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David Cromwell: ‘There Is No Way To Fool Physics’: Climate Breakdown And State-Corporate Madness

Time is running out too rapidly to fundamentally reform society and create a real democracy that people deserve

Walden Bello: Why the Son of a Hated Dictator Won the Philippine Elections

The failures of liberalism made illiberalism popular. But the inevitable crises of the Marcos-Duterte regime offer opportunities for progressive organizing

Ted Glick: Buffalo!

The shooting rampage in Buffalo, NY by the young racist/fascist that killed 10 Black people has filled me with mixed emotions

Winslow Myers: Humility

The U.S. may be alienated from Russia at the moment, but we still need to join each other as soon as we can in both disarmament and ecological initiatives

Nick Vachon: Overcoming an Onslaught of Dark Money Attacks, Progressive Summer Lee Declares Victory

The Pennsylvania representative faced down millions of dollars in negative ads from pro-Israel groups and took on the Democratic establishment by running on a bold left agenda

David Swanson: The Answer to the Latest Greedy War Spending Should Not Be Greed

Our cry should be “Move the money from war and destruction to the needs of people and planet!”

Liza Featherstone: There Was a Lot of Good News in This Week’s Primaries

Despite setbacks, socialist candidates eked out victories in this week’s primaries

Quratulain Tejani: New York Is Facing a Pandemic-Fueled Home Energy Crisis

With No End in Sight

Jonah Furman: Farm and Construction Equipment Workers Strike in Iowa and Wisconsin

Eleven hundred workers who manufacture agricultural and construction equipment for CNH Industrial in Burlington, Iowa, and Racine, Wisconsin, have been on strike since May 2

Jerry Goldberg: Detroit tenants win right to counsel in evictions

Please Help ZNet           Source: Liberation On May 10, the Detroit City Council adopted an ordinance providing for the right of tenants to legal representation while facing evictions. The ordinance was the product of a three-year struggle waged by the Detroit Right to Counsel Coalition, which is comprised of numerous tenants’ Read more…

Gideon Levy: Is Blood of Iconic Journalist Redder Than Blood of Anonymous Palestinians?

The blood of a famous journalist, no matter how brave and experienced she was – and she was – is no redder than the blood of an anonymous high school student who was traveling home in a taxi full of women in this same Jenin a month ago

Noam Chomsky: The Supreme Court Is Wielding Illegitimate Authority in the US

Please Help ZNet           Source: Truthout Photo by Matt Gush/Shuttterstock   Former president Jimmy Carter deemed the U.S. as having become “an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery” in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s 2014 decision to strike down limits on campaign contributions, and the wielding of illegitimate authority within our Read more…

V: Disaster patriarchy and the global war on women

I have fought my entire life not to believe I am nothing. Not to believe I am stupid. To fight to believe I have a right to be here

Jordan Smith: Oklahoma’s Total Abortion Ban Will Mean Surveillance, Criminalization, and Chaos

The state’s new ban is the most extreme in the country, going further than Texas’s notorious S.B. 8 by banning abortion after fertilization

Bridget Meehan: In a parallel universe, the pandemic would have been different

Throughout this trauma, capitalism has not been good to us

James Meadway: Lashing together a life raft: Covid-19 strategies for the left

Reflecting on two years of Covid-19 and the challenges the British left will have to adapt to and confront

Pablo Abufom: An End to Neoliberalism?

How Chile Drafted New Constitution to Rewrite Pinochet-Era Laws

Lonnie Ray Atkinson: Comedy Is A Good Bullshit X-Ray & Redefine Policing

The following are excerpts from a new book, Don’t Think Of A Republican – How I Won A Republican Primary As A Lefty Progressive And You Can Too

David Jones: Fragility in the Time of Cancellation

We are all walking wounded. A little sympathy and compassion is a place to start

Luca GoldMansour: ‘Disinformation’ Label Serves to Marginalize Crucial Ukraine Facts

S officials have openly admitted to “using information as a weapon even when the confidence and accuracy of the information wasn’t high”

Sebastian Garza: Brookline teachers strike for one day, win three-year contract struggle

In a single-day strike, the BEU strike won a three-year-long struggle

Asa Winstanley: UK admits activists “forced” Elbit to sell factory

A British government prosecutor admitted in court this week that Palestine Action campaigners “forced the closure” of a factory owned by an Israeli weapons firm earlier this year

Ennedith Lopez: Overturning Roe Will Lead to a Human Rights Crisis for All Americans

Generations have fought for these fundamental rights, and now is not the time to regress. No one is immune to this abuse of power, so all of us need to fight it

Richard Falk: Westphalian Logic and Geopolitical Prudence in the Nuclear Age

The Ukraine War, its complexities and global spillover effects, have not been adequately depicted by either political leaders or the more influential media

