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Noam Chomsky: On the Future of Palestine & the Global Fight for Justice

Talk on the one-state solution, the BDS movement, Israeli apartheid and Palestinian resistance

Judith Levine: Beyond Revenge, What Does Jane’s Revenge Want?

The attacks on anti-abortion centers express a necessary militant fury. But the conflation of militance with violence is a mistake

Akin Olla: Why escalation is the best response in moments of crises

To win on gun violence and abortion, activists must engage in actions of escalation that match the public’s distress

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II: Poor People’s March on Washington Demands “Moral Reset”

The march will bring together thousands of people from diverse backgrounds to speak out against the country’s rising poverty rates, voter suppression in low-income communities

Jessica Corbett: Poor People’s Campaign to Lead DC Assembly

‘We Won’t Be Silent or Unseen Anymore’

Lindsay Koshgarian: Only in Top Gun Can the Military Solve All Our Problems

In real life, plowing money into shiny fighter jets while Americans struggle and the climate burns makes us less safe

Jim Wolfreys: Emmanuel Macron’s Presidency Has Nurtured Racism and the Far Right

France’s mainstream conservative party is in meltdown, while the far right is stronger than ever

Ennedith Lopez: Mining Resistance from Alberta to Argentina

In Patagonia, an Indigenous community’s fight against repressive mining interests mirrors struggles across the hemisphere

Kevin Gosztola: UK Approves Assange Extradition

United Kingdom Home Secretary Priti Patel approved the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the United States

Progressive International: “In Colombia, we are fighting for life”

This Sunday, Colombians will vote in a presidential elections that will set a direction not only for Colombia, but for Latin America at large

Roger Harris: Workers Summit Exposes Cracks in the Imperial Façade

Summit of the Americas Flops

Julia Conley: AOC Accuses NYC Council Leader of Punishing Kids

“There are some things in politics that are fair game. But who defunds after-school programming for underprivileged kids in public housing to score a political point?”

John Perry: Nicaragua a ‘Dictatorship’ When It Follows US Lead on NGOs

There is a much bigger story here that corporate media ignore

David Rovics: Breaking Even in the Gig Economy

When a place is growing, it grows fast.  When a place is decaying, it decays fast, too

Alexandria Shaner: The Activist’s Antidote: A Conversation about Depression, Hopelessness, & Burnout

In the midst of darkness, your struggle brings me joy and solace – and I hope you may accept the same pride, joy, and solace from mine.

Jack Rasmus: US Sanctions & Future American Economic Empre

US sanctions are not new and have been applied by the US in both recent history (Venezuela, Iran) and well prior (Japan 1937-45, Latin America, Africa)

Arundhati Roy: ‘India is becoming a Hindu fascist enterprise’

Please Help ZNet               Source: Al Jazeera English The bulldozing of Muslim homes is showing that India is “transitioning pretty brazenly into a criminal Hindu fascist enterprise”, says author Arundhati Roy

Laurence Cox: Why learning from each other’s struggles is vital to long-term movement success

Time is too short to reinvent the wheel if we want to win. Movements must take seriously how they train and strategize

Sarah Lazare: Big Tobacco Is Funding Opposition to Global Covid Vaccine Access

Tobacco companies are bankrolling a group that is working to defeat an intellectual property waiver. And the companies have a direct interest in doing so

Steven Greenhouse: AFL-CIO Elects 1st Woman Pres. & African American Sec.-Treasurer

Will It Organize Amazon, Starbucks?

Rohan Rice: Racism forced me to leave teaching

Racism inherent in England’s school system is driving out teachers of color

Boris Kagarlitsky: The Dialectics of Victory and Defeat

On winning by losing, and vice versa

Jamie Martin: The Rotten Roots of the IMF and the World Bank

Interview on the imperial origins of the world’s economic governance, imagining an alternative to these institutions, and his new book, The Meddlers

Richard Falk: Human Rights and Confronting China Geopolitically

Opportunism in relation to human rights is not a path to peace and justice in our tormented world

Aleida Guevara: “Peoples must have the right to live their own story, their own life.”

