On authors, critics and readers

On authors, critics and readers
Some leave behind a hard-won name
         Others only fame
A few the sweat and tears of their passage
        Snatched from the rigours of their age
Yet none the folly of the game
Fiction is licensed perjury
       The coward’s excuse for character           
Courage revelation originality veracity
        All conspire to make for a writer
All mirrors distort
       Reviewers like haïr-dressers retort
And mistake the fall of water for the harp
       A mere critic can only carp
        If what you see is repugnant
close your ever envious eyes
and you’ll even see in darkness
        and the reason for your blindness

© T. Wignesan, Paris – 2006. Pub. in T. Wignesan. Rama and Ravana at the Altar of Hanuman : on Tamils, Tamil Literature and Tamil Culture. Chennai: Institute of Asian Studies, 2006 & Allahabad : Cyberwit.net, 2008.

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