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Gerald Epstein: Goodbye Regulations, Hello Impending Global Financial Crisis

As long as we have capitalism, we are going to have financial crises

Mathew Lawrence: Time for politicians to get real about the anthropocene

We can’t afford to keep investing in a high-carbon economy when the world is on the brink of disaster

Nick Dearden: The EU ‘migrant deal’ will ruin tens of thousands of lives

What people are fleeing, is precisely what our governments have created

Pete Dolack: World Bank solution for lack of jobs: Cut worker protections

What we have here are code words meaning make it easier to fire people

Kevin Zeese: Nationwide Protests: Pro-Immigrant Or Anti-Trump?

If the $4 billion spent on abusive immigration enforcement in the last year had been used to build the foundation of the US economy with a positive approach to immigration, we would all be better off

John Ackerman: Mexico’s Leftist President-elect Promises Sweeping Changes

This moment really synthesized a lot of decades of struggles in Mexico, struggles for human rights, struggles for social movements

Sergio Aguayo: Change is coming to Mexico

Andrés Manuel López Obrador won by convincing Mexico a change of regime was possible without a civil war

Ron Daniels: Dr. Ron Daniels Delivers his Final Lecture

A talk on his political world view and on his vision and priorities for IBW moving forward.

Marielena Castellanos: Protesting Operation Streamline

The call to end ICE was prominent throughout the rally and march

Marjorie Cohn: In Upholding Muslim Ban, the Supreme Court Ignored International Law

The Supreme Court’s opinion in Trump v. Hawaii, affirming Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, allows the United States to act in flagrant violation of international law. Under the guise of deferring to the president on matters of national security, the 5-4 majority disregarded a litany of Trump’s anti-Muslim statements and held that the ban does not violate the Read more…

Ted Glick: November 6: Knowing What Time It Is

From now until November 6 we need to be fighting hard for a massive repudiation at the polls of the Trump-run Republicans

Tom H. Hastings: Nonviolent American Revolution 2.0

Happy Interdependence Day. May we unite and find a new American freedom and justice for all with a peaceful revolution replacing violent values with those honoring and respecting all humankind

Jane LaTour: Labor History Happened Here—And Why It Matters

Providing some historical background and context to reporting about the lives of working people is a potent ingredient

Ramzy Baroud: ‘Deal of the Century’ is Not New and PA Leadership is Not a Victim

Donald Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ will fail. Palestinians will not exchange their 70-year long struggle for freedom for Jared Kushner’s cash

Juan Cole: Whitey on the Moon Again?

Trump has managed to project his racism even into the vacuum above the moon, and given how he has cheapened and coarsened the lives of working Americans, I have no sympathy for this new piece of Trumpism

Kshama Sawant: After the Amazon Tax Betrayal

We’ll be campaigning not only for a big business tax but also more broadly for a genuine “People’s Budget.” The budget vote happens in the fall, but the fight starts now

Jon Mitchell: Shaping Okinawan public opinion on the U.S. military presence

In 2012, the Central Intelligence Agency’s Open Source Center published a manual for U.S. officials advising them on how to shape Okinawan public opinion about the large U.S. military presence on their island. Categorized For Official Use Only, the 60-page CIA report is titled A Master Narratives Approach to Understanding Base Politics in Okinawa. It Read more…

Bill Fletcher: The History of Race and Labor in the U.S.

Interview on the history of race and racism in the US from African slavery to today

AFP: Air pollution plays significant role in diabetes: study

Diabetes affects more than 420 million people globally and is one of the world’s fastest growing diseases

Laura Finley: The Most Anti-Woman President Ever

It’s hard to imagine a presidential administration that hates women more than the current one

Serge Halimi: The official fake news

The draft legislation reveals both the blindness of those who govern when challenged and their inclination to invent new coercive countermeasures

Reese Erlich: Leftist Wave sweeps Mexico

Can Lopez Obrador take on Corruption, Poverty… & Trump?