Sara Sirota: Military-Industrial Complex Is Itching to Send “Hunter-Killer” Drones to Ukraine

The dangerous, restricted unmanned fighter planes would be a major step up in the arms the U.S. is giving to Ukraine

John Feffer: Russia, NATO, and the Future of Neutrality

Neither the formerly non-aligned of Europe nor the currently non-aligned of the Global South are interested in furthering Vladimir Putin’s imperial ambitions

Nina Khrushcheva: Talks to End War in Ukraine Are Collapsing

U.S. Seeks Regime Change in Moscow

Mark Engler: Movements are vying for political power — is ‘co-governance’ the answer?

As the left increasingly focuses on electoral politics, a new framework is emerging for how candidates who win should partner with social movements

David Sirota: The Democratic Party’s Leadership Is Trying to Destroy Progressives

Democratic leadership and their corporate donors are now doing everything they can to destroy those progressives

Dave DeCamp: The Leaders of France, Germany, and Italy Favor Negotiations to End Ukraine War

The US, Britain, and other NATO countries don’t hold the same view

Ben Burgis: Nationalize Baby Formula Production

Across the country, millions of parents are desperately searching for baby formula. Why are we letting the private sector alone handle such a vital good?

Jason Kerzinski: ‘That’s why I’m sticking with Starbucks—to make it better’

Six workers at the Maple Street Starbucks in New Orleans why they’re fighting to unionize

Emi Lockwood: McDonald’s workers in LA walk out against abuse

“Today it was me, tomorrow who follows?”

Max Elbaum: Democracy, Strategy, Modes of Struggle: The High-Stakes Strife in DSA

Core questions of political strategy animate the debate roiling DSA. The whole Left has a stake in the outcome

Alicia Garza: “The Shooter Wrote a Manifesto, and My Name Was Included In It”

White nationalist violence is escalating — and the leadership of this country refuses to do anything significant about it

Billy Nessen: Battle of Donbas

Dramatic Interview from Ukrainian-Held Severodonetsk as Missiles Rain Down

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Endless War in Ukraine Hurts National and Global Security

What are the United States’ goals in the Ukraine war?

Walden Bello: Deconstructing a dismaying outcome

The Marcos-Duterte camp is currently gloating behind the façade of calls for “burying the hatchet”

Ryan Grim: Democratic Voters Deliver Stinging Rebuke to Party’s Manchin-Sinema Wing

Voters shrugged off an obscene amount of spending from super PACs to send a message to Democrats: Do something

David Sirota: Democratic Voters Rejected the Status Quo Last Night

Pennsylvania and Oregon election results from last night offer cause for hope for progressives: voters rejected the demands of oligarchs and Democratic elites

Michael Sainato: Virginia Target Workers Seek To Unionize Amid Surge in Labor Organizing Efforts

The company has already reportedly pushed back by trying to use union dues as a tactic to deter workers from supporting the union

José Luis Granados Ceja: US Plotted ‘Terrifying’ Venezuela Invasion with Opposition’s Blessing

“Esper’s revelations merely confirm that we’re dealing with a government—regardless of who is in office—that will go to extreme lengths to achieve its policy priorities”

Badri Raina: Pick a Wave

Please Help ZNet               O citizen, un-besotted by zeal, Un-fathered by the state, Between the heat wave And the hate wave Take your pick; Torched by the two now Smoulders the captive republic.   Neither the all-out sun nor the bellowing Saint knows the pinch Of price rise. Once Read more…

Luis Feliz León: Amazon Lashes Back in Staten Island Warehouses

Please Help ZNet         Source: Labor Notes The company has billed itself as the everything store. Now Amazon is the throw-everything-at-them union-buster—trying every trick in the playbook to throttle worker organizing at its Staten Island warehouses in New York City. The union vote at a second warehouse, a neighboring sorting center known Read more…

Patrick Bond: Who dropped the Rain Bomb on Durban last month? And will they pay climate reparations?

Africa is responsible for less than four percent of historic global emissions – we are not the ones who caused this crisis. We want climate justice

India Walton: Now Is the Time for Reparations

Please Help ZNet           Source: Democracy Now! In one of this year’s deadliest mass shootings, a white supremacist opened fire Saturday on a supermarket in a predominantly Black neighborhood in Buffalo, New York, killing 10 and wounding three others. Eleven of the victims are Black. The 18-year-old suspect posted racist ideology Read more…

Liberation Staff: Thousands in the streets for ‘Bans Off Our Bodies’ rallies in hundreds of cities

In cities large and small, people came out into the the streets

Nan Levinson: Ukraine

An Antiwar Dilemma

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