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Sarah Aziza: In historic victory, grad students at private universities win right to unionize

“There are tens of thousands of workers at private universities across the United States that will reap the benefits of unionization”

Ashley Smith: Vermont’s Cautionary Tale

The Vermont Progressive Party must choose between challenging the two-party system and being absorbed by the Democrats

Bernie Sanders: Our Revolution Launch Event

Bernie Sanders Video Message To Supporters

Sonia Shah: Do the Olympics Actually Make the World Less Healthy?

If Zika does expand thanks to the Olympics, it won’t be the first pathogen to exploit a mass sporting event

Tim Wise: Trump, David Duke and the Bigotry That’s Risen From the Shadows

‘There Was a Market for White Resentment’

Todd Miller: No Need to Build The Donald’s Wall, It’s Built

Trump’s America Already Exists on the Border

Sam Gindin: Beyond Social Movement Unionism

Bringing together weak unions and weak social movements isn’t enough. We need a new kind of socialist party

Richard Falk: The Sky Above Turkey

[Prefatory Note: An earlier version was published by Middle East Eye on August 10, 2016. It seems so important at this time for the sake of the future of Turkey that the West look at the country and its political circumstances in a far more balanced way than how the situation has been portrayed since the Read more…

Allie Yee: Refugees stand up to anti-immigrant sentiment in the South

(This is the second of a two-part report about refugees and the 2016 election. To read part one, “Refugees become a flash point in elections across the South,” click here.) For Ahmed Osman, coming to the U.S. was like coming to a new world. Originally from Somalia where civil war has displaced hundreds of thousands Read more…

Harris Freeman: Temp Organizing Gets Big Boost from NLRB

Whether or not this ruling survives appeal, many organizers agree that, to beat corporate divide-and-conquer, unions will need to bring temps and direct employees together

Michael Albert: Dear Us and Dear Bernie

Albert and Bohmer on Our Revolution: Shouldn’t consistent Sanders supporters, progressives, and leftists of all kinds forego destructive recriminations and instead constructively pursue the political revolution Sanders has proposed all along?

Peter Olney: Our Revolution is just getting started

Now that the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia has ended with Hillary Clinton as the party’s nominee, Bernie Sanders’ campaign for “political revolution” moves to its next phase. Everyone who supported Labor for Bernie is very proud of the of the unprecedented grassroots effort to rally rank-and-file members on his behalf. A network of tens Read more…

John Pilger: Provoking nuclear war by media

What is most remarkable about the war propaganda now in floodtide is its patent absurdity and familiarity

Dave Zirin: Now That the Games Are Over, the Real Olympic Drama Begins in Rio

The Olympics are over, but they have set the stage for a wider social conflict over the future of the city

Ramzy Baroud: The Obama Doctrine is Ravaging the Middle East

Everyone seems to have a theory on how to obliterate ISIS, or ‘Daesh’. However, two points are rarely raised: one, concerning the origins of the group and the second, on whether there are genuine intentions to defeat it, in the first place. We must boldly address the first to unravel the enigma behind the rise Read more…

Jack Rasmus: Who Profited From the $440 Billion Greek Bailout? Not Greeks

Hundreds of billions of dollars in loans haven’t helped the Greek economy or its people

Andrew Cockburn: “This is Our War & It is Shameful”

Interview on the U.S. Role in the War in Yemen

Zillah Eisenstein: Race, Gender and Socialism

A discussion on race, gender, feminism, and socialism

Juan Cole: The Idea of Peace in the Qur’an

In contemporary debates on the roots of Muslim radicalism and the character of the religion, it is important to go back to the Muslim scripture or Qur’an (sometimes spelled Koran). Like the Bible, the Qur’an has verses about war as well as peace, but those on peace have been insufficiently appreciated. The Qur’an is believed Read more…

Norman Solomon: Clinton’s Transition Team: A Corporate Presidency Foretold

Clinton is showing her solidarity with the nemesis of the Sanders campaign — Wall Street

Russell Mokhiber: Save the Patients

Meet Richard Larison. He is the CEO of Chase Brexton, a community health center in Baltimore. Larison’s days as CEO are numbered. Why? Perhaps it’s the nature of his opposition, which gathered in front of Chase Brexton in downtown Baltimore yesterday to demand his removal. There were none of the typically lame chants like — Read more…

Margaret Gray: The Dark Side of Local

There’s nothing ethical about “buying local” and supporting small farms when the workers on them are brutally exploited

Kevin B. Blackistone: The significance of Simone Manuel’s swim is clear if you know Jim Crow

With the passage of civil rights laws in the early ’60s, public pools in the South closed rather than integrate

Robert Fisk: Turkey’s hit list of enemies is growing as Erdogan prepares to buddy up with Putin in Syria

Whoever he wants to blame for the Gaziantep bombing, Erdogan must realise that these now regular atrocities are a direct result of his personal decision to involve himself in the Syrian war

Rebecca Gordon: What Does It Mean When War Hawks Say, “Never Trump”?

