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Mike Hembury: Good COP bad COP

COP26 and the lessons for the left

Adam Ramsay: World leaders failed us at COP26

But change doesn’t come from glitzy conferences

Richard Falk: Climate Challenge Cannot be Overcome in an Unjust World

Can the world’s awakening youth, exert enough pressure to make the political class in the Global North to cut themselves off from the militarized belief systems of political realism and capitalism

Economic Policy Institute: Moral policy = Good economics

Lifting up poor and working-class people—and our whole economy

Andrea Germanos: ‘We Need a Global Solution’

Critics Say Biden Plan to Boost Vaccine Supply Not Nearly Enough

Thom Hartmann: Will You Storm the Capitol if the 2024 Election is Stolen?

We may well be facing that terrible question that Trump true believers faced last year: what do we do? Winter is coming…

Zeyu Wang: F&M Students Express Support for Intellectual Freedom

We unconditionally uphold the value of freedom of speech and condemn foreign intervention with an explicit agenda from Israel

Joshua Cho: US and UK Press Mock New Zealand’s Incredibly Successful Covid Response

One gets the sense that corporate media outlets in countries like the US and Britain mocking or criticizing New Zealand’s pandemic response are following a “misery loves company” ethos

Meaghan Ellis: Network of GOP-focused fake news sites push fear-mongering claims about critical race theory

“I think that they could have a meaningful impact. Not because necessarily they’re going to influence that many voters, but because elections are decided at the margins”

Norman Solomon: Our nuclear arsenal doesn’t need to be ‘modernized’—it needs to be eliminated

The vast network of ready-to-launch intercontinental ballistic missiles that make up the United States’s nuclear triad remains a constant source of apocalyptic risk that few in politics or the media will openly acknowledge

Jake Johnson: GOP, Big Pharma Plotting to Kill Drug Price Reforms

“It is not some radical idea to suggest that Americans should not have to die because we are the only major country that allows drug companies to raise prices to whatever they want, whenever they want”

Lee Camp: What Are the Prospects For Peace?

Interview on the role of the U.S. in the escalating tensions and its capacity to reduce them

Medea Benjamin: Cubans More Excited About School Reopening Than Regime Change

“The US government misread Cuba when it decided to invest so heavily in trying to instigate insurrection. We Cubans want to improve our country & move forward, not back to the times when we were the friendly playground of US capital, corruption & ambition.”

Brett Wilkins: New Report on ‘Grocery Cartels’ Details Exploitive Retailer Monopolies

The grocery and food processing industries have “created an illusion of choice and efficiency to disguise their profiteering off of the American consumer, who is unwillingly asked to trade abundance for resilience.”

Eric Dirnbach: ‘Tell the Bosses We’re Coming’

Book Review, Tell the Bosses We’re Coming: A New Action Plan for Workers in the Twenty-First Century, by Shaun Richman

George Monbiot: Looting By Other Means

What the rich nations owe the poor is not climate aid or climate loans. It’s climate reparations

Brett Wilkins: ‘We Need to Get Our Priorities Right’

“Isn’t it strange how even as we end the longest war in our nation’s history concerns about the deficit and national debt seem to melt away under the influence of the powerful military-industrial complex?”

Austin Cole: We Work Too Damn Much

Let’s Demand a 4-Day Workweek by 2022

Desmond D’Sa: Glasgow’s ‘Conference of the Polluters’ again confirms that global arson needs local fire extinguishers

‘COP26 is a performance. It is an illusion constructed to save the capitalist economy rooted in resource extraction and colonialism.’

John Feffer: European Green Deal: Step Forward, Backward, or Sideways?

Europe is ahead of much of the world in combining decarbonization with an equitable shift to clean energy. And it’s still not enough

Extinction Rebellion: The End of The World As We Know It

After all the fanfare, COP26 has failed. Not one of the G20 nations, the richest and most culpable for this crisis, will cut emissions to keep global heating even close to 1.5C

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II: “Blackness Itself Is the Crime”

Interview on racism in the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial

Rory Fanning: Let’s Turn Rising Generations Into War Resisters Rather Than Veterans

A trillion dollars not spent on war could have saved millions of lives over the last 20 years

Jake Johnson: Concerning New Covid Variant Spotlights Dangers of Vaccine Apartheid

“This variant exemplifies that if you leave some of the world’s population without access to vaccines, then the virus will continue to multiply and it will lead to more variants.”

