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Marjorie Cohn: Philippines’ Duterte Seeks Peace

In April 2016, Rodrigo Duterte won the Philippine presidential election by a landslide, with more than 6 million votes. He openly declared that he was the nation’s first Left president, calling himself a socialist but not a communist. So far, his regime has been controversial, to put it mildly. The U.S. press has focused on Read more…

Glenn Greenwald: Media Stars Agree to Off-the-Record Meeting With Trump, Break Agreement, Whine About Mistreatment

A glittering array of media stars and network executives made pilgrimage on Monday to the 25th floor of Trump Tower to meet with the president-elect. They all agreed that the discussions would be “off the record”: meaning they would conceal from their viewers what they discussed. Shortly after the meeting ended, several of the stars violated the Read more…

Nika Knight: ‘Shockingly Stupid’ Attack on Science: Trump to Eliminate NASA Climate Research

President-elect plans to entirely slash climate science in favor of deep space exploration

Ben Sichel: Nova Scotia Teachers on the Verge of Strike

What has led teachers in a sleepy Canadian province to the brink of their first-ever strike?

James Ridgeway: The Origins of Trump: Reagan, Gingrich and the Rise of the New Right

The country is in the midst of building a largely white subculture, cloaked in a rhetoric of white nationalism. Both parties are all for that

Robert Valencia: Betsy DeVos: Her family, net worth, education and other facts to know

Her nomination suggests Trump is keeping his promise on the campaign trail to establish “school choice,” or the expansion of taxpayer-funded charter school and vouchers for private education

Ramzy Baroud: What Should Palestinians Expect – Can Trump Be Any Worse?

The Trump team is filling up with dishonorable men who have made careers out of pandering to Israeli interests and unabashedly discounting Palestinian rights

Leonard Peltier: Mourning Day: Water is Life, Life is Struggle

Water is life and we cannot leave this issue for our children and grandchildren to deal with when things are far worse for the natural world then they are now

Peter Marcuse: Electoral Politics 2016 and Electoral Reform

The 2016 Election Process Showed: Hillary Clinton had more popular votes than any other candidate, including Donald Trump; Trump received only about 26% of the votes of all those eligible to vote. Yet Trump will be the legally elected president of the United States because of the way the Electoral College system distorts the popular Read more…

Steve Ellner: Is There A Political And Economic Logic Behind Trump’s Encouragement Of Racism And Xenophobia?

His tacit and not so tacit alliance with the racists served to demonstrate that he would do the impossible to stand up to the Mexicans and the Chinese, and above all the multinationals that invest in those nations

Linda Hirshman: To Resist a Trump Presidency, Ask: “What Would the Abolitionists Do?”

Resistance movements need the support of permanent infrastructure. And they must be willing to engage in the time-intensive and expensive organizing that actually changes minds and behavior

Russell Mokhiber: Now is the Time for Trump to Move to Single Payer

The economic argument for single payer is slam dunk and will win the day

Medea Benjamin: Deconstructing Thanksgiving with Standing Rock

“Thanksgiving is a part of the mythology that attempts to cover up the real history of the United States”

John Feffer: What Europe Can Teach Us about Trump

As America braces itself for the landfall of Hurricane Trump, it’s instructive to look at Europe’s populist leaders for they hold clues to our future

Adolph Reed Jr.: Mazzocchi and the Moment

Democratic neoliberalism has generated its own version of a left wing that not only has little place for the working class; it even denigrates them

Joe Emersberger: The New Yorker’s Latest Journalistic Fail on Venezuela

William Finnegan’s New Yorker article about Venezuela states  “He [Hugo Chavez] soon rewrote the constitution, concentrating power in the executive.” A constituent assembly was elected by the public. The constituent assembly – not Hugo Chavez – drafted a constitution that was then approved in a referendum. Finnegan’s gross distortion of the process that created Venezuela’s Read more…

Erica Chenoweth: Why social media isn’t the revolutionary tool it appears to be

The technology provides activists with ways to organise like never before, but it also makes them much easier to track, fuels misinformation and copycat revolutions that are doomed to fail

Adam Johnson: Hey Media, We Don’t Need Another Glossy Profile on That Nazi Dork

The media have spent the past few weeks raising his profile and further normalizing him and his Nazi friends

Heike Schotten: Israel’s sliding definition of anti-Semitism in the Trump era

The past few days have witnessed a bizarre pile-up of prominent Israel-supporters going out of their way to defend or excuse what seem to be obviously anti-Semitic views voiced by Steve Bannon

Alex Randall: The centre-left’s narrative on climate change has convinced no one

The centre-left adopted an environmentalism it did not create

ThinkProgress: ThinkProgress Will No Longer Describe Racists as ‘Alt-right’

We won’t do racists’ public relations work for them

Oscar Reyes: Trump Can’t Hold Back the Tide of Climate Action

Market forces, state and local action, and strong social movements could blunt the impacts of a denialist White House

William D. Hartung: A Pentagon Rising

Is a Trump Presidency Good News for the Military-Industrial Complex?

