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Adam Johnson: Did You Know We Are Having the Largest Prison Strike in History? Probably Not, Because Most of the Media Have Ignored It

The prison strike didn’t merit a single mention in NYT, Washington Post, NPR, CNN or MSNBC

Jefferson Morley: More Proof the U.S. National Anthem Has Always Been Tainted With Racism

If we truly aspire to be the land of the free and the home of the brave, we should be able to examine the real history of “The Star-Spangled Banner”

Laura Weiss: Central American Refugees Struggle for Protection in Southern Mexico

The misguided, insufficient responses by both the U.S. and Mexican governments constitute human rights abuses

Dallas Goldtooth: At Standing Rock, Native Leadership Matters

The best part of the work we do is that it’s not what we’re fighting against but what we’re fighting for. We advocate for localized, small-scale renewable energy production

Roberto Savio: European Security with or Without Russia? Consequences of the Chinese-Russian Alliance on the Relationship Between USA and EU

The joint military manoeuvres between the Russian and Chinese navies, armies, and air forces has kicked off. It’s a clear message for Washington

Herman Rosenfeld: Unifor’s Focus on Investment Lets Down Canadian GM Workers

On September 5, GM of Canada was chosen as the strike target. This means any settlement made at GM will be applied as the basis for bargaining with the other two companies

Kyle Powys Whyte: Why the Native American pipeline resistance in North Dakota is about climate justice

The protection of sacred sites and worries over contaminated water supplies are simultaneously concerns about climate justice and its relation to U.S. colonialism

Joao Pedro Stedile: Out With Temer!

From a juridical standpoint, the farce was obvious when the Senators had no courage to annul Dilma’s political rights, which implied that she hadn’t committed any type of crime

John Feffer: YOLO Economics

The economy, we have been taught, is a cat with considerably more than nine lives. The bottom might drop out of the stock market, but it will rebound — again and again. The Chinese were on top of the world, economically, for a thousand years or more, but then the colonial powers cut the country Read more…

Jeff Abbott: Indigenous communities mobilize to defend Guatemala’s forests from loggers

“We are trying to inform community members of the impacts of deforestation”

Robert Fisk: They called the War on Terror a new world war – and then forgot all about it

Just as the Great War led to the Second, so the world war against al-Qaeda led, via Iraq, to the war against the apocalyptic Isis

Lauren McCauley: Discouraging Protest Vote, Sanders Says: Elect Clinton—Then Mobilize

Sanders reiterated his argument that the only way that the progressive agenda has a shot at being implemented is with Hillary Clinton at the helm and the grassroots force as her guide

Rebekah Barber: Nationwide prison strike draws attention to unpaid labor

All of the prisoners who engaged in the strike were putting themselves at risk

Jill Stein: Why “Lesser Evilism” Is a Loser

AGAINST THE CURRENT interviewed Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for president in 2016 following its convention at the end of July. The Green Party vice-presidential candidate is Ajamu Baraka. Against the Current: How do you answer the question that the only thing that counts is beating Trump? Jill Stein: That’s the question we get Read more…

Immanuel Wallerstein: Secular Stagnation, or is it worse?

If we are to behave sensibly, clarity of analysis is the first requirement, followed by moral choice, and political judgment

Juan Cole: “This Parrot is no More”: The 2016 Presidential Election did not Take Place

Trump is given free airtime because he is a creature of television, a reality show star, famous for being famous

David Swanson: Who Killed the People of California? Should Kaepernick Protest His Uniform?

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been given much deserved credit for protesting racism by sitting out the Star Spangled Banner, which not only glorifies war (which everyone, including Kaepernick is totally cool with) but also includes racism in an unsung verse and was written by a racist slave owner whose earlier version had Read more…

Christine R. Riddiough: Women: The Longest Revolution

Mitchell takes a great leap in proposing that the oppression of women must be seen as coming from a matrix of origins: production, reproduction, socialization of children and sexuality

George Lakey: What the US can learn from Scandinavia in the struggle against inequality

Interview on how social movements won and secured momentous victories over the long haul, and what lessons activists in the United States can take from their example to re-energize their efforts here

Lindsey E. Jones: Black Girls, Domestic Violence, and the Limits of Self-Defense

The case of Bresha Meadows, an African American teenage girl in Ohio, is a sad commentary on the failure of the state to protect victims of domestic violence. After a lifetime of watching him physically and psychologically abuse her mother—and of being subjected to threats and verbal abuse, along with her siblings—Bresha allegedly shot her Read more…

Vijay Prashad: US and Russia Agree to Cessation of Hostilities in Syria

As Syrian opposition groups retreat from the demand that President Assad step down, a ceasefire agreement becomes more feasible

Jane Lawson: Art, politics and potentias

A potentia is similar to a utopia but rooted in the here and now

Michael T. Klare: Will Trumpism, Brexit, and Geopolitical Exceptionalism Sink the Planet?

