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Jeremy Kuzmarov: Prestigious Weaponry Expert Censored

Their agenda is clear in trying to poison the debate about Syria and defame dedicated scientists like Postol whose research casts important light on the deceptions underlying U.S. policy

Jessica Corbett: Win for Alabama Workers as NLRB Orders New Union Vote

A union leader said the decision confirmed that “Amazon’s intimidation and interference prevented workers from having a fair say in whether they wanted a union in their workplace.”

Cynthia Rothschild: Women human rights defenders remain steadfast in perilous times

Our work is challenging. We face killings, arrests and attacks every day. But we persist, because we are more needed than ever

P. Sainath: Farmers win on many fronts, media fails on all

The repeal of the three farm laws came about not because the PM failed to ‘persuade’ some farmers, but because many farmers stood resolute, even as a craven media devalued their struggle and strength

Jake Johnson: 2.5 Million Nurses Demand UN Probe Into ‘Covid-19 Criminals’ Blocking Patent Waiver

The European Union, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, and Singapore “must be investigated for blocking a faster global vaccine rollout leading to the loss of countless lives.”

Liberation Staff: John Deere workers strike blow at corporate greed with contract victory

These workers will continue to fight for their future and inspire other workers to take their future into their own hands too

George Monbiot: Cleaning Up

Thanks to disgraceful government failures, an illegal waste-dumping mafia is now burning and burying millions of tonnes of dangerous materials

Hannah Farris: The Small Towns Rejecting Solar Farms

Residents are split over the largest solar farm in Wisconsin moving in next door

Alexandra Bradbury: Teamsters United Takes the Wheel

A new administration will soon take the helm of the 1.3 million-member Teamsters union

Kenny Stancil: Global Black Friday Strikes and Protests Seek to #MakeAmazonPay

“We are workers and activists divided by geography and our role in the global economy but united in our commitment to Make Amazon Pay fair wages, its taxes, and for its impact on the planet.”

Frances Moore Lappé: Trees and Crops Don’t Have to Compete. Climate Crisis Calls for Agroforestry

Now that the climate crisis calls for vastly more trees, it’s time to take in the good news that trees and crops can do well together

Juan Cole: As Climate Emergency Shakes Iran, Government Attacks, arrests Water Protesters at Isfahan

After two weeks of protests by thousands of farmers in the dry riverbed of the historic Zayandeh Rud river in Isfahan, the police have struck back

Jake Johnson: Rich Countries Blamed as New Covid Variant Sparks Global Alarm

“Allowing new variants to emerge and spread, 13 months into the vaccine era, is a policy choice by the rich world.”

Michael Albert: Participatory Economics

Albert’s post-capitalist vision includes self-management, diversity, equity, solidarity, and sustainability

Kirk Swearingen: What exactly has gone wrong in America? Frat boys, light beer or Skynyrd?

Something made middle-aged white American men go desperately off the rails. Here are some poorly developed theories

Joel Bleifuss: Lost Jobs, Lost Democrats

Neoliberal Democrats are struggling to connect with working-class voters whose communities have lost manufacturing jobs

Zrinka Bralo: Little Amal, Channel deaths and cruelty by design

People cross the channel in small boats because we give them no other choice

Elaine Meyer: How Gen Z Is Fighting Back Against Big Tech

Many in this generation are aware of what they have lost by having grown up on social media, so they’re logging off and working to create a safer, healthier future

Stephanie Pavlick: Pittsburgh medical workers fight for dignity and respect

The workers, who are facing poor conditions and low wages, are fighting again to unionize their workplace, after a defeated attempt a few years ago

David Swanson: What Would Have Worked Better Than Building Back Anything

What would prevent someone turning to Trumpism? Something better to turn to

Andrea Germanos: Pandemic Response Report Denounces Leaving Global Health ‘Hostage’ to Big Pharma

“If this pandemic cannot catalyze real change, what will?”

Sonali Kolhatkar: Why Don’t We See Headlines Touting the Pentagon’s Hefty Price Tag?

“Some of the same people who denounce the BBB plan as too expensive are eager to pass a bill giving the Pentagon $778 billion for one year, or nearly $8 trillion over ten years.”

Branko Marcetic: Cuba’s Vaccine Could End Up Saving Millions of Lives

Thanks to its public biotech sector and its government’s deep commitment to public health, Cuba is now the only low-income country to have made its own COVID vaccine, and it’s poised to help millions around the world

Richard Falk: On the Collective Will of the Human Species to Survive

What does not exist with sufficient strength to counter the tyranny of sub-species primacy are mechanisms of sufficient capability to protect the distinctly human interest in species survival or the global interest in essential forms of inter-species coexistence

Thys Millan: Solidarity with striking lecturers is the only way students win

University workers are right to be angry. Students should actively support their strike

Rosa Miriam Elizalde: Cuba: Five Years After Fidel

In five years, particularly in the last two years, incendiary slang has been unleashed on social media and international media networks, whose target is not only the Cuban government. They want to erase any trace of Fidel Castro

Sonny Melencio: Building a socialist-green-progressive electoral slate in the Phillipines

‘Fielding candidates for top posts is a bold and daring move for Left groups. It has never been done before.’

