Words uttered in the dark/night: The Poem, Translation of Carlos Bousono’s poem: Palabras en la noche: El Poema

Words spoken in the dark/night : The Poem, Translation of Carlos Bousono’s poem : Palabras en la noche : El Poema
                                    for Jenaro Taléns
(Note : According to Alejandro D. Amusco, this poem which appeared in Bousono’s later collection : Metafora del desafuero, in 1988, actually now bélongs – with the blessings of the poet – in the earlier collection : Noche del sentido, 1957.  T. Wignesan)
Everything is there, and continues being there, in the mysterious
words, which were uttered, pronounced,
broken in the voice of a man. The stiffening of the soul,
the gravity of the hour in weighing
things to the hilt. Further, besides,
that other dolour,
slight for everybody else, but not for you,
at the resort of rains, standing close by the dark door.
O ! Our act of remembering a song, at the ears of the woods,
         on the smooth
slope, during a moment in March…
…Everything is there, the shade, the splendour
of the sun shining through the low
branches of the cherry trees,
our treads on the path
close to the hedge of berries,
of children,
somewhat retarded. And the quarrel on arriving
after high tea when we hardly expected it.
…Everything is there, the shadow of the chestnut tree,
under the mild northern summer and the heat of the islands,
the sorrow, the sleepiness, the nostalgia,
and the consequent sense of despair when everything gave in,
in an act of surrender,
the final promenade…
…Everything is there, either moving or stationary,
exactly as it was in reality, between dimness and light
sleep. Exactly as it was, without connexion, slimness
of reality, in confusion
like the life of man.
And then it happened like this, it’s good that it remained so,
for always,
couched in faithful words.
© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

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