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karl bode: Community Owned Administration

According to a freshly updated map of community-owned networks, more than 750 communities across the United States have embraced operating their own broadband network, are served by local rural electric cooperatives, or have made at least some portion of a local fiber network publicly available

Jacob Sugarman: The Trump Administration is Planning to Rob America’s Waitresses

Two of the Trump administration’s favorite pastimes are imperiling women and screwing over workers

Laura Finley: Police Accountability and Qualified Immunity

Police officers cannot continue to be given free rein to harass, assault, wound and kill simply because others before them have gotten away with it

Harold Meyerson: What the Teacher Strikes Mean

The white-collar rising of 2018 reflects millennial militancy, the death of the Norquist pledge, and one more issue on which Democrats need to move left

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: The NFL’s plan to protect America from witches

The NFL’s cheerleader problem shows exactly what’s wrong with the league’s management: They insist on being the self-appointed guardians of America’s mythological vision of itself

Jonathan Cook: Israel is waging a numerical war of attrition

Israeli leaders are faced with the same dilemma as its founders: should they again use violence to drive Palestinians from their homeland or establish an unapologetic and brutal apartheid state ruling over them?

Vijay Prashad: Israel’s Thirst for Arms Has Caused Tens of Thousands of Refugees

Israeli arms helped create havoc in South Sudan, producing one of the largest refugee migrations—2 million refugees

Patrick Cockburn: US troops will remain in Syria

Despite Trump telling rally he ‘wanted’ to bring them home

David Rosen: It’s Time to Radically Redistribute Social Wealth

Americans are realizing that their pockets are being picked, their social wealth (however little it is) is being expropriated to make the new robber barons ever richer

Steven Pitts: 50 Years after Memphis

Black Jobs Crisis Continues

Julia Conley: ‘We’re Still Here’

Oklahoma Teachers Show No Sign of Ending Strike Without Sufficient Funding

Various Contributors: Strikes by railway workers and aircrews paralyze France

The railway workers are aware that this is not just about their own interests, but about defending social achievements and public services for the entire working class

Pete Dolack: Cooperation Jackson builds a better future

It is far too early to know what the future will hold for what must be the most thorough-going experiment in economic democracy in the United States today

Michael Lesher: 7 Things You Need To Know About Israel’s Latest Attack On Gaza

Being of mild disposition, I am ill suited to describe in detail the thuggery by which the putative Jewish State executed 17 of its 2 million Gaza prisoners (wounding some 1,400 more) by way of inaugurating the Jewish Festival of Liberation last Friday. Fortunately, however, there is no need of such descriptive talent. The things Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Ecuadorean Villagers May Still Triumph Over Chevron

It should not come as any shock that a huge multinational corporation has worked legal systems in various countries to its liking

Stephen Zunes: Remembering Martin Luther King, the Radical for Peace

The late civil rights leader warned prophetically that the U.S. would be trapped in a series of overseas military entanglements while the gap between the rich and poor back home grew ever larger

Amy Goodman: Teachers in Revolt

Meet the Educators in Kentucky & Oklahoma Walking Out over School Funding

Danny Sjursen: The Dolls of Militarism

From War Hawks to Chickenhawks

Candice Bernd: Inside the Oklahoma Teacher Walkout

Teachers are not backing down

David Ragland: MLK’s critique of capitalism is more relevant than ever

We have a choice in how we see the world around us. Can we envision a society that doesn’t profit from the human misery of war and violence, or economic and environmental degradation?

John Feffer: How ‘Black Panther’ Sees the World

The film contrasts aloof isolationism with Gates Foundation-style paternalism. It unfairly paints more revolutionary alternatives as narrowly violent

Robert Fisk: Surviving Ghouta

How rebels and civilians survived near total destruction of eastern Ghouta through huge network of tunnels

Michael Albert: How We Elderly Activists Failed

As young people newly protest, many may wonder why they have to. Why do they suffer school shootings, unbearable student debt, child hunger, racist killings, sexist rapes, surging poverty, deadening war, meaningless and insecure work, rampant profit seeking, pervasive political corruption, and escalating climate catastrophe? Why does health care create opioid scourge? Why does creating Read more…

Richard Falk: Middle East Turmoil

Israeli Massacre, Palestinian Grievances

Shrin Hess: Zapatista women inspire fight against patriarchy

What the event last month demonstrated to many of those who were present, was the need to create safe spaces for all women

Thom Hartmann: Political Corruption Underwriting Gun Control Nightmare

Let’s get the money out of politics. Then we can deal with the NRA

Ali Abunimah: “Calculated” killings of Gaza protesters

Human Rights Watch dismantles Israeli claims that the use of military snipers against civilian demonstrators was justified by a “terrorist” threat

Badri Raina: Innoculating identities

Let us understand that when we recommend that Muslim men jettison the skull cap and Muslim women the burqa, we are saying “why can’t a Muslim be more like a Hindu.”