Brett Wilkins: Investors ‘Made Off Like Bandits’ at Expense of Striking Alabama Miners

Writing to the CEOs of two private equity firms, Warren, Sanders, and Baldwin decried the “blatant mistreatment” of miners, including forced 12-hour shifts and seven-day workweeks

Vijay Prashad: The Indian Farmers Defend the Rights of Farmers Everywhere

The farmers in India continue to fight in a struggle they share with farmers everywhere throughout the world

Hadas Thier: No, DSA Shouldn’t Expel Rep. Jamaal Bowman

New York congressperson Jamaal Bowman has made a number of wrong decisions on Israel-Palestine. But socialists should criticize those errors without driving him away from the Palestine liberation movement and the Left

Richard Falk: Climate Change in an Unjust World

A root reality of injustice experience in the way global warming points to data that shows that the 1% of the world population is currently subject to barely livable climate conditions

Monika Bauerlein: Are You Part Of The “Exhausted Majority”?

One of the things I look forward to each Thanksgiving is waking up to a Twitter feed that has slowed to a crawl. It is as if, briefly, the world is not churning up crisis after crisis

William rivers Pitt: Whatever Passes for “Normal” Amid COVID Is About to Take Yet Another Hard Turn

And still the country remains only 59 percent vaccinated, even as all available data show how remarkably effective the vaccines are at protecting people from the worst elements of COVID.

Andrea Germanos: Elitism is Not the Answer to Populism

On ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ and Mistrust in Government

Alexandria Shaner: Cancel Hierarchy

It’s time to perceive and admit that the oppressions we aim to fight in the world are actually systemic within our movements, embedded in the structures of even some of the most progressive organizations

Amy Goodman: “Furious and Disgusted”

Teen Survivor Speaks Out After Wealthy White Serial Rapist Gets Probation

Andrea Germanos: 130+ Global Groups Demand WTO Postpone Meeting Until Vital Patent Waiver Is Adopted

“The institution whose rules enforce vaccine apartheid is, unbelievably, attempting to have a meeting under conditions of vaccine apartheid, without having first resolved that apartheid by agreeing to the TRIPS waiver.”

Juan Cole: Germany to Get Green Party Ministry of Economy, Energy and Climate

These developments are excellent news for the Biden administration and its climate agenda

Jane McAlevey: Respecting the Genius of Ordinary People – Jane McAlevey Pt 2

Interview on how to organize to win the right to dignity

Caleb Nichols: Public-Private Partnerships Are Quietly Hollowing Out Our Public Libraries

he for-profit, private company Library Systems and Services is a major threat to one of our most beloved, democratic and socialistic institutions

Ariel Dorfman: The Chilean Elections, 50 Years After How to Read Donald Duck

How relevant to anyone today is this youthful book, hastily forged in the midst of a revolution whose own days were numbered?

Indigo Olivier: With Reformers Victorious, It’s a New Day for the Teamsters

The rank-and-file reform slate Teamsters United has secured victory in the union’s internal election. Its agenda is modest: bargain hard against UPS, organize Amazon, push the PRO Act, and revitalize the labor movement

Bernie Sanders: Solidarity is a verb

We cannot have a moral society or a strong economy when so few have so much, and so many have so little. That’s the struggle workers are increasingly engaging in all across this country

Leonardo Flores: Five Reasons the Left Won in Venezuela

These include good governance in health, housing and food, an improving economic situation, a (mostly) united left, a divided opposition, and an opposition that is extremely unpopular

Jon Queally: Biden Raises Minimum Wage for All Federal Contract Workers to $15

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal says “30 million workers deserve a much-needed and well-deserved raise.”

Medea Benjamin: The High Stakes of the U.S.-Russia Confrontation Over Ukraine

Risking a nuclear holocaust to appease the military-industrial complex is as insane as destroying the climate and the natural world to appease the fossil fuel industry

John Feffer: Climate of Delusion

We all think that climate change is somebody else’s problem. We have to be persuaded otherwise

CJ Polychroniou: Only Movements From Below Can Save the Planet

The struggle ahead promises to be hard and brutal, but the “general will” can always prevail in the end even under the most gruesome of circumstances if people are willing to fight for the right cause

Audra Jane Heidrichs: How Anti-Abortion Advocates Are Pushing Local Bans, City by Small City

Across Ohio, tactics pioneered in Texas are being deployed in disruptive city council meetings

Ted Glick: Is a 21st Century Revolution Already Happening?

If revolution incorporates feminism it will transform itself. Only through such a transformation will revolutionary change be capable of meeting the broadest range of people’s needs

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