The Mounting Threat to Climate Progress

Clarence Lang: Framing a Transformative Vision for Black Lives

If the course of African American history has taught us anything, it is that even the boldest freedom dreams warrant our serious contemplation

Marta Harnecker: The best homage we can pay Fidel: look outward together in the same direction

The maximum social forces had to be united to overthrow the dictatorship. That meant uniting not only the revolutionary classes and sectors, but also the reformist sectors and even those reactionary sectors that had even the slightest contradiction with Batista

Richard Falk: Israel, Palestine, and Peace

Israeli oppressiveness is swept under the rug of security, while the settlements expand, Gaza is squeezed harder, and the regional developments give Israel the political space to attempt an Israeli one-state solution

Patrick Cockburn: Syria ceasefire holds during first day – but balance lies with armed opposition groups

The terms of the fragile truce negotiated between the US and Russia are abided by all sides, but there are still parties who would like to see it fail

George Monbiot: Disposable Planet

Consumerism occupies a sacred and inviolable space, while the wonders of the living world are dispensable

Medea Benjamin: Why Is the US Aligned With Saudi Arabia?

Saudi’s intervention in Yemen is an extension of this hatred of Iran. The Saudis are worried that the Houthis, who rose up in Yemen, are close to Iran

Dave Zirin: Solidarity With Kaepernick Ripples Through the NFL on September 11

On opening day, players staged a “quiet insurrection” in support of Colin Kaepernick’s protest against police violence

David Swanson: Suing Saudi: Congress Is Right, Stephen Kinzer Is Wrong

Kinzer’s concern is that if you let one set of criminals be held accountable for their crimes, other criminals might be held accountable for their crimes as well

Stephen Kinzer: Saudi Arabia Bill Opens US to Avalanche of Lawsuits

No one could sue the United States for damages, he reasoned, because “the United States does not engage in international terrorist activity.” He may honestly believe that, but judges in other countries might disagree

Noam Chomsky: A discussion on Neoliberalism

The United States made a major effort to monopolize the basic resource for the early industrial revolution, namely cotton

Aviva Chomsky: Is Trump an Aberration?

The Dark History of the “Nation of Immigrants”

Rebecca Solnit: Standing Rock Protests: This is Only the Beginning

What’s happening at Standing Rock is extraordinary and possibly transformative for native rights, Sioux history, and the intersection of the climate movement with indigenous communities

Jonathan Cook: Israel’s bogus civil war

Is Israel on the verge of civil war, as a growing number of Israeli commentators suggest, with its Jewish population deeply riven over the future of the occupation?

Ramzy Baroud: The Native American, the Palestinian: A Spirited Fight for Justice

Well into the 21st century, the Native American-Palestinian struggle remains one and the same

Belen Fernandez: Honduras and Israel: A New Special Relationship

Just as it serviced murderous regimes in Central America in the 1980s, Israel will now be exporting forms of repression to Honduras’ abusive government

Palestinian BDS National Committee: Dozens of Spanish cities declaring themselves ‘Free of Israeli Apartheid’

Cadiz, provincial capital in the autonomous community of Andalusia in the Spanish state, has become the latest municipality to pass a motion supporting the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian rights and declaring itself an Israeli “Apartheid Free Zone”. With a population of 120,000, Cadiz joins more than 50 cities and towns Read more…

Serge Halimi: Rebirth of the Real Left: is Third-Way Politics Finally Dead?

The persistent unpopularity of France’s socialist leaders is not a national exception attributable to poor employment figures or the renunciation of the left’s main ideas. The US and most other European countries have also witnessed the end of the ideological cycle of the “third way”, personified 20 years ago by Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Felipe González, Dominique Read more…

Andrew O'Hehir: Trump’s no Einstein: But his ignorant, illiterate answers to the campaign science quiz reflect a non-stupid strategy

Trump says there’s no climate change, and no money to fix it — but his non-answers aren’t as dumb as they seem

Michael Albert: Vote Stein!?

To proclaim “I am right,” no matter which side of this dispute one is on, while ignoring the substance that is at stake and while hurling non sequitur attacks at those you disagree with, will achieve nothing positive

Juan Cole: What did we buy with the $5 Trillion that the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars have cost us?

The Iraq War was a government-led Ponzi scheme and as usual the little people are the ones who took a bath

Jeremy Corbyn: My plan for Britain’s green industrial revolution

We will restore business confidence through coherent, consistent policy that champions the innovators and puts Britain, our cities, our devolved governments and communities at the forefront of this new industrial revolution

Winona La Duke: It’s Time to Move On from Fossil Fuels

While Democracy Now! was covering the Standing Rock standoff earlier this month, we spoke to Winona LaDuke, longtime Native American activist and executive director of the group Honor the Earth. She lives and works on the White Earth Reservation in northern Minnesota. She spent years successfully fighting the Sandpiper pipeline, a pipeline similar to Dakota Read more…

Kevin Zeese: 76% Want Four-Person Debates, Why Are Establishment Elites Preventing It: A Call for People to Occupy the Debates

It is time for all of us to unite and demand inclusive debate as a step toward creating a real democracy and ending the manipulation of the elites

Shaun King: Why I’ll never stand again for ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’

Like Kaepernick, I’ve had enough of injustice in America and I’ve had enough of anthems written by bigots

Edward Snowden: Why Barack Obama should grant me a pardon

“I think when people look at the calculations of benefit, it is clear that in the wake of 2013 the laws of our nation changed”

Harold Meyerson: A Shifting Electoral Map Gives Democrats the Advantage

A new 50-state poll shows third-party candidates appear to be helping Donald Trump more than Hillary Clinton, but long-term demographic trends clearly favor progressives

Corey Robin: Yale’s Bad History

What happens when a history professor at Yale opposes a grad union but doesn’t know her history?

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