Never Die

I’ve never been so deeply grieved
Never so sure of my convictions
Never have I felt so fortunate
To be white
To be rich
To be homosepian
Never have I wanted to give all I have away
To start from scratch
To be genuine
To be earthly
Never have I wanted to hold the hand of so many
Never had such small hands
Never felt in such pain to march on
Never, in my life, did I expect that this was my reality
And I never will forget it
The blood boils to survive
As we hold our mouths open and beg for a drop of water
Do we look to you like animals?
Like cattle you can just herd away?
Try us
Once we stop forgiving, horns and hooves will do our bidding
May we never sink so low
But just you try me in my grief
Just you test my convictions
Just you test your fortune
There is only so much victory one can reap off another’s back
Never have I slept so sweetly
Never have I hoped so high
As I look into the abyss of your eyes
I know that which never dies

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