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David Bollier: The Radical Open Access Collective: Building Better Knowledge Commons

The general public may not give much thought to how scientists and scholars publish their work, but please know that it matters

Jason Reed: Cash Bail For Non-Violent Offenders Is Costly, Harmful And Unconstitutional

Why do we routinely incarcerate people for months or years before their trial has even begun?

Ron Jacobs: Supporting Militarism Will Not Bring Justice, Only Death

The worst war criminals are those who plan wars, profit from wars, convince their citizens to go to war, and reject diplomacy that would prevent war

William Astore: What Would It Take for Military Spending in America to Go Down?

A Thought Experiment on the Military-Industrial Complex

George Ochenski: On-going environmental degradation is no joke

Future generations may well look back and say “not only didn’t they do what was vitally necessary, they did the opposite and made things worse” – there’s nothing remotely funny about that

Maximillian Alvarez: A trade unionist’s view from inside Ukraine

Interview on the climate for workers and dissidents in the Ukraine after the Russian invasion

Jane McAlevey: To Win We Need Strong Militant Unions

Under a capitalist system, the single most powerful thing workers can do is walk off the job and stop production

David Bacon: Trouble in the Tulips

Organized Farmworkers Win Basic Demands in a Quick Strike

Christian Smalls: “We Just Unionized Amazon”

How Two Best Friends Beat the Retail Giant’s Union-Busting Campaign

Jake Johnson: Sanders Hails Growing Union Movement as Threat to ‘Oligarchy and Corporate Greed’

“If you think that the union victories at Amazon and Starbucks are an aberration, you would be sorely mistaken”

Natasha Lennard: With Sweeps of Homeless Encampments, Liberal Cities Wage War on Poorest Residents

New York’s Eric Adams became the latest mayor to clear out the unhoused — a cruel reminder of how the liberal establishment fails the neediest

Sharon Zhang: Amazon Will Ban Words Like “Union,” “Living Wage”

Newly leaked documents reveal that Amazon is planning to ban workers from using a variety of words relating to unionization

Liam Hines: Fighing back against corporate slumlord management

McCarthy Manor is an apartment building that provides “affordable housing” to senior citizens and people with disabilities. The building has long been neglected by its owner

Kim Lane Scheppele: How Hungary’s Orban Turned the Ukraine War to His Own Advantage

And set an example for other right-wing leaders

Julia Conley: Scientists Launch Global Civil Disobedience Campaign

“Scientist Rebellion will be on the streets between April 4th and 9th, acting like our house is on fire,” said organizers. “Because it is.”

Michael Kwet: Digital Ecosocialism: breaking the power of Big Tech

We can no longer ignore the role of Big Tech in entrenching global inequality. To curtail the forces of digital capitalism, we need an ecosocialist Digital Tech Deal

Thomas Klikauer: Three Internet-Creating Ideologies

The Internet provides another option for capitalism’s hallucination of endless growth

Tom Lehrer: So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III)

Please Help ZNet           Source: The Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel “So Long, Mom (A Song for WW III)” speaks for itself, but it is nice that you can be on TV just because you are a soldier. This is a NEW 16:9-version as an experiment. Here, people can enjoy Lehrer’s spoken Read more…

William rivers Pitt: Dwindling Public Concern About COVID Is Handing Republicans a Gift

If Republicans continue to gain momentum, we can bet that our inexcusably sorry level of pandemic preparedness will plunge us even further into the depths of abandonment

Sonali Kolhatkar: Housing is a Human Right, Here’s How to Make It a Reality

“We think there ought to be an alternative to the corporate and for-profit system of housing.”

Mark Engler: What Happens After Movement-Backed Politicians Take Office

As the “co-governance” model gains traction, here’s a look into the promises and pitfalls—and how organizers are reimagining electoral politics

Cortney Sanders: States Should Apply 3 Principles to Create an Antiracist, Equitable Recovery

How they choose to spend these dollars can advance equitable, antiracist policies to build economic recovery and long-term opportunities for all families and communities

Badri Raina: The Contradictions in the Anti-Muslim Tirade in Karnataka

The question also arises as to why the corporate class, barring an exception or two, is so silent in the face of rising vigilantism

