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Margot Pepper: Was Fidel A Dictator? A Personal Account

One thing that is certain, regardless of their level of dissatisfaction, not a single Cuban I’ve ever talked to wants to replace their system with the inequitable capitalist economic system we have here in the United States

Duncan Campbell: Close But No Cigar: How America Failed to Kill Fidel Castro

From poison pills to exploding molluscs, the CIA and its allies tried everything to take out the Cuban leader

Z Staff: Gift Offer


Michael Albert: What Now?

A misogynistic, racist, narcissistic, profit maximizing capitalist slug—but not a moron—is now President of the United States. The world’s biggest bully now possesses the world’s biggest bully pulpit.

Bill Fletcher: Quick Reflections on the November 2016 Elections

Had it not been for the Electoral College, at this moment we would be discussing the plans for the incoming Hillary Clinton administration. That’s right. She actually won the popular vote. Thus, once again, that institution created by the founding slave owners has risen from the grave and prevented our exit from the cemetery

Noam Chomsky: Syria’s Grim Alternatives

With the recent insertion of Russian military power into Syria and the continued use of American air power in the region, the situation in Syria has gotten tenser than ever

Winona La Duke: Public Servants or Corporate Security?

So you joined law enforcement or the National Guard because you wanted to uphold the law, protect innocent civilians against the bad guys, and help your community in times of need. Instead, they’re having you blockade unarmed people who are trying to hold a prayer vigil, chasing them with armored vehicles and ATVs, raiding their Read more…

Edward S. Herman: Political and Moral Disarray

In short, in the 2016 presidential election the U.S. citizenry did not have an effective choice of a candidate who would turn away from the permanent war system and corporate welfare state; that is, one who had any chance of winning

Stephen R. Thornton: Telling Local People’s History

Sometimes it’s not about discovering new stories but reinterpreting the history people think they know

Mark Weisbrot: Venezuela’s Economic Crisis

The whole experiment, it is said, was a failure from the beginning. Adherents say the downward spiral will continue until the chavistas are removed from power, either through elections or through a coup—most pundits don’t seem to care which. The reality is somewhat more complicated.

Paul Street: Reflections on the Not-so Public Broadcasting System

the news and commentary one finds on PBS is in rich tune with the narrow capitalist parameters of acceptable coverage and debate that typify the more fully and explicitly for-profit and commercialized corporate media

Nicolas J.S. Davies: U.S. Impunity Erode’s World Justice

the United States that has played the leading role in preventing the ICC from fulfilling the universal mandate for which it was formed, to hold officials of all countries accountable for the worst crimes in the world: genocide; crimes against humanity; and war crimes

Stephen Bergstein: Because of Sex

It is fair to say that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 brought the United States into the 20th Century. That comprehensive law made it illegal to engage in racial, gender, and national origin discrimination in public accommodations–like hotels and restaurants–and employment. Yet, the law says very little about what exactly constitutes discrimination

Compiled by Joel Chaffee: Free Listings

Events and new releases of interest to progressives

Jack Rasmus: Trump Won And What’s Next?

How could American voters come to elect Trump? How could they vote for a candidate that they simultaneously were giving a negative rating of 60 to 80 percent? That fundamental question will haunt this election.

Various Contributors: Reactions to the Election Results

While President-elect Donald Trump has won a majority in the Electoral College, Hillary Clinton has won the popular vote and millions of Americans have loudly rejected the corrosive and hate-fueled politics that have been on display.

Eduardo Galeano: Fidel

Except from Eduardo Galeano’s book “Espejos”

Joao Pedro Stedile: Fidel Castro — Beyond Words

They have created preventive, solidarity, and humanitarian medicine which has sent more than 60,000 doctors to just about all countries in the world, surpassing all the countries and international organizations combined

Hilary Wainwright: What if the workers were in control?

Reflections on an attempt by British workers to produce a democratically determined alternative plan for their industry

Glenn Greenwald: In Brazil, Major New Corruption Scandals Engulf the Faction that Impeached Dilma

A primary argument made by opponents of impeaching Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff was that removing her would immediately empower the truly corrupt politicians in Brasília – the ones who were the driving force behind her impeachment – and they would then use that power to kill ongoing corruption investigations and shield themselves from consequences for their Read more…

Richard Gott: Fidel Castro obituary: revolutionary icon finally defeated by infirmity of old age

Charismatic leader of the revolution and president of Cuba who bestrode the world stage for half a century

Robert Fisk: America once turned its back on Anne Frank, just as Donald Trump rejects Muslim refugees today

Anne’s father Otto sought visas to the United States and the door was slammed in their face. I do wonder what the Trump administration would have done

Deirdre Fulton: Indigenous Resolve ‘Stronger Than Ever’ as Feds Order DAPL Protest Camp Shut Down

‘If the Army Corps tears down this protest camp hundreds more will spring up in its place’

Avi Chomsky: Castro’s Legacy and Impact

Text and Video: Castro and the Cuban revolution…in history.

Bernie Sanders: Bernie Sanders meets Spike Lee: ‘Where do we go? Where is the hope?’

