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Yves Engler: Supporting a dictator

Canada’s High Commissioner has provided various forms of ideological support to Africa’s most ruthless dictator

Meleiza Figueroa: Not About Free Speech

Regardless of the far right’s strategies to divide us, we must prioritize the safety of students and amplify the voices of the vulnerable—not promote narratives that serve racist ideologies

Rebekah Barber: Southern lawmakers & Dream Act

In an effort to secure the Dream Act’s passage, the Women’s March has released a list of Republican lawmakers who could provide the key swing votes needed

Vicent Partal: Five Things About Catalonia

Now is the moment to take the next step

Dave Staiger: Virtual to In Their Face

Kalamazoo, Michigan, teachers received an urgent message in July from their union’s private Facebook account for members: in bargaining, the district was demanding a pay freeze

George Monbiot: Aung San Suu Kyi & Nobel

Once she was an inspiration. Now, silent on the plight of the Rohingya in Myanmar, she is complicit in crimes against humanity

Paul Street: Eco-cidal Madness & Moronic Farce

An increase in the scale, frequency, and intensity of extreme weather is precisely one of the things that climate scientists have long warned about

Patrick Cockburn: al-Qaeda strengthens in Syria

The West’s focus on the fall of so-called Islamic State is playing directly into the hands of its old enemies,

Nicolas Lalaguna: War on Drugs, Part 1: 1773–1961

From Britain’s India to Castro’s Cuba

Marjorie Cohn: Sessions Is Wrong

There Is No Legal Justification for Ending DACA

Danny Sjursen: Worth Dying For?

When It Comes to the War in the Greater Middle East, Maybe We’re the Bad Guys

Vijay Prashad: Who is Begging for War?

Unless the United States and its allies downgrade their threats against North Korea, there will be no possibility of peace in northwest Asia

John Pilger: Dangerous Times

North Korea, China and the Threat of Nuclear War and Accident

Alan Broughton: The Green Revolution

Effects in Asia and implications for Africa

Bill McKibben: Floods, Winds & Fires

“We Have Never Had Anything Like Them”

Tim Shorrock: Diplomacy With North Korea

he war hawks are wrong when they say that past negotiations, like the 1994 Agreed Framework, didn’t make a difference

Jake Johnson: Climate ‘Criminals’

“We should be naming these hurricanes after Exxon and Chevron, not Harvey and Irma”

Center for New Community: Who’s Behind The Plot Against DACA

Anti-immigrant organizations like FAIR, CIS, NumbersUSA, and IRLI, all of which have ties to white nationalists, have long taken a hardline stance that the federal government should dramatically restrict immigration and make life as difficult as possible for undocumented immigrants already living here. Their harsh viewpoints make no exception for young undocumented individuals who have Read more…

Michael Mann: The ‘New Normal’?

A business-as-usual scenario will lead to increasingly devastating storms

Malcolm Sawyer: Will Brexit Destroy UK Economy?

Interview on the major issues and questions associated with Brexit, and what the future may hold for both the UK and the EU

Ramzy Baroud: Gaza Youth Speak Out

Three Years after the War

Danica Jorden: The End of DACA

Trump Tells Immigrant Dreamer Children to “Prepare for Departure”

John Feffer: The President Is a Ponzi Scheme

Here and abroad, Trump’s wealthy backers understand that his populist rhetoric is a masquerade

Robert Fisk: The Syrian war is ending

While we’re all waiting for Trump to start World War Three, we’ve not spotted that the military map of the Middle East has substantially, bloodily changed

Chris Brooks: After Nissan

Can We Organize the South?

Miriam Pemberton: Climate change budget

Climate change is a bigger threat than any military — our budget should reflect that

Juan Cole: Bannon & Trump Lost Long Ago

Today, only 43% of Americans are white Christians, and only 30% are white Protestants. The United States is no longer a white Protestant country

Stephanie Basile: Anti-Capitalist Antifa

When we come together as workers, we are taking power from those who own it

Juan Cole: Deporting Dreamers

Deporting the Dreamers would cost the US some $460 billion over the next ten years

Dean Baker: Deficit Reduction?

The complete lack of interest in patent monopolies shows the deficit hawks are not motivated by issues of generational fairness

Serge Halimi: As Bellicose as Ever

US foreign policy’s point of equilibrium is effectively being determined by Republican phobias often shared by Democrats, and by Democrat hatreds endorsed by most Republicans

Joao Pedro Stedile: We Are All Venezuela

A call for solidarity with the Bolivarian nation

Max Elbaum: Left Strategy After Charlottesville

We need a left that is in the thick of the battle, that galvanizes a base that others cannot or will not reach, and that helps keep diverse forces focused on the main immediate enemy

Yves Engler: Protecting Israel from criticism

B’nai B’rith’s recent attack against NDP leadership candidate Niki Ashton was a brazen attempt to use the decimation of European Jewry to protect Israel from criticism

Jonathan Steele: Hawkish talk heightens threat

As the war of words over North Korea escalates, it is easy to forget there was a spark of good news as recently as last month

Daniel Costa: Ending DACA lowers wages

Ending DACA will destroy the educational and employment prospects of 800,000 young immigrants who did nothing wrong, while at the same time hurting the wages and labor standards of American workers

Gulrez Shah Azhar: Violence of Climate Change

Politicians and government officials refuse to connect the dots between a changing climate and human conflicts

Ted Glick: FERC & the Climate Movement

On the morning of September 20th this movement will gather in front of FERC’s DC headquarters

Kevin Zeese: Climate Breakdown

Climate change affects each of us and is an issue that unites us. When crisis hits, we need to act as a community in mutual aid of each other. Those community relationships can be built now so we are ready in times of crisis

Tom Engelhardt: Victory at Last

In America’s Wars, Failure Is the New Success

Adam Sanchez: Fight Against White Supremacy in Schools

As teachers return to the classroom this fall, we need to dedicate ourselves to teaching Charlottesville along with a more honest, full history of the United States

Carl Boggs: The Strange Legacy of “Free Speech”

It has recently come to my attention that new Chancellor Carol Christ at the University of California, Berkeley, my alma mater, has unveiled ambitious plans for a “Free Speech Year” — a magnanimous gesture toward the Free Speech Movement (FSM) of 1964-65, an iconic moment in sixties radicalism.  Christ’s plans (essentially hopes) come at a Read more…

Mike Elk: Baltimore Mayor’s Veto of $15/Hr

Corporate Wing of Democrats Alive and Well

Bernie Sanders: Labor Day Reminder

We Can Win Fights That Seem Impossible

Josiah Hesse: Why evangelicals love Trump

The president has bragged about his sins and built a career on casinos and half-naked women. But as a former believer, I know they recognize a fellow outsider

Suki Kim: Undercover in North Korea

“All Paths Lead to Catastrophe”

Jacob Scott: Confronting Racists

Interview with nephew of fascist who marched in Charlottesville and former neo-nazi

Andrea J. Ritchie: Reducing Violence Against Women of Color

Movements concerned with ending police violence and violence against women need to “develop community based responses to violence that do not rely on the criminal legal system

Charles Derber: The State of Labor on Labor Day

Labor Day is now a pivotal political moment for labor and the entire nation and world

Massimo Paolini: Barcelona’s ‘superblocks’

Do superblocks challenge the voracity, inequality and capacity for destruction of the neoliberal city, or simply mitgate its effects?

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