The cure for forty death-dealing cells

The cure for forty death-dealing cells

Impotent at birth

Impotent at death

         and only somewhat potent in between

Why were you born without your own consent

What was the karmic guilt of your first birth
  and what about those maimed in the mind
         crippled in the womb
             eaten by meningitis
                 by herpes
                     by syphillis
                         by aids

What are their chances of mending their karma

And what about that baby born without a brain
How is it to be blamed
    for not giving its organs to some transplant bank

Who cares if you live on
If you die
      who cares
and for how long

Does one have to care
        being but ephemeral

© T. Wignesan, April 2, 1992 (from the collection: back to background material, 1993)

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