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Rebecca Gordon: Learning to Claim Our Victories

Or Why Fighting for Justice Is Like Surfing

Fred Magdoff: An Ecologically Sound and Socially Just Economy

Change will happen only if a large portion of the population believe in, and fight for, an environmentally sound and socially just society

Juan Cole: The Vanity of the Billionaires: Circuses and no Bread

If the billionaire oligarchs won’t any longer give out bread, they will gleefully supply circuses. And since the news is itself corporate, they win both ways

Dahr Jamail: ‘All the Warning Signs Are There, Loud and Clear’

The ocean conveyor belt is actually slowing down, which basically is a giant underwater current that transfers energy around the globe

Rivera Sun: Meet the Millennial Vote

Old millennials like me have been active for more than a decade, engaged in the struggle. We’re smart. We’re savvy. We’ve been working for years to protect our planet and communities

Matt Taibbi: Journalist Amy Goodman Shouldn’t Be Arrested for Covering Dakota Pipeline Story

If your primary interest is in doing this job correctly, you usually have to give up the access, the money and the audience

Emily Johnston: Why they shut down pipelines

It is my job as an older person to step up and put my body on the line to protect my children and all children

J. F. Conway: The Arctic Voyage of the Crystal Serenity

We are already confronting the consequences of global warming leading to dramatic weather changes

Samantha Winslow: Chicago Teachers Avert a Strike by Forcing the Mayor to Dig Deep

These fights are far from over. But it’s a real milestone that the teachers finally forced the city to find money it claimed it didn’t have

Jim Hightower: The Ethical Rot of Wells Fargo, From the Top Down

The bosses’ sales culture turned employees into a syndicate of bank robbers

Jim Naureckas: North Dakota’s War on 1st Amendment Goes From Bad to Worse

North Dakota State’s Attorney Ladd Erickson has dropped criminal trespassing charges against Democracy Now!‘s Amy Goodman—and is instead seeking to charge her with participating in a riot, Democracy Now! (10/15/16) reported today. Both sets of charges relate to Goodman’s coverage of protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline project, which is opposed by a Native American–led Read more…

Glenn Greenwald: On WikiLeaks, Journalism, and Privacy: Reporting on the Podesta Archive Is an Easy Call

For years, WikiLeaks has been publishing massive troves of documents online — usually taken without authorization from powerful institutions and then given to the group to publish — while news outlets report on their relevant content. In some instances, these news outlets work in direct partnership with WikiLeaks — as the New York Times and The Guardian, among Read more…

Various Contributors: Turkey’s Attack on Rojava – A Threat to Radical Democracy in Mesopotamia

Rojava demands our solidarity – not out of altruism, but out of a belief in the possibility of an emancipated future

Jamelle Bouie: Donald Trump Is Setting a Time Bomb

His calls for racial voter intimidation on Election Day could explode in all our faces

Greg McKelvey: Portland, Oregon Under Siege: Calling on Mayor Charlie Hales to Resign

Open Letter to Portland Mayor Charlie Hales, My name is Gregory Robert McKelvey. I am a 23-year-old law student, campaign manager and activist. I am also a born and raised Portlander. During the past few years I have been organizing with groups such as Don’t Shoot Portland, which fights for justice in this city. During Read more…

Michael Arria: Important Labor Fights Are Going Down at Ivy League Schools

Battles for fair pay and collective bargaining are popping off at the nation’s most elite universities

David Swanson: What Hillary Clinton Privately Told Goldman Sachs

At first glance, Hillary Clinton’s speeches to Goldman Sachs, which she refused to show us but WikiLeaks claims to have now produced the texts of, reveal less blatant hypocrisy or abuse than do the texts of various emails also recently revealed. But take a closer look. Clinton has famously said that she believes in maintaining Read more…

Vijay Prashad: Hope in times of crisis

A brief window is now open to glance back at 1974 to restore public trust in the country’s institutions

Pete Dolack: International tribunal seeks to build case against Monsanto

Capitalist markets are nothing more than the aggregate interests of the most powerful industrialists and financiers. And they have no interest in you knowing what is in your food, or even that it is safe

Claire Bernish: 60% of the US Government’s Billion Dollar PR Budget Goes to the Pentagon to Sell You War

The deception runs deep, and without transparency — or even accurate record-keeping — to rein in Big Government’s multifarious propaganda tentacles

David Swanson: White Helmets More Gray

“People always think something’s all true.” —Holden Caulfield When a wonderful program like Democracy Now does a story on the White Helmets in Syria, the problem is not that the White Helmets don’t exist, or that they’re not rescuing anyone, or that they’re actually filmed in Los Angeles — all of which is ridiculously untrue. Read more…

Mars Lambropoulos: The destructive course of Greece

This text was pronounced at the conference with the generic title NO EURO, to the panel relating to Greece on September 16, 2016 from Mars Lambropoulos who represented the E.PA.M. The position I will be defending in this short intervention is that the subjection of Greece to memoranda and its consequent social and economic destruction is not simply a product Read more…

Nicolas Lalaguna: I say evade, you say avoid; lets call the whole thing off

I was recently at a lunch where a young adult asked her family, if there was any problem with finding ways to legally avoid paying tax. The family, who were largely well educated, quickly reached a consensus that maximising one’s wealth by legal means was not only OK, but was to be expected. This left Read more…

Barbara Koeppel: The Angry, Not Working Class White Male Trumpeters

They intensely dislike and don’t trust the Washington establishment—which Clinton represents—and say Trump is an alternative

