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Jefferson Morley: Class War to the Classroom

Under Trump proposal, student loan forgiveness and Special Olympics would get axed to fund private schools

Will Bunch: This was a revolution

Larry Krasner’s victory for Philadelphia District Attorney is a huge victory for the movements against police brutality and mass incarceration – for progressive and racial justice movements nationwide

Alexandra Bradbury: Using Grievances to Build the Union

When the boss tries to make an example of someone who stood up for themselves or others, it’s crucial to defend that person

Mehdi Hasan: Trump, 9/11, and Saudi Arabia

Does Donald Trump have even an ounce of shame?

Justin Podur: The Afghans Are Coming

“Afghan Shia Militias” have become to Syria what “African Mercenaries” were to Libya

Peter Van Buren: Whistleblowers, Moral Injury, and Endless War

Was Chelsea Manning Motivated By Moral Injury?

Michelle Alexander: Learning From Susan Burton

 Reading her life story will change the way you view the world

Michael Zweig: The Future of Progressive Politics

Using income or education instead of power to establish the working class obscures the most important element class shares with race and gender: all are manifestations of power relations

Alexandra Bradbury: Getting People in Motion

The key is collective action

Earl Bousquet: Hoping for the Best, Fearing the Worst

Caribbean journalists visiting Venezuela today are able to see and hear much that isn’t being told by CNN, BBC and the traditional mainstream media

Morning Star: Jeremy Corbyn’s Church House Speech

We will build a new economy, worthy of the 21st century and we will build a country for the many not the few

Glenn Greenwald: Only New Elections Can Save Brazil’s Democracy

When Michel Temer was permanently installed as president less than one year ago after the impeachment of elected President Dilma Rousseff, the primary justification offered by Brazilian media figures was that he would bring stability and unity to a country beset by political and economic crisis. From the start, the opposite has been true: Temer Read more…

Amrit Cheng: Six Things About Kris Kobach

Kris Kobach, Kansas secretary of state and vice-chair of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Election Integrity is a known voter suppressor

Norman Solomon: What’s a Progressive?

The fight for Chair of the California Democratic Party reflects a much larger struggle within the party between progressives and corporate Democrats

Peter Dreier: The Radical Dissent of Helen Keller

When the blind-deaf visionary learned that poor people were more likely to be blind than others, she set off down a pacifist, socialist path that broke the boundaries of her time—and continues to challenge ours today

Josh Jones: Helen Keller’s Letter to Nazi Students

Helen Keller Writes a Letter to Nazi Students Before They Burn Her Book: “History Has Taught You Nothing If You Think You Can Kill Ideas”

Noam Chomsky: I would vote for Jeremy Corbyn

Interview on Donald Trump, populism in Europe and Julian Assange

Marjorie Cohn: Did Trump Commit High Crimes and Misdemeanors?

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has responded to the crescendo of outrage by appointing former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump” and “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation” as well as Read more…

Vijay Prashad: Jawaharlal Nehru

May 15th is Nakba Day, the Day of Catastrophe for the Palestinians. In 1948, that was the date when the Israeli State began to emerge and three quarters of a million Palestinians were ejected from their land. The term Nakba was coined by the Syrian historian Constantine Zurayk, who was the Acting President of the Read more…

Robert Pollin: Illusions and Dangers in “America First” Policy

We should be able to envision an alternative framework in which the US and other countries are open to trade and immigration within a context of a commitment to full employment and a strong social welfare state

Joe Emersberger: Comparing Venezuela’s Media with Our Own

The international media’s coverage of Venezuela comes down to caricatures that have been spread by Venezuela’s opposition

Alexandra Bradbury: Conversations Are the Building Blocks

It’s so important to help people see how powerful they are, to pull that veil back: ‘You can do all of this and more

Glenn Greenwald: Chelsea Manning Is a Free Woman

It is rare, especially lately, to find inspiration in any political stories. But the last decade of Chelsea Manning’s life, and the potential it now holds for the future, is one of those cases

Ali Abunimah: Gaza on brink of “systemic collapse”

The total absence of accountability for Israel’s violations, humanitarian aid has repeatedly been used to keep Gaza at the edge of subsistence and out of the headlines

Jesse Jackson: Lie about voter fraud is the real fraud

When politicians can pick their voters — by voter suppression laws, by gerrymandering, by big money campaigns — rather than voters picking their leaders, democracy is mocked

