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Heidi Hautala: Mass Protests Meet Trump-Putin Summit

We organized the event in order to say that now is time to defend democracy and human rights

Negin Owliaei: D.C. Labor Battle Turns Into a Civil Rights Fight

As city council attempts to overturn a minimum wage initiative, district residents demand elected officials respect their vote

Vandana Shiva: FSSAI’s labelling rules promote unhealthy food

FSSAI equates bad fats which are unfit for eating with good fats necessary for health

Nick Turse: Commandos Sans Frontières

The Global Growth of U.S. Special Operations Forces

Robert Hunziker: Trump Kills Science – Nature Strikes Back

Federal agency scientists have been personally attacked and censored and reassigned to meaningless tasks not affiliated with their expertise and prevented from attending crucial conferences. Funding for science has been slashed

Immanuel Wallerstein: Two Cheers for Mexico’s AMLO

AMLO put forth a truly left program

Dean Baker: Can Truth Survive?

Can Truth Survive Trump? Washington Post Fails to Ask How Well Truth Was Doing to Begin With

Savannah Crabtree: Anti-abortion ‘gag rule’ proposal

The domestic gag rule proposal is just the latest move by the Trump administration to undermine women’s health care

Glenn Greenwald: Is Trump-Putin Summit a “Danger to America”?

Or Crucial Diplomacy Between Nuclear Powers?

Lornet Turnbull: Caravan of Grandmothers Heads to Mexico Border

The group leaving from New York will onboard other “grannies” and allies along the way to support migrating families

Norman Solomon: Climb Down From the Summit of Hostile Propaganda

Throughout the day before the summit in Helsinki, the lead story on the New York Times home page stayed the same: “Just by Meeting With Trump, Putin Comes Out Ahead.” The Sunday headline was in harmony with the tone of U.S. news coverage overall. As for media commentary, the Washington Post was in the dominant Read more…

Rajan Menon: National (In)Security

In the United States of Inequality

Mike Elk: ‘We’re militant again’

Thousands of teachers gathered in Pittsburgh to discuss plan of action for new school year after strikes over pay and conditions

Julianne Hing: What Does It Mean to Abolish ICE?

Activists and politicians want a total overhaul of immigration enforcement—but do we have a real plan?

Edward M Murphy: The real driver of health care spending

An inefficiency gap is boosting costs — and profits

Don Fitz: Other Revolving Doors

It’s more than doors between government and the businesses that they supposedly regulate that go round and round. One of the other swinging doors is between the Democratic and Republican Parties

Kevin Zeese: Where Power Holders Get Power And How Movements Take It Away

Power holders do not operate in a vacuum, they rely on various factors and pillars to maintain their power. Each of these factors are opportunities for resistance

Glenn Greenwald: How Twitter Degrades Discourse and Encourages Distortions

The most the discourse-degrading feature of Twitter is how it makes deliberate distortions uniquely easy and effective

Mara Verheyden-Hilliard: ‘It Is Crucial That People Stand Up for What They Believe In’

It’s clear that there is an effort around the country to try, through legal means—although we would consider illegal means—to curtail people’s fundamental First Amendment rights to gather together in the streets, to be able to speak out in unified action

Adam Hudson: Black Americans’ Median Wealth Could Disappear

Today’s rising housing prices exacerbate the racial wealth gap in the US by making it more difficult for Black people to accumulate wealth since the 2008 recession, thus further decimating Black wealth

Mark Sumner: Trump Isn’t Bothering to Disguise His Racism

The most frightening thing about all of this is that not only is Donald Trump making statements using basic, essential, no-holds-barred, undeniable Nazi rhetoric … the press barely seems to notice

James Risen: Quelling Harebrained Conspiracy Theories on DNC Hack

With his latest indictments on Friday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller drove a particularly sharp nail into the coffin of the conspiracy theories surrounding the cyber-attack on the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign during the 2016 election. Spoiler alert: The Russians really did do it. It wasn’t Seth Rich, the murdered young Democratic staffer Read more…

Howard Bryant: On the Revolt of the Black Athlete

From Ali to LeBron James

Jon Letman: Military’s Live-Fire Training Ignites Resistance

Pohakuloa Training Area, an Army-controlled site the size of Guam, is the largest U.S. military training ground in the Pacific

Robert Fisk: Tales of past wars – and ones to come

‘This is going to end up with us all fighting each other, Muslims versus Muslims, Croats against Croats, Serbs against Serbs’

Sam Pizzigati: A Sweet New Century for America’s Most Privileged

America’s elected leaders haven’t ignored inequality since 2000. They’ve made it spectacularly worse

Eliza Newlin Carney: The Teacher Paradox: Educators Organize Under Fire

The more that right-wing groups spend to drive teachers from their unions, the harder educators fight back—and the more they are running for office

Juan Cole: Trump Threatens Iran with “Escalation

Could it Spin out of Control?