Patrick Bond: BRICS fantasies and unintended revelations: The wages of sub-imperial assimilation

With men at the BRICS helm like Serra and his president Michel Temer (who is also corrupt and widely despised), so too has the bloc become damaged goods

Buddy Bell: Policies of Exclusion Challenged Across the Board and Across the Border

On the morning of Oct. 8, a group of US veterans who were deported to Mexico, in some cases after having fought in U.S. wars, congregated in Plaza Ochoa, Nogales, Sonora

Vijay Prashad: Millions of Refugees Are Suffering from the Crisis of Having a Passport from ‘Nowhere’

Those who carry these passports from countries like Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia arrive at international borders only to discover they aren’t considered people

Lawrence Ware: The Missing Gospel of CLR James

Individualist spirituality will not liberate us from social oppression—the church must do that work by advocating for policy and protesting in the streets

Ted Glick: The Four Candidates on Climate: the Basics

Just about one year ago, on October 16th, 2015, in Keene, New Hampshire, at a public town hall meeting attended by hundreds, Hillary Clinton had this to say about the notorious Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, FERC: “If we’re going to have a national commitment to do something about climate change, FERC needs to be part Read more…

Patrick Cockburn: Talk of a no-fly zone over Aleppo distracts from more realistic plans to save those dying and starving in Syria

The proposal put forward to shoot down Russian and Syrian aircraft over Eastern Aleppo in a bid to end the bombardment of this part of the city is wholly unrealistic. The West is not going to risk a war against a nuclear power and its Syrian ally in order to help the 250,000 to 275,000 Read more…

Jeremy Kuzmarov: Its’ Not Just Racism, but also Militarization at the Heart of Police Brutality

The Tulsa Police Department from 1990 to 2014 received over $700,000 in military equipment through the Pentagon’s 1033 Program, and the Sherriff’s office another $817,681

Paul Lewis: Why the poorest county in West Virginia has faith in Trump

A look at the power of the Republican presidential nominee’s message in the poorest county of West Virginia

John Feffer: Trump the Arsonist

Evangelicals, Survivalists, the Alt-Right, and Hurricane Donald

Dae-Han Song: Exposing the devil: US foreign policy towards Latin America

To properly understand the crises facing progressive parties in Latin America, we must distinguish between its own internal contradictions and those created and instigated by the United States

George Monbiot: There Is Such a Thing As Society

Of all the fantasies human beings entertain, the idea that we can go it alone is the most absurd and perhaps the most dangerous. We stand together, or we fall apart

Richard Falk: Why Okinawa Should Matter

When we raise questions about the future of Okinawa, we come face to face with the role and responsibility of global civil society

Kate Hudson: Social democracy and the radical left: why we continue to build Left Unity

Our position is not just about stating the case for an alternative, it is about taking action, working wherever we can in our communities

Joe Emersberger: Dear Media: Venezuela is Not Haiti

Refuting propaganda about Venezuela, even during the years when it was rapidly reducing poverty, always felt like opening an umbrella in the middle of a hurricane

Stephen Zunes: Anti-war movement must listen to voices within Syria’s civil war

It behooves those of us in the peace movement to recognize the complexities of the Syrian conflict and to listen to the voices of the millions of Syrians who desire freedom from both Islamist extremists and the Assad dictatorship

Ray McGovern: Russian Throws Down the Gauntlet: Fly at Your Own Risk

If Russia finds itself in a major escalation of hostilities in the Middle East and/or Europe, the troubles may not end there

Olga Khazan: The Precarious Masculinity of 2016 Voters

Several recent surveys suggest that when men feel persecuted, they turn to Donald Trump for affirmation

Robert A. Karl: Beyond October 2: Possible Futures in Post-Referendum Colombia

Beyond the final results of the vote itself, October 2 thus demonstrated the resiliency of Colombian social life in the face of violence, and how those local, rural movements will still help to define a new Colombian democracy

Robin Hahnel: Participatory Economics and the Next System

What kind of “next system” would support the economics of sustainable and equitable cooperation?

Anand Gopal: A nightmare in the making for Mosul

Interview on the looming assault on Mosul and the likely consequences in Iraq, Syria and the region as a whole

Ramzy Baroud: The convoluted discourse: Was the Women’s Boat to Gaza an existential threat?

It seems that the stronger Israel becomes, the larger in size and more destructive in its military capabilities, the weaker and more threatened it perceives itself

Stephen Zunes: From Gaza to Aleppo: A Handy Guide for Defending War Crimes

Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the bombing of civilian neighborhoods

Rev. Edward Pinkney: Convicted With No Evidence: a Very Dangerous Precedent!

We must continue to fight against this grave imbalance to ensure a humane, just future for people of color, for the homeless, for the poverty-stricken, for the weary and beaten populace of America

Juan Cole: Clinton brings back Gore, talks Green, but still Opposes Carbon Tax

We’ll have to do a lot of protesting whoever is elected. But likely one of the candidates will give us longer jail terms for the protests

Sarah Aziza: Binational vigil at US-Mexico border protests US state violence

Hundreds of activists gathered at the U.S.-Mexico border for a demonstration of multilateral unity

Patrick Cockburn: US and EU sanctions are ruining ordinary Syrians’ lives

The US and EU sanctions are imposing an economic siege on Syria as a whole which may be killing more Syrians than die of illness and malnutrition in the sieges which EU and US leaders have described as war crimes

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