The Enemies of My Enemy May Be War Criminals

Levi Gahman: Food Sovereignty in Rebellion: Decolonization, Autonomy, Gender Equity, and the Zapatista Solution

The Zapatista insurgency has opened up space for a wide range of alternative ways of re-organizing societies, economies, and food systems

Juan Cole: Saudis bomb Sanaa during “Million-Person march”

The Houthi Ansarullah Movement that controls most of north and west Yemen staged what was by all accounts an enormous demonstration in the capital of Sanaa on Saturday. It may have been the single largest demonstration in the country’s history. While it was unlikely actually to have involved a million people, it did probably tens Read more…

Sonali Kolhatkar: Detained Undocumented Mothers Launch Hunger Strike, Vow to Leave ‘Alive or Dead’

Dozens of undocumented women being held with their children at the Berks County Residential Center in Pennsylvania are on a hunger strike

Sue Sturgis: Climate activists want fossil-fuel lease auction canceled in flood-stricken Louisiana

The last offshore lease auction, which was held in New Orleans in March, drew hundreds of raucous but nonviolent protesters

Steven J. Friesen: Why the guns-on-campus debate matters for American higher education

As of Aug. 1, 2016, a new law allows concealed handguns in college and university buildings in Texas. It’s already had an impact on me as professor of religious studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Thanks to this law, I set foot in a federal court building for the first time. And I Read more…

Christia Mercer: Never mind a second chance. Our incarcerated women need a first one

The US imprisons more women than any other country. But many of them had every odd stacked against them

David Swanson: The Unbearable Awesomeness of the U.S. Military

Unrepentant, always wrong

Clare Coffey: The Limits of Excellence

A feminism based on lionizing hyper-successful women obscures the unjust structures that need to be dismantled

Alex Richardson-Price: The Fight for a Six Hour Workday

To fight for a reduction in working hours is not to take a stand against labor itself, but against the compulsion towards work that is unnecessary, and for its replacement with something better

Patrick Cockburn: A Battle to the Death in Syria

One reason the war continues is that many participants still have a lot to gain by fighting on.

Victoria Law: Private Prisons Are Far From Ended: 62 Percent of Immigrant Detainees Are in Privatized Jails

Private prison corporations will continue to control 46 immigration detention centers that detain nearly 25,000 people (or 62 percent of the country’s 33,676 immigrant detainees) on any given day

Sarah Aziza: Ending private prisons at the federal level marks a major movement victory

Over the years, a broad coalition of activists have joined the movement, many taking aim at private prison companies’ bottom line

John Feffer: The Globalization of Trump

Looking for a place to escape from President Trump? You’re running out of options

Robert Fisk: The Shias are winning in the Middle East – and it’s all thanks to Russia

Just as Erdogan has become pals with Putin, the Turkish and Iranian foreign ministers have been embracing in Ankara with many a promise that their own talks will produce new alliances

Mari Marcel Thekaekara: Has the Dalit uprising in Gujarat given birth to a movement?

There has never been such a concerted show of Dalit strength

Luke Sinwell: The Spirit of Marikana

The rise of insurgent trade unionism in South Africa — an excerpt

David Moberg: Fight for $15 Organizers Tell SEIU: We Need $15 and a Union

At a time when the labor movement is especially vulnerable, unions need to avoid any grounds that could cost them public support—especially in a campaign as promising and crucial as the Fight for $15

Carl Boggs: Hillary and the War Party

A Clinton presidency, which seems more likely by the day, can be expected to stoke a resurgent U.S. imperialism, bringing new cycles of militarism and war

Chris Brooks: Future Fighters Go to the Mat for Black Lives

The Future Fighters are building a bridge between their union’s struggle for economic justice and their community’s struggle for racial justice

Noam Chomsky: Global Struggles for Dominance

Interview on ISIS, NATO and Russia

Medea Benjamin: ‘There will be a hawk in the White House’

There are no illusions this time, like there were with Obama. So let’s get started building a new anti-war movement, one that is diverse, intergenerational, and closely linked with other key struggles

Bill McKibben: We’re under attack from climate change—and our only hope is to mobilize like we did in WWII

The question is not, are we in a world war? The question is, will we fight back? And if we do, can we actually defeat an enemy as powerful and inexorable as the laws of physics?

Conn Hallinan: Dangerous Seas: China & The U.S.

Simple demographics are shifting the balance of economic and political power from Europe and the U.S. to Asia

Sue Sturgis: A strike at the heart of the prison-industrial complex

Date on which prisoners across the U.S. are planning to strike over being forced to work for little or no pay, describing the protest as a “call to action against slavery in America”: 9/9/2016 Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that banned slavery but included a loophole allowing it “as a punishment for crime whereof the Read more…

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