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David Solnit: Climate Art vs. Wall Street

Dozens of climate movement groups are coming together in April to organize the #DefundClimateChaos Week of Arts Action

Sarah Read: Democracy Rising 14: Getting Started with Dialogue and Deliberation, Part 3

Please Help ZNet           Source: Resilience Democracy Rising is a series of blog posts on deliberative democracy: what it is, why it’s powerful, why the time is right for it, how it works, and how to get it going in your community. The series originates in the United States but will Read more…

Ramzy Baroud: Gaza’s next crisis might be worse than anything we have ever seen

Unless the international community sits up, takes notice and actually does something about water supplies in the Gaza Strip, the next crisis might be worse than anything we have ever seen

Nora-Kathleen Berryhill: The Poor People’s Campaign Gears Up for its National March in June

The National Call for Moral Revival made a stop in Madison, Wisconsin, on its way to Washington, D.C.

Robert Penner: Nearly a year after election, Colectivo Collective union certified

These union victories are not just wins for the workers involved. They are wins for workers everywhere

Manon Aubry: Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s Campaign Shows That the French Left Can Still Win

Interview on how the Left is challenging the neoliberal and far-right stranglehold over the country’s politics

Jake Johnson: New York Amazon Workers Look to Make History

One historian argued that a union victory at Amazon would be “game-changing for the entire labor movement in this country.”

Stan Cox: How Not to Cope with Vladimir Putin by Drilling and Pumping

A Bipartisan Oil Rush or the Phasing Out of Fossil Fuels?

Phyllis Bennis: Say No to a ‘No-Fly Zone’ in Ukraine

Rather than cheering for a potentially catastrophic escalation, there are other options for the United States to help the Ukrainian people

Brian Garvey: The Ukraine Crisis is Splitting the Peace Movement

When it’s Needed Most

Federico Fuentes: Ukraine: Democratic socialists challenge Zelensky’s attack on workers, political parties

Using the pretext of Russia’s invasion, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has banned several political parties and undermined labour and trade union rights

Andrew Simms: An alternative energy strategy to stimulate rapid transition

Please Help ZNet           Source: Rapid Transition Alliance All around the world, governments’ energy policies are at a crossroads. In order to insulate themselves from dependence on Russian oil and gas, tackle rising living costs and enact sanctions against Vladimir Putin, governments are collectively clamouring to diversify their energy supplies. This Read more…

April M. Short: U.S. Culture of Colonial Extraction Is Making People Sick and Destroying the Planet

A widespread culture of isolation and disconnection from our bodies, each other and the planet is negatively impacting the mental and physical health of people

Richelle Brooks: I am not asking for ‘debt forgiveness.’ I am demanding justice

President Biden has the power to cancel all student loan debt with a stroke of his pen, a move that will ensure Black women like me have, for perhaps the first time, a real shot at prosperity

Liberation Staff: Alphabet Workers Union wins official recognition of first bargaining unit

This is AWU’s first victory in a campaign for collective bargaining rights but not the first action by Alphabet workers

Jake Johnson: 1,000+ Professors Endorse Call to Cancel All Federal Student Loan Debt

“Universal debt cancellation would be the first serious step toward the goal of College for All that we have seen in our lifetime.”

Sharon Zhang: Iron Workers Union Files Nearly 150 Labor Charges

Our workers voted yes in the election. They held strong. But I’ll tell you right now, I don’t know too many groups of workers that would go through what these guys did and still vote yes.”

Noam Chomsky: Russia’s War Against Ukraine Has Accelerated the Doomsday Clock

What will happen now is uncertain. The one certainty is that it is up to us

Emma Graham-Harrison: Is Russia Punishing Kharkiv for Resisting?

“Brutal Assault” Reduces Homes & Schools to Rubble

Joshua Cho: Depicting Putin as ‘Madman’ Eliminates Need for Diplomacy

If one believes that Putin is a “madman,” the implication is that meaningful diplomatic negotiations with Russia are impossible

Carl Davidson: Putin Is Attempting to Center Russia as a Hub of the Global Right Wing

What our examination should remind us is that Putin is part of a global right-wing authoritarian movement that seeks to “overthrow” the 20th century

Ray Levy Uyeda: Organizing Across State Lines to Stop a Pipeline

Activists in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Nebraska are proving that building collective community power can successfully counter Big Oil’s monied interests

Chris Gelardi: Kathy Hochul Is Ready to Spend Millions on New Police Surveillance

New York state legislators have just days to question phone hacking, forensics, and fusion centers before the budget passes

Chris Hedges: Digitally Disappeared

YouTube Has Deleted Six Years of My Show

John Feffer: South Korea’s New Foreign Policy of One Yes and Two Nos

The victory of conservative candidate Yoon Suk-yeol in South Korea’s recent presidential election will push the country deeper into the U.S. embrace

Shuvu Bhattarai: How the Starbucks Worker Organizing Model Can Accelerate Unionization Across the Country

These baristas have created an organizing model that can be replicated at similar corporate chains everywhere

Jake Johnson: Afghanistan Facing ‘Total Collapse’

Biden Refuses to Release Central Bank Assets

Daisy Pitkin: How To Build Fierce and Worker-Centered Unions

Interview on building worker power through resilience.