Patrick Bobilin: The Ocasio Effect: a New Yorker’s Perspective

This was the win we were looking for. This was the win we needed. This was the win we deserved

Ryan Gallagher: The Untold Story of Japan’s Secret Spy Agency

This story is the product of a two-year collaboration between U.S. news website The Intercept and the Japanese broadcaster NHK. The project began in mid-2016, and was initially focused on investigating three U.S. military bases in Misawa, Okinawa, and Yokota. In April 2017, we revealed that the bases were an integral part of the global Read more…

Amy Zhang: The next step for cooperatives is certification

Cooperatives have so much potential to sustainably lift people out of poverty

David Swanson: Why Ocasio-Cortez’ Platform Is So Great

War and war preparations eat up 60% of the funding that Congress members decide on each year

Zaid Jilani: Gentrifying Neighborhoods Powered Ocasio-Cortez’s Victory

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ ideas and dogged campaigning were the engine which powered the upset

Richard Roman: Obrador and Mexico’s Watershed Election

Workers, peasants, the poor, and the Left need to seize the possibilities that an AMLO victory would create without without illusions of beneficence from above and with readiness to fight

Bob Peterson: Transforming Teacher Unions in a Post-Janus World

We are witnessing the rebirth of a struggle “about all workers, social justice, working conditions, and also what kind of society we want to live in.”

Sam Pizzigati: ‘Janus’ Will Juice Income Inequality in America

Any court ruling that limits how effectively unions can bargain on behalf of workers, even mainstream economists now recognize, concentrates wealth at our economic summit

William D. Hartung: Trump’s “Infrastructure” Plan

Pump Up the Pentagon

Barbara Koeppel: America’s Regime Change Toolbox

Since the end of the 19th century, when the U.S. embarked on empire, it has, one way or another, overthrown almost all the governments it didn’t like

Rob Seimetz: The Lessons From OccupyICE Portland

Whether this community lasts another five days or another five years each time I’m there I learn something new and these lessons will carry with me for the rest of my life

Briahna Joy Gray: Why Did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Win?: Socialism

“I’m a candidate that doesn’t take corporate money, that champions Medicare for all, a federal jobs guarantee, the abolishment of ICE, and a green New Deal. But I approach those issues with the lenses of the community that I live in

Common Dreams Staff: Mexico’s ‘Bernie Sanders’ Wins

Landslide Victory With Mandate to Reshape the Nation

Arzu Geybullayeva: Turkey looks ahead to a strongman era

Erdogan has what he needed for the moment. He will now be in power at least until 2023

Mark Weisbrot, Lara Merling, Rebecca Watts, and Jake Johnston: The Pact for Mexico after Five Years

How Has It Fared?

CJ Polychroniou: EU’s Debt Deal Is “Kiss of Death” for Greece

The debt deal for Greece is indeed a turning point: It marks the death of any prospect or hope for economic recovery and a return to normalcy. Only more difficult times lie ahead

Jack Rasmus: Is There a Trump-Justice Kennedy Resignation Connection?

The resignation of Kennedy will enable Trump to take one step closer (now very close) to his avowed desire to be ‘above the law’, a Tyrant

George Lakey: Unions have been down before

History shows how they can come back

Martin Pengelly, Jessica Glenza Lucia Graves: Thousands march against Trump and family separations policy

Mass protests against Donald Trump and his immigration policies were held across the US on Saturday, in cities from Los Angeles to Boston and in state capitals and smaller towns between

Various Contributors: Families Belong Together

Today, millions of us summoned a piece of an answer. We were in the streets. And we won’t stop until we turn the darkness back

Forrest Hylton: Change and Continuity in Colombian Politics

Right-wing Uribe protégé Iván Duque is the next president of Colombia. But not all is lost: The Colombian Left had its most impressive turn-out in history

Alexander Bolton: Abolishing ICE becomes Dem litmus test

Abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is fast becoming a litmus test for Democrats after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s shock victory in a Democratic primary

Marta Harnecker: Venezuela — After the elections: What is to be done?

I believe that all these people, those who were given the opportunity to study, to think, to participate, to build, to decide — and that grew enormously in terms of self-confidence and human development — will defend the process

Badri Raina: Nikhil Chakravartty: Exemplar

I cannot forget the two things he left us with: ask all the tough questions and struggle in unison on the basis of undefeatable arguments

Various Contributors: One Question: Gaza

What is the future of Gaza?

Anthony Dimaggio: Union End Times

The Supreme Court’s Fatal Attack on Public-Sector Workers

Nicolas Lalaguna: Back from the future

A guide for revolutionary change now

Peter Dreier: Let Us Not Praise Anthony Kennedy

Regardless of his motives, Kennedy will be responsible for allowing Trump to name a replacement who, along with the other right-wingers on the court, will further erode American democracy

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