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Juan Antonio Gil de los Santos: Spain: Podemos MP on understanding transversality

Pushed to the limit, and having discovered the establishment’s deception, popular movements took to the streets to get rid of those who put their own interests above the social majority

Various Contributors: Gaza Strip: Blockade Causing an End to Fresh Water Resources

The successive attacks on the Gaza Strip have severely affected the sewage systems and destroyed thousands of septic tanks, causing in many cases wastewater to end up in the aquifer

Zarrar Khuhro: Rigging US-style

Civil rights groups are warning that the 2016 elections may see record levels of voter disenfranchisement

Henry A. Giroux: Donald Trump and the Plague of Atomization in a Neoliberal Age

This week, Donald Trump lowered the bar even further by attacking the Muslim parents of US Army Captain Humayan Khan, who was killed in 2004 by a suicide bomber while he was trying to save the lives of the men in his unit. This stunt was just the latest example of his chillingly successful media Read more…

Ashoka Jegroo: Wave of occupations marks step forward for Black Lives Matter

Activists in New York City seeking to defund the police have successfully occupied City Hall Park for a week

Danica Jorden: World Social Forum in Montreal: “Another world is once again being constructed without Africa”

At least 234 community organization leaders and representatives were denied visitor visas to attend

Robert Fisk: Erdogan’s meeting with Putin will tell us what the future holds for Syria

Not long ago, it was Hillary Clinton who wanted to press the “reset” button with Putin. Now it’s Erdogan – with, one suspects, a lot more effect

Lauren McCauley: Billionaire Bonanza as Wealth Surges Among One Percent

New study by market research firm Wealth-X found that not only has the number of billionaires grown, so have their fortunes

Richard Falk: Dreaming of Freedom: Palestinian Child Prisoners Speak

With such knowledge solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom and dignity becomes almost a psychological inevitability and an even more urgent moral imperative

Alexander Billet: Alton Sterling’s Right to the City

The murder of Alton Sterling attacked the idea that public space and culture should belong to those who produce them

Michelle Chen: Women Day Laborers Are Tired of Waiting for Work, and for Justice

In Brooklyn, a new study shows that women face an underground labor market fraught with hidden risks

Juan Cole: Iowa could go 100% Green with Wind in only 14 years

Iowa gets 31% of its electricity from wind turbines, the highest percentage in the nation (though Texas generates more than twice as many megawatts from wind). But you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. Some Iowa planners think that in only 14 years Iowa will be able to power its entire grid with wind and have some Read more…

Samir Amin: Brexit and the EU Implosion: National Sovereignty — For What Purpose?

The defense of national sovereignty, like its critique, leads to serious misunderstandings once one detaches it from the social class content of the strategy in which it is embedded.  The leading social bloc in capitalist societies always conceives sovereignty as a necessary instrument for the promotion of its own interests based on both capitalist exploitation Read more…

Tom Engelhardt: The Greatest Show on Earth

How Billions of Words, Tweets, Insults, and Polls Blot Out Reality in Campaign 2016

Isaiah Poole: A National Grassroots Network Goes All In To Defeat Trump

A newly formed national network of grassroots organizations that represent more than 1 million people has agreed to throw its weight behind an all-out effort to defeat Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

Ryan Mallett-Outtrim: Art for Revolution’s Sake: Voices from the EZLN’s CompArte Festival in Chiapas

It’s not everyday that a guerrilla movement hosts an alternative art festival, but that’s exactly what just happened in southern Mexican city of San Cristobal, in the state of Chiapas. From July 23 to 30, over a thousand artists from 45 countries flocked to the city’s outskirts to participate in CompArte for Humanity, a festival Read more…

Gareth Porter: The sham rebrand of al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front

The objective of the manoeuvre was to head off US-Russian military cooperation against the jihadist group

Pepe Escobar: Say hello to Southeast Asia’s New Silk Roads

It’s not only China vs. the US in the South China Sea. Few in the West realize that two completely different, intersecting stories are developing in maritime and mainland Southeast Asia. The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague denied China’s historic rights to waters in the South China Sea within its nine-dash line; it Read more…

Sue Sturgis: A turning point in the fight against voter suppression?

Date on which a federal appeals court panel struck down North Carolina’s restrictive new voting law, finding that provisions ranging from photo ID requirements to rollbacks of early voting deliberately “target African-Americans with almost surgical precision”: 7/29/2016 Rank of the North Carolina law among the biggest rollbacks of voting rights since the 1965 Voting Rights Read more…

James J. Zogby: Platform and Politics: The Change We Made

As a reflection of the state of play of American politics, we should see this platform not as a defeat but an acknowledgment that there has been a change

Sarah Freeman-Woolpert: Refugees mount hunger strike and march to protest closed borders

A seven-day hunger strike was organized by refugees along the Serbian-Hungarian border

Noam Chomsky: Optimism


Michael Albert: Interviewing Miguel Rodriguez

Never did we talk about Marxism or socialism nor left or right. We presented ourselves as the Bolivarian movement

Chris Kromm: Big Money vs. Black Lives: Movement connects money in politics to racial justice

The makeup of the elite donor class and the sheer amount of money required to be a candidate create a barrier to access

Bernie Sanders: I Support Hillary Clinton. So Should Everyone Who Voted for Me

Going forward and continuing the struggle is what matters. And, in that struggle, the most immediate task we face is to defeat Donald Trump

