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Joan Roelofs: The Militarized Academy: Knowledge for What?

Examining the underbelly of the military industrial complex

Kim Kelly: What Is the National Labor Relations Board and How Does It Affect Unions?

Though the NLRB keeps a lower profile than many other government agencies, it holds a great deal of power over the country’s workers and labor movement

Michael Baker: All countries should pursue a Covid-19 elimination strategy

Countries trying to eliminate the virus have been far more successful and economically better off than those that have tried to suppress it

Steven Sherman: The Left is Positioned to Win More Under Biden Than Any President in Decades

The progressive grassroots is much stronger than it was 12 years ago when Obama took office. If it stays focused, it can make real progress in advancing its agenda

Badri Raina: Resting Place

The heart seeks a resting place In the hollow of a tree, Atop a boulder in a singing stream Where only the sun can see

Tetet Lauron, Katja Voigt, Nadja Charaby, Nessim Achouche: Dangerous Distractions

“Climate Action” will not lead to climate justice on its own

Richard D. Wolff: The U.S. Economy Excels at One Thing: Producing Massive Inequality

Deepening U.S. inequality flows directly from this capitalist organization of production—its class system

Tina Landis: Biden’s climate orders

The Biden administration’s recent executive orders on climate action and environmental protections at first glance may inspire hope. Digging deeper, it becomes evident they lack substance

Noa Yachot: Fears Grow that Efforts to Combat US Domestic Terrorism Can Hurt Minorities

Civil rights advocates worry that moves to fight far-right extremism will be used against communities of color and leftwing activists

Tina Gerhardt: Stopping Keystone Pipeline Is First Step Toward Environmental Justice

Indigenous groups and environmental activists are also calling on President Biden to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline and Enbridge Line 3

Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson: “A Step Forward”

Black Lives Matter Protests Forced Biden to Push Racial Equity, But More Is Needed

Sonali Kolhatkar: The COVID-19 Pandemic Can’t Be Managed—It Has to Be Eradicated

Americans are unlikely to return to the pre-pandemic normal that Chinese residents now enjoy simply because we are not trying to eliminate the virus like China did

Grace Livingstone: Review – Santiago Rising

Review of Santiago Rising, a new film which portrays the recent eruption of protest against inequality in Chile

Frida Berrigan: ‘I Ain’t Marching Anymore’

Chris Lombardi’s new book chronicles 260 years of war resistance and conscientious objection

Jaisal Noor: Safe return or no return

Strikes loom for public schools

Shawn Hattingh: Broken world, broken people – we need a path to a better future

We have to give people that are rightfully angry a home, but one that is healing and progressive and that not only aims for real democracy, mutual aid, belonging, respect, dignity, tolerance, humility and egalitarianism in the future, but as everyday practice

Rod Driver: Supporting Democracy Abroad If It Gives The ‘Right’ Results

The double standards of the mainstream US and British media in relation to foreign interference in elections has been particularly obvious since 2016

Ramzy Baroud: B’Tselem’s Historic Declaration: Israel’s Open War on Its Own Civil Society

As B’Tselem has succinctly worded it, Israel is a regime of Jewish supremacy “from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.” 

Juan Cole: Marjorie Taylor Greene, who denied Parkland School Shootings, on House Education Committee

I am deeply offended, as an teacher for nearly 37 years, that the GOP would so demean my field as to saddle us with this violent conspiracy theorist who disrespects every core value of American education

Robert Koehler: Nukes are Illegal. Now What?

Let’s not forget: We are standing at the edge of global change. I believe what’s visible in this fleeting moment is our own evolution

Bianca Cunningham: In a Six-Day Strike, Bronx Produce Workers Doubled Their Raise

“Hopefully other workers will get inspired to fight for what they deserve, by seeing us do it.”

Patrick Bond: Biden-Kerry international climate politricks

Is U.S. President Joe Biden’s January 27 Executive Order to address ‘climate crisis’ as good as many activists claim, enough to reverse earlier scepticism?

Medea Benjamin: Will Biden End America’s Global War on Children?

To prevent new U.S. wars, the Biden administration should commit to participate and comply with the rules of international law, which are supposed to be binding on all countries, even the most wealthy and powerful

Ben Burgis: The Left Should Oppose Censorship by Big Tech Companies

We should champion free speech online — and argue that the best way to protect it is with a socialist program that brings privatized social media platforms into public control

Mandy Smithberger: Demilitarizing Our Democracy

How the National Security State Has Come to Dominate a “Civilian” Government

Andrea J. Ritchie: Strategies to Defund the Police

“There’s a shift happening right now. The call to defund police is louder than we’ve ever heard it. We can all answer the call and reshape what our communities look like.”