George Monbiot: Organized Lying

Almost everyone in public life participates in the assault on truth

Kali Akuno: Organize, don’t agonize

Democracy starts with any engagement I have with another human being; that’s where real democratic practice starts

Ben Burgis: What the Left Keeps Getting Wrong About Free Speech

Laugh off concerns about “cancel culture” all you want. But even recent history shows how vital free speech is to winning social justice

Thom Hartmann: Let’s Just Say It Very Clearly: The US Supreme Court Is Corrupt

Public outrage is building: the Court’s approval rating is now around 40%—Congress needs to act, before an entire branch of government sinks into an irredeemable Trump-fueled muck of corruption

Lauren Celenza: How Deindustrialization Shaped My Working-Class Family

And why it took my father 40 years to see the ocean

Andrew Moss: Grocery workers who are food insecure

The pandemic has helped raise awareness of the essential roles that millions of low-wage workers play

Nikolas Barry-shaw: The global fight for a People’s Vaccine is at a crucial turning point

We need a People’s Lobby to counter the power of Big Pharma

Molly Comeaux: Over one million New Yorkers at risk of utility shutoff in April

We must stand together and demand that these utility debts be canceled

Ricardo Vaz: Communard Union Holds Founding Congress, Elects Leadership

The growing grassroots network vows to expand popular power and move forward in the construction of socialism

Bruce T. Boccardy: The Real “Big Lie” has Nothing to Do with Donald Trump

An effective beginning is learning the structure of our economic model, who it works for and how to ameliorate it for the rest of us.

Andy Spears: Tennessee Is Taking School Privatization to an Extreme

Lee has been fighting to redirect public money to private schools since before he was elected governor

Bart Hawkins Kreps: The toxic cloud called ‘Internet’

If we don’t redirect our global economic system, and fast, the whole toxic cloud may crash whether we like it or not

Kenny Stancil: ‘Just Stop Oil’: Climate Activists Block 10 Terminals Across UK

“If we continue with fossil fuels, then we’re… not gonna have a planet that we can live on,” said one protestor who locked himself to an oil tanker

Brett Wilkins: ‘Win for Workers Across America’

Amazon Union Victory Inspires Progressives

Angelika Maldonado: Here’s How We Beat Amazon

Amazon workers in Staten Island have achieved the most important labor victory in the United States since the 1930s. Here’s an inside account of how they did it

Aimee Loiselle, Helena Worthen, Tracy Berger, Trent McDonald: Higher Ed Labor Unites for Equity for All: Faculty, Staff and Students

‘We are all campus workers’: New coalition confronts crisis in higher ed with coordination and collaboration

Eleanor Bader: Anti-Russian Bigotry Increases in the US and Beyond Amid Putin’s War on Ukraine

“Making all Russians a universal target of global blame is, simply put, short-sighted and immoral.”

Dyanna Jaye: Understanding Sunrise, Part 2: Organizing Methods

Sunrise melded mass protest, electoral work, and distributed organizing to great effect, but 2020 upended its plans and forced a reassessment

Dean Spade: Dean Spade Is Asking Activists, “How Much Bolder Could You Be?”

Interview on mutual aid, overcoming burnout and demobilization and how we can support trans young people in the face of fascistic Republican attacks

Chris Gilbert: A Commune Called ‘Che’

A Socialist Holdout in the Venezuelan Andes

Alessio Koliulis: How Striking Lecturers Won Their Students’ Support

New tactics are working

Romaric Godin: Jean-Luc Mélenchon Has a Radical Program

Implementing It Would Be Far Tougher

Isabella Cuomo: Fear of Popular Revolutions Drove Putin to Attack Ukraine

The drive for sustainable change will only increase with each new violent measure that Russia takes

Luis Feliz León: Amazon Workers in Staten Island Clinch a Historic Victory

The improbable became the most probable when the scrappy band of workers who make up the Amazon Labor Union took the lead in a union election at a warehouse in Staten Island

William Lawrence: Understanding Sunrise, Part 1: Strategy

Sunrise Movement made climate change a key political issue, but new conditions require new theory and strategy

Progressive International: “We reject the EU’s ‘compromise’ TRIPs waiver proposal and call on you to do the same”

The reported EU and USA “compromise” proposal on removing restrictions on the production and distribution of Covid-19 treatments would be worse than no deal at all

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