Making Love

I can’t help but bring with me the revolution
It’s the revolution I’ve married and you are merely my mistress
You may question my loyalty
But while the walls outside infiltrate our souls
Love is always a revolutionary act
You’re the most controversial thing I’ll ever do
It’s not for what others think of this unholy union
It’s for what I think of you
Though you have gained my respect, my awe and my admiration
There are some things that we can’t bridge
I don’t look down at you when I say "learn all your facts"
I’m sorry if it sounds so, when I say "there are things that you don’t know"
I say it not to make you small, but because it breaks my heart
To hear your fear
Your hate
Your careless abandonment of all that is holy
Not much is holy anymore
That’s probably a good thing
But some things shouldn’t be forsaken
Not life
Not dignity
Not freedom
Please take your uniform off, when you’re in my bed
Don’t bring the mud of your boots to my crisp, warm sheets
There is no need for armor between lovers
How can I revolutionize you?
How can I ignite your passion?
How can I penetrate you with all my love?
This needn’t be painful
This needn’t be a ravishing
We are not territory of conquest
But a no-man’s-land
Wild roses grow here, if you let them
Let me plant the seed

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