Diana Johnstone: Hiroshima: the Crime That Keeps on Paying, But Beware the Reckoning

On his visit to Hiroshima last May, Obama did not, as some had vainly hoped he might, apologize for the August 6, 1945 atomic bombing of the city. Instead he gave a high-sounding speech against war. He did this as he was waging ongoing drone war against defenseless enemies in faraway countries and approving plans Read more…

Edinah Masanga: Unemployed graduates protest lack of opportunity in Zimbabwe

Dozens of university graduates in Zimbabwe are taking to the streets in their full graduation regalia under a protest named #ThisGown

Dave Zirin: Protests by Athletes and Displaced Rio Residents Accompany Opening of 2016 Olympic Games

Dave Zirin, sports editor for The Nation magazine, says protests highlighting racial and economic injustice are expected from athletes attending the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, such as tennis champion Serena Williams and players from the NBA, WNBA and other countries. Polls show more than 60 percent of Brazilians think hosting the Games will hurt their Read more…

Various Contributors: United Against Hate

An open letter to the voters of the United States

Alexandra Rosenmann: News & Politics GOP Ad for Missouri Governor Features Candidate Blasting Away With a Machine Gun

Missouri Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens has run a new campaign ad, featuring him firing a machine gun

Vijay Prashad: Trump vs Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is now grounded in the “anyone but Trump” slogan and it is clear that she will not address the concerns of the Left

Juan Cole: Some of the Times We almost had a Nuclear War

There is always a danger that if a weapon is in the arsenal, it will be deployed

Vincent Emanuele: Liberal Antiwar Activism is the Problem

Neither the planet, nor humanity can endure another decade of liberal antiwar activism

Chase Strangio: Chelsea Manning Faces Indefinite Solitary Confinement & Extra Prison Time After Suicide Attempt

The perils and the damages of being forced to be punished through the denial of your core identity is something that has led to her depression

Andrew J. Bacevich: The Decay of American Politics

The thicket of unreality that is American politics has now become all-enveloping

Various Contributors: Our Revolution is just getting started

When labor organizations decide to endorse candidates, after a democratic process open to the entire rank-and-file, it changes the whole dynamic of union-based political activism

Jim Hightower: What’s next for the Bernie Sanders revolution? The populist insurgency is ratcheting up

What an amazing Democratic primary season it’s been, including this happy result: WE WON! “We” being the millions of young people, mad-as-hell working stiffs, independents, deep-rooted progressives, and other “outsiders” who felt the Bern and forged a new, game-changing, populist force of, by, and for grassroots Americans. True, this progressive-populist coalition did not win the Read more…

Michael Albert: Thinking About the Election

Steve Shalom and Michael Albert use a Q/A format to explore current issues of the U.S. election, Sanders, Clinton, Trump, and movements

George Monbiot: The climate crisis is already here – but no one’s telling us

The media largely relegate the greatest challenge facing humanity to footnotes as industry and politicians hurtle us towards systemic collapse of the planet

Donna Murch: Paying for Punishment

One of the enduring lessons from past struggle for social change is that where there is the greatest suffering, there is also the most creative and insightful response

Vijay Prashad: It’s Bombs Away for the USA in Libya

Almost guaranteed to spread more misery across North Africa

Various Contributors: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom and Justice

A collective of more than 50 organizations representing thousands of Black people from across the country have come together with renewed energy and purpose to articulate a common vision and agenda

David Swanson: Trumped

For decades we’ve heard the tired old refrain “We need leaders.” I’m afraid we won’t survive many more leaders. I think what we actually need is democracy

Robert Fisk: No, Aleppo is not the new Srebrenica – the west won’t go to war over Syria

There are no ‘good guys’ among the Syrian warlords yet, despite all the evidence, we want to find them. It’s time to stop lying to the people of the Middle East

Sam Wetherell: When Donald Comes to Town

What Donald Trump’s ill-fated effort to transform Atlantic City into a personal cash cow says about the future of American cities

Joao Pedro Stedile: We have to present a new project that can overcome neo-developmentalism

The crisis opens up a new time of change

Max Haiven: Black flags and debt resistance in America’s oldest colony

In the face of a neolcolonial debt regime imposed by the United States, Puerto Rico’s streets are alive with the spirit of resistance

Immanuel Wallerstein: Turkey and Erdoğan: Rise and Fall?

Turkey is presently governed by the Justice and Development Party (AKP in its Turkish initials). The AKP was co-founded in 2001 by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. He became Prime Minister in 2003 and served until 2014, when he became Turkey’s 12th president. The stories of Turkey, Erdoğan, and the AKP were closely linked during the past Read more…

Richard Falk: Context Matters: Turkey After the Failed Coup

The legendary American pro-football coach of the Green Bay Packers, Vince Lombardi, famously remarked when asked about his sports philosophy, “Winning isn’t everything. It is the only thing.” In thinking about the Turkish failed coup I paraphrase Lombardi: “Context isn’t everything. It is the only thing.” Without an adequate depiction of context every inflamed political Read more…

Terry Connolly: Challenges to Duopoly Control

The conventions of the two major parties have ended and they have picked their candidates for the November general election.  The choice between them is a stark contrast in style.  You get to choose if you want Huey Long in an orange clown suit or Cruella de Vil in a pantsuit.  If you don’t like the candidates of Read more…

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