What time are we living in

        What time are we living in
It’s not if but since the future can be told
   To a broadly verifiable degree
What time are we living in: present old
   Future or has it all gone past already
Don’t tell it for honours to politicos
   They hanker after two-bit history lines
Don’t even whisper it to military macros
   Lest generals decorate brows with vines  
Don’t spill the truth to those who slaughter
   With God on their bloody bleeding minds
For they will leave none alive hereafter
   And lease Heaven out to kith and kinds
Time is but a ruse of passing moments 
The more it unfurls the more the laments.

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2005-2012. (From the collection:
    Poems Omega Plus, 2005-2012) 

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