Matt Taibbi: Can We Be Saved From Facebook?

2 billion individually crafted echo chambers, a kind of precision-targeted mass church of self, of impatience with others, of not giving a shit

Juan Cole: Is Saudi Crown Prince’s ‘Recognition’ New or Positive?

He is planning to do to the rest of the Middle East what he has done to Yemen, and is inviting the Israelis to join with him in the carnage

Tanner Howard: The Right to Rent Control

Last month, voters and organizers in Chicago mobilized against Illinois’ rent-control ban — a first step in stemming the city’s affordable-housing crisis

Peter Schwarz: Major strikes in France challenge Macron’s right-wing reforms

The demands of workers everywhere will be met only when they overcome the restrictive nationalist perspective of the trade unions

Steve Early: Purple Bullying, Ten Years Later

In Chicago this coming weekend, 2,500 rank-and-file activists, from the U.S. and abroad, will be meeting under the banner of Labor Notes to celebrate the revival of union militancy

Richard Greeman: Student Strikers Attacked; ‘fascist’ Dean Jailed

Today in France, twelve universities are already on strike, and the social and labor situation is heating up rapidly

Michael T. Klare: Could the Cold War Return With a Vengeance?

The Pentagon Plans for a Perpetual Three-Front “Long War” Against China and Russia

Tamara Pearson: Mexico’s Slow Death by Junk Food

Mexico’s traditional diet of beans and corn has been replaced with pizza and hamburgers

Serge Halimi: Licence to kill

British police say their investigation into the poisoning of former Russian army colonel Sergei Skripal in Salisbury may take many months, yet prime minister Theresa May has already identified the guilty party, claiming the order came from the Kremlin. Foreign secretary Boris Johnson, sees the incident as ‘part of a pattern of reckless behaviour by Read more…

Richard Stallman: A radical proposal to keep your personal data safe

The surveillance imposed on us today is worse than in the Soviet Union. We need laws to stop this data being collected in the first place

Mary Annette Pember: ‘It’s Time for Indian Women to Be Heard’

The Promise and Problems of the Tribal Law and Order Act

David L. Wilson: The Rising Militancy of the Immigrant Rights Movement

Activism for immigrant rights may be about to get much more militant

Rob Urie: Facebook and the Rise of Anti-Social Media

As the methods of deceit are the commercial backbone of the internet and more broadly, modern commerce, there would ultimately be less to recover than is likely currently being imagined

Laura Clawson: Teacher Strikes Shut Down Schools Across Oklahoma and Kentucky

Disrespect for teachers is certainly at play in Republican-controlled states that pay salaries that leave teachers working second, third, and even sixth jobs

Badri Raina: An Easter of Dalit Rising

You who are decreed to be invisible, Expiring dutifully in gutters, Keeping us clean without being seen, Making no claim to human status— How you rose like tsunami, drowning City after sinful city in a rage of Awakening that left duty and shame Behind—unburdened of the shackles Framed by those who neither do duty, Nor know shame. Read more…

Amira Hass: Gaza’s March a Desire for New Palestinian Politics

Gazans are not wretched and passive charity cases but a politically aware public

David Swanson: Don’t Deport Non-Veterans Either, Unless It’s Donald Trump

Trump is glorifying militarism. He’s pretending it can somehow be successful. But at the same time, he’s pretending to oppose war

Juan Cole: Shooting Protesters in Cold Blood

How Israel became a Typical Middle Eastern Dictatorship

Immanuel Wallerstein: Recurrent Themes: Corruption and National Security

People everywhere make claims and complain regularly about corruption and about national security. There is virtually no country in the world where this does not occur. If no one inside the country – whether citizen, resident, or transitory visitor – speaks publicly using such language, it is only because those in power respond with exceptionally Read more…

Lacino Hamilton: I Am Buried Alive in a Michigan Prison

For all intents and purposes, I am dead to everything but melancholic anxieties and horrible despair. This is torture

Andrea Germanos: Shulkin’s Ouster About Privatization

Bernie Sanders said Sunday that President Donald Trump’s ouster of Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin is rooted in a Koch brothers-led effort to hand federal agencies over to private corporations.

Mara Pellittieri: Teacher Strikes Are About More Than Salaries

And They’re Not Over

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