Candice Bernd: Ukrainian Climate Activists Say They Don’t Want the US’s Fracked Gas Exports

“This is going to be a free for all for the oil and gas industry.”

Andrea Mazzarino: The Costs of (Another) War When We Could Be Fighting Climate Change

When We Could Be Fighting Climate Change

Jack Rasmus: On Us Imperialism’s Proxy War With Russia In Ukraine

This proxy war in Ukraine is not at all about freedom or democracy. It’s about money and power. It’s about restoring US imperial hegemony

Richard Falk: Make Peace, Not War, in Ukraine

Only civil society in the form of public pressure from within the main geopolitical antagonists can bring these two governments to their senses and bring an end to this terrible two-level struggle

Yousef Munayyer: The Wrong Way to Boycott

In contrast to ineffective—or even unethical—actions targeting Russian culture and individuals, the Palestinian BDS campaign is a model of how to use boycott and divestment efforts strategically

Zenia Karam: Ukraine War Threatens Food Supplies in Fragile Arab World

Millions of people in the Middle East whose lives were already upended by conflict, displacement and poverty are now wondering where their next meals will come from

Steven Rosenfeld: More Than 80 Election-Denying Candidates Running for Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of State in 2022’s Primaries

A series of reports underscore that disinformation is getting worse in 2022, not better

Greta Callahan: Minneapolis Educators Just Showed the Country How to Strike and Win

The Minneapolis teachers’ union just won a nearly three-week-long strike

Lynn Parramore: Our Economic System is Making Us Mentally Ill

The neoliberal economy was supposed to bring about a utopian world order. Instead, it gave us crippling psychological stress and social breakdown. How can we ever recover?

Lisa Hanna: Jamaica Moves to Become a Republic

Calls Grow for Slavery Reparations Following U.K. Royal Visit

Liberation Staff: Over 30,000 Stop & Shop workers win wage increases

This is not a small company struggling in a competitive market — this is a grocery giant leeching the value of workers to give to wealthy shareholders and corporate executives

Nicolas J.S. Davies: The MADness of the Resurgent U.S. Cold War With Russia

We cannot let the “unwarranted influence” and “misplaced power” of the MIC keep leading us into ever more dangerous military crises until one of them spins out of control and destroys us all

Nicolas Haeringer: We must turn solidarity with Ukraine into the new normal for all refugees

The global North’s unprecedented support for Ukrainians has revealed racist double standards. But it’s also an opportunity to extend such solidarity to everyone

Sam Pizzigati: Who’s Enabling Putin’s Enablers?

If global oligarchy ‘business as usual ’ survives the Ukraine war, the rest of us will end up big losers

Various Contributors: Feminist Resistance Against War

We stand for peace, coexistence of peoples and a democratic solution to conflicts

Brett Wilkins: Free Press Advocates Demand End to Russian Censorship

“Now more than ever, it is critical that Russian news outlets be allowed to provide unbiased coverage.”

Sharon Zhang: Bernie Sanders Wants WWII-Style Tax on 95 Percent of Corporate Windfall Profits

Progressive advocates and economists say that Sanders’s bill is necessary to protect customers from being fleeced by companies

Sandra Cuffe: The Hidden Story of a Notorious Guatemalan Nickel Mine

A trove of internal documents related to Solway Investment Group’s Fenix mine reveals bribery, pollution, and troubling efforts to repress dissent

Tillie: An update from till two

People’s attitudes towards retail workers are now sadly the same as before the pandemic. The rudeness, intolerance and treating us like dirt has returned

Joann Wypijewski: Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Profile in Courage

In an overlooked, once-anonymous article from her student days, Biden’s nominee emphasized the human impact of law on the most hated people in America

Peter Lucas: Sacramento Teachers Are Striking for Fair Pay and More Student Support

The Sacramento school district is pleading poverty: teachers and school workers aren’t buying the district’s excuses — and now they’re on strike to change its priorities

Patrick Cockburn: The Rising Threat of Nuclear War

The only way the Kremlin can even up the balance of military power will be through its nuclear arsenal and, in particular, through its 1,000 to 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons

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