Thomas Barlow: Corbyn’s New Labour Manifesto

Jeremy Corbyn’s new “For the Many, Not the Few” manifesto puts sweeping progressive change on the table, much to the chagrin of the British political and media establishment

Jonathan Chait: Trump Nominates Actual Fascist

David Clarke is nomiated for Department of Homeland Security

Medea Benjamin: Trump Should Not Strengthen U.S.-Saudi Ties

Donald Trump has selected Saudi Arabia as the destination for his first trip abroad, strengthening U.S. ties to a regime that is fueling the very extremism, intolerance and violence that the US government purports to eradicate. Here’s 10 reasons why the United States should not be closely allied with the Saudi kingdom. 1/ The Saudis Read more…

Noam Chomsky: Income Inequality

Excerpt from Noam Chomsky’s new book, Requiem for the American Dream: The Ten Principles of Concentration of Wealth and Power

William J. Barber II: A new Poor People’s Campaign

The future of our democracy depends on us completing the work of a Third Reconstruction

David Vine: Forty-Five Blows Against Democracy

How U.S. Military Bases Back Dictators, Autocrats, and Military Regimes

Richard Falk: “Our chains will be broken before we are..”

The Palestinian hunger strike

Yves Engler: Canadian colonial dreams

Can cute Canadian Caribbean dreams about enchanted islands come true? Or is reality more complicated and Canada a far less benign actor than we imagine ourselves to be?

Ramzy Baroud: Jewish Nation-State Bill

Israel’s Precarious Identity is Palestine’s Nightmare

Vijay Prashad: Turkey’s Repressive Erdogan Meets With Trump

Tens of Thousands of Public Servants Still Jailed

Sam Biddle: The Real Roots of Ransomware Outbreak

Militarism and Greed

Gustavo Borges: Why Are There No Riots in the Barrios?

While Venezuela’s wealthy opposition sectors are running their “I Want Freedom” drama, those with the true power are active. The barrio is active

Roberto Savio: You Didn’t Vote, And Now You Protest?

In the political system, it is now taken for granted that youth will largely abstain, and the agenda tends to ignore them more and more

Nick Clark: Labour’s manifesto a shift to the left

It’s no time for compromises with the right

David Swanson: On the State of Journalism

Vladimir Posner, who spent his youth in the United States, France, and the Soviet Union, and who cohosted a show with Phil Donahue on U.S. television for years, met with a group of visitors to Moscow from the U.S. on Monday, offering his well-informed views on a range of media-related topics. Posner said that for Read more…

Jonathan Cook: Israel tutors its children in fear and loathing

Schoolchildren are even more ultra-nationalist than their parents. More than four-fifths think there is no hope of peace with the Palestinians

Andrea Germanos: Expanded Global Gag Rule

Trump Escalates Attack on Healthcare, Women

Juan Cole: Trump doesn’t understand “Classified”

Donald Trump is most probably not a Russian spy. He may have unusual connections to Russian businessmen (that isn’t clear), and seems to have made $100 million off Russia since 2008 (not that huge a sum for a multi-billionaire). Donald Trump is a braggart. He grabs a piece of information the way a crow grabs Read more…

Robert Fisk: When military wars end, medical ones begin

Tissue samples from the three-week 2008-2009 Israeli-Hamas Gaza war shows remnants of heavy metals in the wounds of Palestinians which can lead to cancers

Harry Blain: Left needs to re-embrace First Amendment

Defending the First Amendment is not just a strategy to protect our views from state repression, it’s an imperative to re-examine ourselves continuously

Bruce Cumings: A Murderous History of Korea

We have arrived at this point because of an inveterate unwillingness on the part of Americans to look history in the face and a laser-like focus on that same history by the leaders of North Korea

Dahr Jamail: Coral Reefs Could All Die Off by 2050

The Great Barrier Reef has been dying off at an unprecedented rate due primarily to warming ocean waters

Vijay Prashad: Trump Expanding War

While the media continues its frenzy over Comey’s firing and the “Russia connection”, Trump is readying his “global war against Islamic Fascism” to be fought “without restraint”

Sarah Clements: Fighting gun violence

Ending gun violence is a feminist issue and women can and must continue to lead this struggle

Tom Engelhardt: Mosul on My Mind

What It Really Means to Be on a “Flattening” Planet

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