SEIU Caught Putting Trusteeship of UHW into Action Before Hearing Results In

UHW rank and file members pay a visit to a secret SEIU office whose sole purpose is to wrest control of the entire West Coast health care workers union. A confidential list reveals top SEIU officers and staff coming to California to direct the hostile takeover even though hearing officer, former Secretary of Labor Ray Marshall, has yet to announce his decision.


Press Release:

January 23, 2009


Dear Friend of Labor:


As you may have read in The New York Times last Sunday, January 18, the dispute between SEIU-UHW is nearing a climax.


As we write, SEIU international staff and board members are setting up "war rooms" in the Oakland and in Los Angeles. Several hundred staff recruits from pro-Stern SEIU locals around the country are being sent in to help seize control of UHW and evict its own elected leaders, longtime reps, and organizers. SEIU is also employing private security guards (apparently off duty police officers) who last weekend placed UHW headquarters in Oakland under surveillance.


At the same time, SEIU has released partial findings of the UHW trusteeship hearing it convened last September, with predictable results. The text of Ray Marshall’s decision and his actual recommendations have yet to be disclosed, however.


On January 9, the SEIU executive board (with a surprising number of dissenting votes and abstentions) gave President Andy Stern its backing for the removal of 65,000 members from UHW. These nursing home and home care workers are now being reassigned  without their consent to a massive new 240,000-member California "local." This entity has yet to be created but will soon be run by international union staffers appointed by Stern with no elected officers for as long as three years.

We are writing to urge you–and all who have expressed concern about this unwarranted trusteeship in the past–to contact SEIU leaders in your area immediately, particularly national executive board members, and urge them to speak out against Stern’s senseless organizational assault before it is too late.


Already, the leading Congressional backer of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), U.S. Rep George Miller (D-CA.), has been quoted in The Washington Post (on Jan. 9) warning of the damage that UHW dismemberment and trusteeship will do to labor’s already very difficult campaign for EFCA.


As you can see from the UHW flyer below, the union rank-and-file will be vigorously resisting the destruction of their dynamic and democratic local.


We urge you to join us in supporting UHW members during this difficult time by sending them a financial contribution ASAP to the following address:


The Fund For Union Democracy
465 California Street, Ste. 1600
San Francisco, California 94104

Contact: [email protected]


This fund has been set up by labor and community supporters of UHW to aid its members in their continuing fight for union democracy and reform within SEIU.


For more information, you can also continue to


Yours in Solidarity,

Cal Winslow, Steve Early, Suzanne Gordon






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