River of Blood

I get in my car and put the radio in
That’s a nice song, as I back out of the driveway
It’s a lovely day, as I drive out of my green municipality
Highway is open and it’s all mine
It’s May- the best month of the year for this side of the world
The sun is white and the fields are green and the roof tops are red and there’s a cold wind
Great song
Great fucken song…
The rivers of blood.
Great song written by someone who can’t see the rivers of blood
Someone who is oblivious to reality
Some asshole with a Twitty tattoo on his ass
I know, because he was on dancing with the stars, or something
He wrote about the sunset and the sunrise in a Reggae beat
Claiming to be the prophet of the new generation
But he doesn’t know about the rappers of Palestine
I know.
And the road I’m on, what path was it paved over?
And those trees over there, the blood of what village do they suck through there tentacled roots?
And the green fields, who do they belong to?

Swimming in rivers of blood, finally at the restaurant
Such pretentious design  
Such sophisticated music
Such clean people
So clean I can see my reflection in they’re forehead
They talk about nothing and ha ha ha and someone just died
Have you no problems?! Real problems?
I just want my sushi and I’m out of here
I don’t belong here
Blood running through our feet
Blood everywhere
Make mine a vegi-sushi (oh do I belong…)
They can’t see the Chinese guy behind the counter making food into art
But that’s another problem for another day
I’ll leave him a big tip
It’s not his fault he’s here
He’s swimming in his own river  
More bla bla bla and that guy’s hitting on me
Are you kidding me?!
A child just got a bullet between her eyes, and you’re using yours to make sexual suggestions?!
Grab my paper bag and go go go
Blood gushing down the steps
And blood oozing as I stick the key in the ignition
Go go go!
Floating down the river with the rest of them

I park the car and before I go in
I take a peek at the neighboring beduins
Not much left of their tin-town
Blood in my eyes
Gotta go
Gotta eat
Blood in my mouth
And blood on my hands
And blood as I love
And blood as I sleep
There’s a river of blood and it runs through this land
It runs through my veins and my family line
Everything we build thrives on this river
I drink from this river and swim in it like a fish
And all that I do will thrive on this blood
I might as well drink it and say, as my people do:
“Lechaim”- To life

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