and the former
British territories) until the Supreme
            Court was set up in 2010 to hear some appeals. 
The Privy Counsellor/Councillor
            is a Member of the House of Lords and a judge.           
©  T. Wignesan – Paris,  2013 

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