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Steve Ellner: NY Times Doing More Harm Than Good in Venezuela

If the central argument of the New York Times and other members of the “liberal” establishment is that Trump should focus on economic sanctions rather than a military solution, then they are undoubtedly doing more harm than good

Joe Emersberger: Venezuela Poses No ‘Threat to the World’

But the Washington Post’s Claim That It Does Is Dangerous

Joe Emersberger: From Venezuela to McCain

Media and Human Rights Industry on Same Page

Paul Dobson: Venezuelan Commune Leaders Vows to ‘Take the Offensive’

Seventy-four communes were represented at the gathering, reiterating their support for the government’s recent economic policies, while declaring war on reformism and bureaucratism

Joe Emersberger: Amnesty must reverse its policy of not denoucing US officials (and others) who incite violence against Venezuela

BELOW IS AN EMAIL I SENT TO AMNESTY TODAY Drones were just used to drop bombs on a large crowd in an attempt to assassinate Venezuelan President Maduro. In February, I asked Amnesty if it would denounce remarks against Maduro’s government made by Trump, Tillerson and Rubio that could incite violence and Amnesty refused. See below ME: Read more…

Paul Dobson: Venezuela’s Marching Campesinos

After 20 days walking 435 kilometres, the marchers held a fiery televised meeting with the president, finally being able to present their proposals to the nation

Jonathan Nack: Another Outright Lie About Venezuela

The story that the last anti-Maduro newspaper may be on the verge of closing is a complete fabrication

Jorge Martín: Venezuela on the verge of a social explosion?

Only the Venezuelan working people can offer a way forward from the current crisis

Katrina Kozarek: Getting by in Venezuela

Chronicles of Survival and Hope

Paul Dobson: Venezuelan Communists Criticise Maduro’s Plan

Venezuela’s Communist Party has opposed plans by the government of Nicolas Maduro to incorporate leading members of the leftist Francisco de Miranda Front into managerial positions in 700 state industries

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