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George Monbiot: How do we get out of this mess?

Donald Trump. North Korea. Hurricanes. Neoliberalism. Is there any hope of a better world? Yes, but we have to come together to tell a new, kinder story explaining who we are, and how we should live

Brandon Jordan: Anti-pipeline activism

The company behind the Dakota Access pipeline and many other damaging fossil fuel projects — Energy Transfer Partners — was the focus of nearly 20 actions spanning 10 U.S. states

Philip Doe: Fronting for oil

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper labored mightily for three months and brought forth a gnat.  He had promised the people, after an uncontrolled leak from an oil well had caused two deaths in a fiery explosion of a home in the bedroom community of Firestone, Colorado, that it would never happen again.  To fulfill this promise, he asked Read more…

Dahr Jamail: 9/11: The Beginning of the End

The Bush/Cheney administration used these horrible events to justify projecting the US empire deeper into the Middle East

Les Leopold: Why is Hillary Attacking Bernie?

So much for sowing party unity in a time of deep peril

John Feffer: How Bush Became Trump

The United States could have helped build a truly cooperative world order in 1990. Because it didn’t, the world now faces the twin challenges to the international rule of law: the Islamic State and Donald Trump

Vicent Partal: Catalonia, Unionists & Democracy

The show put on by the Unionist bloc of the Catalan Parliament during these past two days has been regrettable, pathetic, insufferable and truly shameful

Juan Cole: What will Iran do?

Iran has never had the aim of creating a bomb or it would have one by now

Dick Nichols: The Catalan national struggle

The June 9 decision of Catalonia’s pro-independence Together For The Yes (JxSí) government to hold a referendum on whether the country should become “an independent state in the form of a republic” has created a raft of differences

Lawrence King: Monopoly Power into Political Power

Interview on how the pharma industry converts intellectual property rights into inordinate profits and uses these for political power to maintain its privileged position

Ajamu Baraka: The need for Black Left unity

Afghanistan, North Korea, the U.S. African Command (AFRICOM), Venezuela, and the war on African/Black people are all interrelated…

William Astore: The American Military Uncontained

Out Everywhere and Winning Nowhere

Andrew King: Irma, Harvey & climate change

It’s clear that climate has worsened the impacts of Atlantic hurricanes and will continue to do so

Murtaza Hussain: Blowing Up Iran Nuclear Deal

Experts on U.S.-Iran relations and nuclear non-proliferation say that a unilateral American attempt to destroy the deal would be a potential disaster

Nicolas Lalaguna: War on Drugs, Part 2: 1961–1973

From Kennedy to Kent State

Alfred W. McCoy: Pentagon’s Wonder Weapons for World Dominion

Or Buck Rogers in the 21st Century

David Swanson: Conference to Save the Environment

The purpose of #NoWar2017 is not just to hear from great speakers, but to bring together people who care about and want to take action to save the environment and to end war

Margaret Flowers: Billions for Insurers, Medicare for All

The people have the power to finally make the government do the right thing. No more compromises. No more false solutions. Onward to National Improved Medicare for All

Juan Cole: Climate Change and Terrorism

On 9/11: How we slighted the real Threat, Climate Change, and Hyped Terrorism

Patrick Cockburn: Reality of what happens after disasters

Because of an over-focus on empty gestures and a queasiness about money, the response to natural disasters in the US is all too often inadequate

Sue Sturgis: Resisting South’s pipeline building

Anti-pipeline organizers are holding a series of protests and other events this month targeting both state and federal regulators

David Dayen: Irma and Hedge Funds

Puerto Rico’s Double Whammy

Mark Weisbrot: Venezuela’s New Economic Measures

The new measures can help alleviate some of Venezuela’s economic problems, but do not address the heart of the problem, an inflation-depreciation spiral

Anastasia Kyriacou: Yemen: Humanitarian hypocrisy

Humanitarian crises around the world will fail to be resolved if the providers of aid are also the perpetrators of the conflict

Thomas Frank: Liberal Elite Doesn’t Care About Inequality

Bill Clinton accomplished a Republican agenda and Obama allowed the Tea Party to steal the economic populist moment

Naomi Klein: Season of Smoke

In a Summer of Wildfires and Hurricanes, My Son Asks “Why Is Everything Going Wrong?”

