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Scott Mclarty: Working Americans Need Independent Politics

Do working people have any reliable friends on the political field? We’re long past the point where Democrats can claim to be the party of workers. Republicans have never been sympathetic, except in their most mendacious flights of campaign rhetoric. The spectacular victory of the public school teachers’ strike in West Virginia, in which they Read more…

Scott Mclarty: The Green Party’s Radical Common Sense

There’s nothing inevitable about having only two parties. We don’t have a two-party system, we have a two-party racket

Mark Evans: Taking Activism to the Next Level

The Right are winning – not because of their great policies and institutions – but because the Left is losing.  But why is the Left losing? This is the six million dollar question! Furthermore, there is no one answer to it. The Left is losing for many many different reasons and we could analyse this Read more…

Many Authors: Possible Ideas for Going Forward

Seventy Five Authors offer possible ideas for program for left activists…

Scott Mclarty: After Bernie

Will Bernie Sanders and his supporters remain part of the revolution, or will they succumb to progressive OCD and jump on the Clinton bandwagon in 2016?

Helen Grant: Obama is Leading the World to Climate Hell

Dr. James Hansen’s latest dire warning is that we are on the verge of crossing the point of no return, triggering runaway global warming that would last for centuries, making much of the planet uninhabitable by humans. He asks, “Humanity stands at a fork in the road. As conventional oil and gas are depleted, will we move Read more…

Scott Mclarty: The Tar Sands Pipeline

Bill McKibben says we don’t have time to challenge two-party rule and build an alternative like the Green Party. In reality, we don’t have time not to. Those of us who participated in the #ForwardOnClimate Rally against the tar-sands pipelines in Washington, DC on February 17, witnessed the environmental movement at its best and worst. Read more…

Scott Mclarty: The Occupy Movement Must Also Become a Voters’ Rebellion

To vote or not to vote — that is the question for Occupy Wall Street protesters and for Americans sympathetic to the Occupy movement taking place in cities throughout the US. For many of those who intend to vote, it means casting a ballot for Democratic candidates, including President Obama. For those who don't plan Read more…

Scott Mclarty: The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Politics

Book by Derek Wall; New Internationalist, 2010, 144 pp. Although the party has been in existence for three decades, any book that comes out now about the Greens, at least in the U.S., is still going to be an introduction, and The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Politics by Derek Wall is no exception. Green Politics Read more…

Adam Doster: Dancing Into the Majority

When Michael Heaney served as a special guest to the Brookings Institution’s Governance Studies Program in the fall of 2002, he couldn’t ignore the growing anxiety surrounding the invasion of Iraq. After marching to the White House with a local CodePink chapter and attending larger rallies in D.C. that year, the budding political scientist–now an Read more…

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