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Who Are Sustainers?

Z Sustainers are a group of people who donate to our operations on a regular basis. Z operations literally exists due to their largesse!

If you can’t make a periodic donation, you can still be a free member and get periodic mailings as well as being able to see all content. Those who choose to donate on a regular basis, however, as Sustainers, get additional features.

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ZCom Free Membership 

Basic members also receive free weekly mailings from Z with information, articles, etc.

Why Do We Need You To Become A Sustainer?

The reason we need donors is there are high costs associated with providing the content and facilities of ZCom. Without donations we could not exist. Religious communities typically “charge” members a percentage of their income, often as much as 10%, to gain funds with which to provide services. We are seeking as little as the price of a coffee or a candy bar per month for you to become a Sustainer. For the price of a pizza – one pizza a month – you get a massive set of benefits and we gain greatly as well! For higher donations, the benefits just grow.

The bottom line is, we aren’t seeking much – but what we are seeking is what is needed for us to continue providing the content and services ZCom includes. Please help!

Basic Sustainers ($3 a month or more) receive nightly Sustainer Commentaries and More…

Beyond being a Basic Member, any of our users can become a Z Sustainer by pledging a monthly or annually repeating donation to the operations. This conveys additional benefits to users, as well as financing Z’s existence.

For donating as little as $3 a month or $36 a year, Z Sustainers get their own blog system and their own personal page displaying contents they have uploaded and a bio and a personal picture, and also receive nightly Sustainer Commentary mailings and access to the online Commentary Zine, as well as being able to comment on content all over the site, upload lyrics, quotes, etc.

Large Sustainers ($10 a month or more) can access Z Magazine Online and much more…

Large Sustainers who contribute at least $10 or more a month, or $120 a year, get all the basic sustainer benefits listed above – reading the whole site, periodic update mailings, comenting on all content, nightly Sustainer Commentary mailings, access to the Sustainer Zine, a basic personal page, uploading bios and photo – and then also get to upload quotes, lyrics, book info and book preferences and reviews, and can also access Z Magazine online in full, including graphics, etc. PLUS being able to admin all parts of the Z LeftWiki…

How Do I Sign Up

There are sign up links throughout our sites – or you can use this link with no further delay – Sign Up Now


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