Vijay Prashad: Politics of refusal

The slew of hate crimes in the aftermath of the election suggests that there is now an army of Trump supporters who believe that it has the license to make America Great Again by attacking those whom it sees as the problem

Neve Gordon: Israel’s New Friends

Progressive voices have tried for years to counter the insidious conflation of criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism

Denise Vivar: Immigrants Fighting for Sanctuary Cities & Campuses to Protect Millions from Trump Deportation Push

There is growing resistance to Trump’s vow to detain and deport millions of people from the United States. Mayors from New York to Chicago to Seattle say they will refuse to cooperate even as Trump promises to cut funds from so-called sanctuary cities. Meanwhile, the movement is growing for “sanctuary campuses.” During his campaign, Trump Read more…

Dean Baker: Why don’t we have free trade for highly paid professions in the U.S.?

While ensuring quality in these professions is important, there surely are ways to guarantee competence that don’t discriminate to the same extent as our current regulations

Ruth Needleman: Stop Genocide

From Honduras to Argentina, from Brazil to Colombia, labor, indigenous and black social movements are embattled

Alleen Brown: Medics Describe How Police Sprayed Standing Rock Demonstrators With Tear Gas and Water Cannons

The council estimated that 300 people were treated for injuries, including 26 who were taken to area hospitals

Anna Lau: A Kurdish response to climate change

Conversations with the Kurdish Liberation Movement on ecological society and democratic confederalism

The Real News: Anti-Trump Protests Continue Nationwide

Protests were held in New York, DC, and Austin over the weekend, while students in Portland walked out of class Monday

Stephen R. Shalom: Reflections on the Election

The challenge for the left is, and always has been, how do we protect people in the here and now while advancing the prospects for the more fundamental changes that we need?

Norman Solomon: In Resistance to Trump, “Community” Should Be a Verb

Like a healthy forest, the resistance will depend on great diversity to thrive — a wide range of people engaging in a vast array of activities. And our resistance will need community

Amad Ross: Seattle students walk out united against Trump

A look at the walkout by thousands of students organized in the days after Trump was elected

Jeremy Scahill: Mike Pence Has “Militant Agenda” Against Women, the Poor, Immigrants, LGBTQ People

You look at Pence’s evolution as a political figure, and in many ways it is the story of how the radical religious right gained such prominence

Patrick Cockburn: Trump’s dangerous team of crackpots will spread corruption and start new wars in the Middle East

Foreign policy advisor John Bolton proposes carving out a Sunni state in northern Iraq and eastern Syria. As a recipe for deepening the conflict in the region, it could scarcely be bettered

Phyllis Bennis: None of Trump’s Foreign Policy Appointments Match Campaign Rhetoric

Trump’s language of opposition to regime change and interventions is not represented by the appointment of his vice president or any of his cabinet picks

Bernie Sanders: Let’s Rebuild our Infrastructure, Not Provide Tax Breaks to Big Corporations and Wall Street

This legislation would create and maintain at least 13 million good-paying jobs, while making our country more productive, efficient and safe

Various Contributors: 5 Reasons to Be Optimistic About the Future of Climate Change

It’s absolutely necessary to keep a high sense of urgency applied to our leaders, businesses, communities, and organizations to keep throwing their considerable weight behind this common goal

Sam Ben-Meir: From Neoliberalism to Self-Management

In the 1980s, British Prime Minister Thatcher and President Reagan depicted neoliberal or “free market” capitalism as the ideal system, a dogma that extends to the present despite its horrific failures and other options

Melvin A. Goodman: Trump’s Inner Circle: Here Come the Troglodytes

The appointment of a neo-conservative national security team points the Trump administration in an extreme hardline direction

Michael Albert: Fuck Trump and the Donkey He Rode in On

Why not establish at least one overarching, multi issue, multi tactic organization to not only fight against reaction but also propose and try to win elements of positive program and vision?

Sarah Kendzior: A Dark View from Flyover Country

White Anger, Racial Violence, Economic Despair — And the Worst Is Yet to Come

Steve Early: The Chevron Way: Big Oil’s Vacation From East Bay Politics Won’t Last Long

If Big Oil paid its fair share, cities like Richmond would not be forced to reduce services, cut staff, or seek health care concessions from its employees

Rebecca Gordon: Life Under Trump

Night Terrors and Daytime Hopes

Alexandra Topping: Women’s rights group blocks bridges in domestic violence cuts protest

Sisters Uncut staged demonstrations in London, Newcastle, Glasgow and Bristol to highlight plight of BME victims

Juan Cole: 5 Trump Headlines more outrageous than the “Hamilton” Tiff

Headlines that should have been above the “Hamilton” slamming match in all our newspapers, and should have been shared and retweeted on social media

Joanne Laurier: National Bird: “I don’t know how many people I’ve killed,” says US drone pilot

National Bird is a remarkable film for its concentration on one of the principal deadly tools in the prosecution of America’s endless wars

Democratic Socialists of America: A Summary of Democratic Socialists of America’s Strategy Document

For the foreseeable future our primary focus will be on building a vibrant, independent democratic socialist movement and helping to cultivate progressive coalitions capable of wielding political power at all levels

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