Ed Yong: How Public Health Took Part in Its Own Downfall

The field’s future lies in reclaiming parts of its past that it willingly abandoned

Sam Pizzigati: Democrats Are Losing Normal Voters of All Races

Democrats fear they are losing white swing voters over racial politics. Three studies suggest that the party’s elite culture may be the real problem

Andrew J. Bacevich: The Last Progressive

Joe Biden and Illusions of “Normalcy”

George Monbiot: After the failure of Cop26, there’s only one last hope for our survival

It’s too late for incremental change. By mobilising just 25% of people, we can flip social attitudes towards the climate

Huanjia Zhang: New database shows hundreds of contaminants detected in US tap water

“We are not being exposed to just one contaminant when we’re drinking water. We’re being exposed to multiple contaminants.”

Tom H. Hastings: Vote back better

In any country that prides itself on democracy, making it more likely that people will have a chance to vote rather than less likely is basic

William Minter: The United States is not a country

The US federal system is a patchwork of states and territories, municipal and local jurisdictions, each with its own laws and regulations. This complex map provides ample opportunities for shell games of “hide the money”

Julia Conley: Leaders at COP26 Are ‘Massively Killing the Paris Agreement’

“The deal on the table is a death sentence for millions of those on the frontlines.”

Abahlali baseMjondolo: The majority have rejected the ANC

The ANC, DA and EFF will all leave the poor to continue to be poor. There is no hope from these parties. The only hope that we have is ourselves

Rosa Miriam Elizalde: Why Is the U.S. Fueling the November 15 Cuba Protests?

The conservative ghost of the far-right that travels the world and arrives in Cuba is not what it seems or what is visible to the naked eye

Angela Lang: Democrats are courting disaster (again) by betraying their base

Democrats risk turning off voters and losing their 2020 electoral gains if they don’t deliver meaningful change for working people

Olivia DiNucci: Wealthy Liberal Arts Colleges Exploit International Students for Cheap Teaching Labor

A teacher at Grinnell College speaks about the working conditions of the severely underpaid “language assistants,” student workers who teach for-credit classes

Ramzy Baroud: The People vs. COP26: Time for Politicians, Billionaires to Listen 

Expecting COP26 to save the world is wishful thinking. Our fate is truly in our own hands. It always has been. It is high time for politicians to stop talking and, for once, truly listen

Dusan Pajovic: How to fix climate activism

Interview on tactics, messaging, and how to bring the working class into climate activism – who have so far been excluded

Kenny Stancil: Biden Urged to Use Executive Action to Stop Fossil Fuel Expansion

“The Biden administration has tools at its disposal that it is simply failing to use,” said one advocate. “If President Biden believes we are in an emergency, he should act accordingly.”

Asad Rehman: Civil Society Holds People’s Plenary & Leaves Climate Summit

As the U.N. climate summit in Glasgow concludes, activists staged a walkout Friday in response to late decisions made by negotiators to severely weaken commitments in the final agreement

George Monbiot: Make extreme wealth extinct: it’s the only way to avoid climate breakdown

Why do we tolerate the massive environmental impacts of the very rich?

Robert Reich: How Wealth Inequality Spiraled Out of Control

Wealth inequality has spiraled out of control. It’s time to end this vicious cycle

Mel Gurtov: Israel’s new leadership offers nothing new to Palestinians

To all intents and purposes, Israeli policy on Palestine amounts to Netanyahu-ism without Netanyahu

Ryan Black: To Help Democrats Survive 2022, Biden Should Legalize Marijuana Right Now

Legalizing marijuana allows President Joe Biden to address important issues without Congressional approval and could help Democrats stave off major losses in 2022

Jonah Furman: Striking John Deere Workers Hold Out for Better Deal

One hundred members joined the November 8 picket, including members from each of the eight UAW locals at Deere in Iowa and Illinois

William I Robinson: ‘Nicaragua presents a challenge to the international left’

With the US leading an international chorus rejecting the legitimacy of Nicaragua’s general elections, the anti-imperialist left ‘is walking a tightrope’

Robert Pollin: Stop Subsidizing Wall St., Start Subsidizing Workers for High Energy Costs

High oil prices and supply chain disruption are driving inflation, not workers’ modest wage increases or government debt

John Feffer: Chinese Fossil Fuel Investments in Africa

African countries need investments, China needs raw materials, and African activists are fed up with the resulting corruption and environmental damage

Melina Abdullah: We Urgently Need a Transformative Approach to Public Safety

Black Lives Matter demands we upend it and dare to imagine and build new systems that invest deeply in resources: like youth programs, good jobs, mental healthcare, housing…resources that actually make our communities safe

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