Keynote speech at the Summit at the End of the World by Aleida Guevara, revolutionary doctor and daughter of Ernesto “Che” Guevara

Kate Hudson: Why Peace and Disarmament are at the Heart of Nonalignment

As our world spirals toward the catastrophe of nuclear war, there has never been a greater need for a new global balancing, a rejection of great power war, exploitation, and aggression

Jessica Corbett: Groups Sue Biden Admin for Threatening ‘Climate-Imperiled’ Wildlife

One campaigner said the “cursory approval of more than 3,500 drilling permits contradicts President Biden’s pledges to address the terrifying threat of climate change.”

Marlon Ettinger: Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s Left-Wing Coalition Has the Neoliberals Terrified

The first round of France’s parliamentary elections saw left-wing coalition NUPES come first nationally

Noam Chomsky: Welcome to a Science-Fiction Planet

How George Orwell’s Doublethink Became the Way of the World

Gimena Sánchez: Reversal of Fortune for Colombia’s Left?

Please Help ZNet           Source: The Analysis Leftist presidential candidate Gustavo Petro and his running mate Francia Márquez were expected to make history on May 29th by becoming shoo-ins for the run-off election. However, despite the strong first-round showing they are now expected to lose the June 19th run-off against a Read more…

Walden Bello: The Global South in the WTO: Time to Go on the Offensive

The WTO is in crisis. The Global South should take advantage and claim the policy space it needs to adapt to a de-globalizing world economy

Jessica Corbett: Flawed WTO Proposal on Vaccine Patents ‘Worse Than None at All’

The text proposed by rich nations, “is nothing more than a PR stunt intended to kill off the possibility of a genuine intellectual property waiver.”

Jake Johnson: ‘The American People Support Me, Not You’

Sanders Makes Case for Progressive Agenda

Hamilton Nolan: The AFL-CIO’s Official New Goal: Continued Decline

The union federation’s new organizing plan aims low. Very low

Michael Sainato: ‘Workers Are Winning’

Colorado Law Hailed As Important Victory for Public Sector Workers

Kiera Butler: How American Influencers Built a World Wide Web of Vaccine Disinformation

65 percent of vaccine disinformation on Facebook and Twitter came from just 12 people

Jennifer Ruth: Faculty Must Unite to Resist Pandemic Opportunism

When COVID-19 descended upon the United States, college and university administrators used the disruption caused by the pandemic to slash the jobs of adjunct faculty

Ruth Wilson Gilmore: How Can We Organize in Ways That Challenge Boundaries and Defy Exclusion?

How do social movements convince people to identify with and take part in political struggle beyond a particular group or narrow economic interest?

William Boucher: Rebuilding France’s Left Is Also About Putting Workers in Parliament

France Insoumise wants to change the face of parliament

Michael Moore: Twin Cities Nurses Picket, Demand Hospitals put Patients over Profits

“For two years now we’ve been asked to put ourselves last, but now it’s become an expectation”

Jaisal Noor: How organizers in North Carolina are bridging racial and class divides

Interview with members of Down Home North Carolina about how they are working to build working-class, grassroots power one voter at a time

Juan Cole: This Week’s Climate Disasters in US are Giving us a Glimpse of our Future

The reality will be much worse if we don’t stop putting all that carbon dioxide into our atmosphere

Donna Katzin: The Movements Taking Climate Action Where Leaders and Media Won’t

“People power is what is going to make the real and huge difference in the world today”

Leslie Cagan: Why the Spirit of June 12, 1982, Matters

Time for a new movement to stop the nuclear arms race

Ryan Grim: Meltdowns Have Brought Progressive Advocacy Groups to a Standstill

“My last nine months, I was spending 90 to 95 percent of my time on internal strife.”

Jake Johnson: New Survey of Voters Has Message for Biden: Fight Corporate Greed

“People across the country—and across party lines—want corporate giants and their enablers held to account”

Badri Raina: An Alternate Justice System Shames India’s Constitutional Democracy

A celestial weapon, the bulldozer will deliver a truly ‘swacch’ Bharat

Branko Marcetic: The January 6 Hearings Are Failed Political Theater

The January 6 hearings fail to tackle the most important questions about the incident; they won’t hold anyone accountable; and most Americans have tuned them out

Heikki Patomäki: NATO Membership May Spell End of Finland & Sweden as Social Democracies

Interview on the reasons Finland and Sweden have opted to join NATO and the potential consequences for Nordic social democracy

Liberation Staff: Apple store workers in Baltimore County to hold union vote

The only way to fight back is through organizing and uniting.

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