Cessation, arriving with increasing infrequency of vehicles echoing open lanes of highway upon adjacent neighborhoods and into the sponge of spring trees and signing birds.  Blossoming flowers, blend synapses out of habit and into a pool deep enough to enter, where breathing continues full and slow into a cradle of oncoming waves.  There is no other place to be.  Nothing to wait or prepare for, except … possibly … the sparse indications piecing into a volume as deep as the sky is high, now muted and mumbling above the rippling surface with birds sing slightly out of pitch and with added duration.  The weight of densely stacked blue is surrounding, far below tentacles of eddies heave in and out of a canyon, and off in the distance, well beyond sight, transmissions bearing direction and speed are deciphered while a trajectory of travel is chosen.

Open space continues in any direction along a surface beneath a canopy of trees, where long blades of grass pace water woven in continuous braids of flow, and just as remembered and expected, fish swim stationary positions along the shoreline.  In pulses, the fish enter pipes and duct work rising into a house amongst the treetops.  Out the living room fire place they sputter through the thin current of water flowing from under a couch at the opposite side of the room.  Dark red walls and ornamentations of black and gold look on in the quiet of calm air and natural being.  If at this point confused, exit the front door and out on to a foot bridge.  Below is a sizable waterfall pouring into a large pond.  The pond feeding a river juxtaposed with its duel presence as a stream, in the same place but leading somewhere else.

Perhaps a mountain side, visited on the frequency of an old friendship, where localities separated by paths and chronological steps proceed in an unlearnable pattern because of forgetting, or because they are always changing.  Elevated above cloud cover and the tree line, familiar people without identity share similar activities recreationally about frozen in time.  Kites soar, games are played and on blankets the horizon is watched.  Once twilight has set, the forest provides shelter in spaces both empty and full.  Eventually the visit is complete and departure is made along networked trails only navigable with closed eyes, reminding, that up and to the left some distance is a meadow nestled in a pass.

Centered on the meadow is an elevated platform.  Upon the platform is a structure with the white exterior of a grand facade.  It quite easily mistaken as a prop or stand in if it were not for the time spent gazing at crystal chandeliers in the entry way, or if it were not for the time passed in a room on the third floor where rays of a setting sun fell against the rooms white walls and sparse contents.  The stair wells and hallways to get there somewhere between, but the linking end to end of which never seemed to happen.  Outside, people stand about in small groups of leisurely conversation.  Here the mind stays while the physical self departs effortlessly.  After some time the physical self reunites, farewells are made, and exit transitions to pace and speed seemingly unusual and foreign to a biped.

The stride and power covers distance in effortless flight.  Quickly down streets and between buildings, around corners and through clearings, into brush and across ravines, to places never before seen.  Translation of the near future forms a queue of action before reaching it, allowing confidence to look further ahead and attend puzzles with clarity and without obstruction.  Muscles and tendons, healthy, flexible and strong, align limbs for agile movement at moment's notice.  All oF tHe sudDEn, a coNfusing resIStAnce tO forwARd mOtiOn is iNtrodUced.  The ease of travel and cOntInUAtion INcreasingly inVersly pRoPortional to urgEncy and effORt eXpENDed.  In the reasonable mind of mortality stRuGGle begins as distance is yET to be traVERsed.  In efFOrt to continue, posture evolves to a hOriZontaL orIEntatioN wiTh the gRouND, boTH hAnds aND fEe t pulLINg and pUSh inG at w haT eVeR cAN b e gras pEd.  A med ium tHIckENi ng aRound the lIMbs a n d   be tWEen tHe fINg eRs.  Litt le for Ward mOve mEnt, tO bAREly de tec taBl e fo Rward moV emEn  t ,  p A Nic   ,  then consciousness.

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