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Theodoros Karyotis: Repression, eviction and dispossession in New Democracy’s Greece

The latest attack on the squatting movement in Greece is the preamble for a massive operation of housing dispossession by the right-wing government

Dionysia Pitsili-Chatzi, Aris Spourdalakis, Jodi Dean, Leo Panitch, and Hilary Wainwright: The right’s looming challenge to democracy in Greece

In 2019, the capacity of its left to successfully confront the far right’s continuing political ascent will be severely tested

Sylvia Kay: The true cost of austerity: lessons from Greece

The real lessons from Greece’s economic crisis can be learned not from the toxic legacy of austerity, but from movements for social justice and food sovereignty

Zoe Konstantopoulou: If you love Greece, help us get rid of Alexis Tsipras

The Greek prime minister and Syriza have betrayed their people and their principles. They have to go

CJ Polychroniou: EU’s Debt Deal Is “Kiss of Death” for Greece

The debt deal for Greece is indeed a turning point: It marks the death of any prospect or hope for economic recovery and a return to normalcy. Only more difficult times lie ahead

Costas Lapavitsas: Is Greece on the Road to Recovery?

Interview on how it is ludicrous on the part of a former left party to speak of a neoliberal success story for a country mired in poverty and debt

Ramzy Baroud: Greece’s Dangerous Alliance with Israel

Foreign Policy for Sale

CJ Polychroniou: Greece and economic recovery

The Greek ‘economic success’ story advanced by Tsipras et al would have been funny if it wasn’t such a serious matter

Jane Shallice: Greece’s heavy load

While the UK left is divided over how to respond to Brexit, the people of Greece continue to groan under the burden of EU-backed austerity

CJ Polychroniou: The Effects of Greece’s Loss of Sovereignty

For the last several months, Greece’s international creditors — the European Union and the International Monetary Fund — had been at a standoff over debt relief

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