A discussion on Trump, where Clinton went wrong – and how to make a difference in 2017

Thapelo Mohapi: Popular Democratic Power is the Way to Challenge Inequality

The movement is a space where the dignity of impoverished people is recognised

Noam Chomsky: The new Trump era

Interview on how Trump managed to win

Marjorie Cohn: Philippines’ Duterte Seeks Peace

In April 2016, Rodrigo Duterte won the Philippine presidential election by a landslide, with more than 6 million votes. He openly declared that he was the nation’s first Left president, calling himself a socialist but not a communist. So far, his regime has been controversial, to put it mildly. The U.S. press has focused on Read more…

Glenn Greenwald: Media Stars Agree to Off-the-Record Meeting With Trump, Break Agreement, Whine About Mistreatment

A glittering array of media stars and network executives made pilgrimage on Monday to the 25th floor of Trump Tower to meet with the president-elect. They all agreed that the discussions would be “off the record”: meaning they would conceal from their viewers what they discussed. Shortly after the meeting ended, several of the stars violated the Read more…

Nika Knight: ‘Shockingly Stupid’ Attack on Science: Trump to Eliminate NASA Climate Research

President-elect plans to entirely slash climate science in favor of deep space exploration

Ben Sichel: Nova Scotia Teachers on the Verge of Strike

What has led teachers in a sleepy Canadian province to the brink of their first-ever strike?

James Ridgeway: The Origins of Trump: Reagan, Gingrich and the Rise of the New Right

The country is in the midst of building a largely white subculture, cloaked in a rhetoric of white nationalism. Both parties are all for that

Robert Valencia: Betsy DeVos: Her family, net worth, education and other facts to know

Her nomination suggests Trump is keeping his promise on the campaign trail to establish “school choice,” or the expansion of taxpayer-funded charter school and vouchers for private education

Ramzy Baroud: What Should Palestinians Expect – Can Trump Be Any Worse?

The Trump team is filling up with dishonorable men who have made careers out of pandering to Israeli interests and unabashedly discounting Palestinian rights

Leonard Peltier: Mourning Day: Water is Life, Life is Struggle

Water is life and we cannot leave this issue for our children and grandchildren to deal with when things are far worse for the natural world then they are now

Peter Marcuse: Electoral Politics 2016 and Electoral Reform

The 2016 Election Process Showed: Hillary Clinton had more popular votes than any other candidate, including Donald Trump; Trump received only about 26% of the votes of all those eligible to vote. Yet Trump will be the legally elected president of the United States because of the way the Electoral College system distorts the popular Read more…

Steve Ellner: Is There A Political And Economic Logic Behind Trump’s Encouragement Of Racism And Xenophobia?

His tacit and not so tacit alliance with the racists served to demonstrate that he would do the impossible to stand up to the Mexicans and the Chinese, and above all the multinationals that invest in those nations

Linda Hirshman: To Resist a Trump Presidency, Ask: “What Would the Abolitionists Do?”

Resistance movements need the support of permanent infrastructure. And they must be willing to engage in the time-intensive and expensive organizing that actually changes minds and behavior

Russell Mokhiber: Now is the Time for Trump to Move to Single Payer

The economic argument for single payer is slam dunk and will win the day

Medea Benjamin: Deconstructing Thanksgiving with Standing Rock

“Thanksgiving is a part of the mythology that attempts to cover up the real history of the United States”

John Feffer: What Europe Can Teach Us about Trump

As America braces itself for the landfall of Hurricane Trump, it’s instructive to look at Europe’s populist leaders for they hold clues to our future

Adolph Reed Jr.: Mazzocchi and the Moment

Democratic neoliberalism has generated its own version of a left wing that not only has little place for the working class; it even denigrates them

Joe Emersberger: The New Yorker’s Latest Journalistic Fail on Venezuela

William Finnegan’s New Yorker article about Venezuela states  “He [Hugo Chavez] soon rewrote the constitution, concentrating power in the executive.” A constituent assembly was elected by the public. The constituent assembly – not Hugo Chavez – drafted a constitution that was then approved in a referendum. Finnegan’s gross distortion of the process that created Venezuela’s Read more…

Erica Chenoweth: Why social media isn’t the revolutionary tool it appears to be

The technology provides activists with ways to organise like never before, but it also makes them much easier to track, fuels misinformation and copycat revolutions that are doomed to fail

Adam Johnson: Hey Media, We Don’t Need Another Glossy Profile on That Nazi Dork

The media have spent the past few weeks raising his profile and further normalizing him and his Nazi friends

Heike Schotten: Israel’s sliding definition of anti-Semitism in the Trump era

The past few days have witnessed a bizarre pile-up of prominent Israel-supporters going out of their way to defend or excuse what seem to be obviously anti-Semitic views voiced by Steve Bannon

Alex Randall: The centre-left’s narrative on climate change has convinced no one

The centre-left adopted an environmentalism it did not create

ThinkProgress: ThinkProgress Will No Longer Describe Racists as ‘Alt-right’

We won’t do racists’ public relations work for them

Oscar Reyes: Trump Can’t Hold Back the Tide of Climate Action

Market forces, state and local action, and strong social movements could blunt the impacts of a denialist White House

William D. Hartung: A Pentagon Rising

Is a Trump Presidency Good News for the Military-Industrial Complex?

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