Jonathan Cook: Israel & Europe’s ugly ethnic nationalisms

Israel preserved a tribal idea of citizenship that followers of Trump and Europe’s far-right now seek to emulate

Richard Falk: Support Gaza Freedom Flitilla: Swee Angand Mazin Qumsiyeh

Two statements about the al-Awda Freedom Flotilla en route to Gaza are contributions from two heroic figures in the long Palestinians struggle

Nolan Rampy: Vermont nurses go Red-For-Med

The main demands of the nurses are safe-staffing levels and competitive wages needed to recruit and retain a well-trained, competent staff

Alex Henderson: Why Are Poor Whites More Depressed and Pessimistic?

The message many poor whites are receiving is that if you’re poor, you’re a loser and a parasite

Celia Bottger: Puerto Ricans Are Imagining a Sustainable Future

Puerto Rican movements are rebuilding their island in a way that not only enhances climate resilience, but also reclaims their political power

Andrew Smith: The deadly dangers of the ‘special relationship’

The ties which bind the ‘special relationship’ between the UK and the US are a toxic mix of militarism and free trade

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: The Open Veins of Nicaragua

Neoliberalism cannot survive except through authoritarianism and repression

Robert Lipsyte: Another Season of Despair

Or a Pigskin Blue Wave?

George Monbiot: Progressive Grassroots Movements Are Sweeping the U.K. & U.S.

“The Old Order Is Disappearing”

Conn Hallinan: Trump & The Big Bad Bugs

Trump’s disdain for international agencies and treaties, plus cuts in public health programs and a relaxation of regulations on the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry, could create a worldwide medical catastrophe

Jim Hightower: We’re Becoming Trapped Inside Trump’s Deranged Reality

The autocratic property owner is making us forget how bonkers this country has actually become

Mathew Lawrence: We need total media reform

We can either realise a world where technology serves the many, or settle for one in which data oligarchs rule unchecked

George Lakey: What the Parkland teens can teach Medicare for All campaigners

A man passes out in church. An ambulance is immediately summoned, and he’s taken to the nearest emergency room where he is treated and discharged. But the real stinger in this story is the $1,633 bill he receives for the seven-mile ride to the hospital. All this really happened. What’s more, as the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Read more…

Badri Raina: Minister and Bureaucrat

When minister garlands convict. Democracy is at its peak; When bureaucrat speaks the truth. The iron-frame has a leak.   Some media mention the minister. Most bash the bureaucrat; Loyal spokesperson thunders How the minister is a patriot.   The voices that would rectify The sickening perfidy Find the caged parrot chasing them To the Read more…

Kim Scipes: Practical Utopia: Strategies for a Desirable Society

Engaging with this book will help each of us further think out what we want to see in the future

Wayne Au: Massive, Anti-Democratic Model of Education Reform

Interview on Gates’ educational failure

David Schultz: You Don’t Have to Overrule Roe to Overrule Roe

Look to see the Supreme Court continue to acknowledge the validity of Roe as precedent while effectively overruling it with judicially minimal decisions

Mark Weisbrot: U.S. Strategy of Regime Change

Interview on Trump’s threats to invade Venezuela

Gregory Shupak: In Wake of AMLO Victory, US Media Fear Chavismo

According to the authors, keeping Mexico “open for business” for “foreign investors” should be a priority, a call for maintaining the economic status quo in a country where nearly half the population lives below the poverty line

Ryan Devereaux: A Guatemalan Family Faces Endless Obstacles

Struggling to Recover their 9-Year-Old Boy From U.S. Custody

Nora Barrows-friedman: South Carolina forces universities to violate free speech rights

South Carolina passed a law this week codifying a discredited definition of anti-Semitism that conflates criticism of Israel and Zionism with anti-Jewish bigotry. “The law will inevitably violate students’ First Amendment rights if enforced to restrict or punish campus speech critical of Israel,” Dima Khalidi, director of the civil rights group Palestine Legal, told The Read more…

Michael Albert: Socialism?!

What is new, complements of Bernie Sanders and the last five years‘ activism is that such people no longer avoid the label socialist

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