Lawrence Wittner: Finish the job

If enough people devote themselves to the nuclear disarmament campaign, we can create a nuclear weapons-free world and prevent nuclear war

Dahr Jamail: New World of Wildfires

Stepping outside, the world appears a surreal yellow

Alexander Kolokotronis: Organizing the new working class

By adopting a municipalist agenda, the labor movements of the new working class have the power to democratize not just the union, but also the city itself

Dave Zirin: Refusing to Be Silent

As the National Football League begins its new season, one of its most outspoken players has revealed he was recently detained and assaulted by police in Las Vegas

Josh Hoxie: Help for the Rich, Not You

Big money will pull out all the stops to sell you a tax plan that exclusively benefits the wealthy. Don’t buy it

Mark Weisbrot: Drowning in Debt

Irma Deepens the Crisis

Jeff Abbott: Power Struggle in Guatemala

As the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) furthers its investigations into political corruption, the elite political class attempts to shield itself from accountability to the people

Gilbert Jassey: Regenerating a community

A look at a pioneering project that is bringing migrants and local people together to repopulate a village in rural Spain

Eric Sirotkin: Does Size Matter?

Focus on North Korea’s Larger Weapons Misses the Target

Vijay Prashad: Notes from Morocco

Not far from Rabat’s train station, a small group of protesters hold Moroccan flags and banners as they chant for their lives. They are a family of farmers who have lost their land. These are rebels in the name of the King, to whom they plead for redress. “If only the King knew our situation,” Read more…

Juan Cole: Gov. Scott & Climate Denialism

Scott has been a creature of Big Oil, covered in liquid tar, like a monster hiding out in a swamp, and the fumes he has put off have summoned Irma

Yves Engler: Supporting a dictator

Canada’s High Commissioner has provided various forms of ideological support to Africa’s most ruthless dictator

Meleiza Figueroa: Not About Free Speech

Regardless of the far right’s strategies to divide us, we must prioritize the safety of students and amplify the voices of the vulnerable—not promote narratives that serve racist ideologies

Rebekah Barber: Southern lawmakers & Dream Act

In an effort to secure the Dream Act’s passage, the Women’s March has released a list of Republican lawmakers who could provide the key swing votes needed

Vicent Partal: Five Things About Catalonia

Now is the moment to take the next step

Dave Staiger: Virtual to In Their Face

Kalamazoo, Michigan, teachers received an urgent message in July from their union’s private Facebook account for members: in bargaining, the district was demanding a pay freeze

George Monbiot: Aung San Suu Kyi & Nobel

Once she was an inspiration. Now, silent on the plight of the Rohingya in Myanmar, she is complicit in crimes against humanity

Paul Street: Eco-cidal Madness & Moronic Farce

An increase in the scale, frequency, and intensity of extreme weather is precisely one of the things that climate scientists have long warned about

Patrick Cockburn: al-Qaeda strengthens in Syria

The West’s focus on the fall of so-called Islamic State is playing directly into the hands of its old enemies,

Nicolas Lalaguna: War on Drugs, Part 1: 1773–1961

From Britain’s India to Castro’s Cuba

Marjorie Cohn: Sessions Is Wrong

There Is No Legal Justification for Ending DACA

Danny Sjursen: Worth Dying For?

When It Comes to the War in the Greater Middle East, Maybe We’re the Bad Guys

Vijay Prashad: Who is Begging for War?

Unless the United States and its allies downgrade their threats against North Korea, there will be no possibility of peace in northwest Asia

John Pilger: Dangerous Times

North Korea, China and the Threat of Nuclear War and Accident

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