Laura Jedeed: Tenant Organizing Explodes Across the Country

Tenants’ unions are one reason that, unlike other cities with supposed eviction protections, D.C. has not had a single eviction since the moratorium went into place

Cody Fenwick: Democrats increasingly alarmed at the threat posed by GOP lawmakers

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave chilling remarks on Thursday during her briefing with the press: “The enemy is within the House of Representatives”

Chuck Collins: U.S. Billionaire Wealth Surpasses $1.1 Trillion Gain Since Mid-March

Ten months into the COVID-19 crisis, 660 billionaires see their wealth rise 40 percent

Caity Johnstone: Counter Trumpism By Ending the Conditions That Created It

People actually interested in ending Trumpism would be promoting an end to the corruption, opacity, a uniquely awful electoral system, and to neoliberal policies making Americans poorer and poorer

Paul Street: Thirty-One Flavors of Fascism

Here are my top 29 traits of fascism, cobbled together with no claim to originality in concept or phrasing

Daniel Kane: “They Came Away with Their Dignity”

Striking NYC Workers Win Wage Hike After Surge of Solidarity

Badri Raina: The Farmers are Back

The farmers are back, Like the soil that takes all beatings

Vincent Emanuele: All Hands on Deck: A Call for Left Unity

Survival is all that matters. And to survive, we must win. And to win, we must act in solidarity. The clock is ticking

Marjorie Cohn: George Floyd “Narrated His Death,” Says Attorney at International Inquiry

George Floyd, who was publicly tortured and lynched by Minneapolis police officers on May 25, 2020, narrated his own death, legendary civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump told the International Commission of Inquiry on Systemic Racist Police Violence Against People of African Descent in the United States 

Varshini Prakash: Biden’s Climate Agenda Must Go Beyond Undoing Trump’s Damage

We need to see Biden working actively to organize his congressional colleagues to pass what we need to be the greatest green jobs and infrastructure recovery plan that this country has seen

John Feffer: What Explains COVID’s East-West Divide?

Asia has done a much better job of containing the pandemic. Do values have anything to do with it?

David Ost: The Right Normalizes Fascism. The Best Response: Normalize It Back

Before fascism can win power, it has to win support, which it seeks to do by polarizing politics to the point where only fascists represent the “true” nation

Peter Bloom: Beware Corporate ‘Democracy Washing’

Twitter, Trump, and the Danger of Privatizing the Fight Against Fascism

Matthew Cunningham-Cook: Rebekah Mercer Raised Specter of “Armed Conflict” in 2019 Book

The billionaire heir has been financing a host of right-wing individuals and groups involved in the storming of the Capitol

Eugene Ludwig: Unemployment Is Much Worse Than You Think

The problem for many Americans isn’t getting a job, it’s getting enough hours at decent wages. Our topline numbers obscure that reality

Jake Johnson: Lawmakers Introduce $15 Minimum Wage Bill

‘Time for Talk Is Over. No More Excuses’

Rod Driver: The Illusion of Democracy 2: Power and Secrecy

If Britain and the US had genuine democracies, where the views of ordinary people matter, the invasion, slaughter and torture in Iraq would not have happened

José López: Independence Is the Progressive Solution to US Colonialism in Puerto Rico

The US government has only one responsibility and that is to support Puerto Rico’s right to self-determination. No political leader in the United States has the right to determine what is right for Puerto Rico

Zoe Schiffer: Google Workers Across Announce International Union Alliance

Alpha Global is yet another sign that the fight to unionize tech workers is accelerating. If it’s successful, it could provide a template for workers at other tech giants

Julie Norris: Hunts Point Teamsters win strike through solidarity

This was a major gain for the workers’ movement, showing that unity and solidarity is the way to win gains even during the COVID-19 pandemic

Vijay Prashad: Why We Can’t Give Up on the Idea of a World Free From Nuclear Weapons

Public opinion, even in many NATO states, favors a total ban on nuclear weapons

Natalie Shure: Bernie Sanders Is Right, and Joe Biden Is Wrong. We Still Need Medicare for All

Joe Biden and the Democratic establishment refuse to push Medicare for All even as COVID-19 continues to ravage the country

Nelson Perez-Olney: For Hope, Look South

In a year where the blue wave predicted by pollsters and demographics failed to manifest, Georgia offers a vision of how to turn polling numbers into votes

Victor Grossman: Echoes and Elections

How will the next German leaders regard Biden’s Washington?

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