Russell Brand: How To Buy a Politician

Discussing the corruption of politics with Russell Brand

George Monbiot: How Whales Change Climate

The astonishing story of how whales keep the oceans alive – and alter the composition of the atmosphere

Norman Finkelstein: The Making of Norman Finkelstein

Writing the “Holocaust Industry” changed his life, isolating him academically and making him a target – but he felt he had to take on the subject to defend the legacy of his holocaust survivor parents

Jade Lindgaard: Charlie Hebdo and France’s Response

Interview about Charlie Hebdo since 1968, Islamophobia and the French response

Gilbert Achcar: On the Clash of Barbarisms

From the Massacre in Paris to the U.S. Occupation of Iraq

Michael Albert: Russell Brands’ Revolution

Host Chris Spannos interviews radical leftist Michael Albert about comedian and actor Russell Brand’s controversial new book, “Revolution”

Ioannis Bournous: Weak Spots of Neoliberalism, Part 3: The Rise of the Radical Left in Greece

A discussion on the organizing work of the coalition of the Greek Left

Kathy Kelly: Peace Activist Kathy Kelly Heads to Prison for Protesting U.S. Drone War

Kelly and another activist were arrested after offering bread and an indictment against drone warfare

Chris Hedges: Answering Questions from Viewers

Answering questions like: “Do you believe the US or Israel will attack Iran?” and “Is there any hope for Bradley Manning?”

Chris Hedges: Journalism Should Be About Truth, Not Career

Chris Hedges tells Paul Jay about his criticism of the Iraq War and the events that led to him leaving the New York Times

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