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Kenny Stancil: Greenpeace Joins Striking Refinery Workers to ‘Stop Chevron Greed’

“Fossil fuel executives and their lobbyists have maintained their dominance by pretending to have the best interest of workers and communities at heart”

Wenonah Hauter: Price Controls Could Tame Inflation

Corporate monopolies are already controlling prices — to keep them high. It’s time to do something about it

Jackson Potter: This Could Be the Moment to Take Back Chicago

An unpopular mayor. Raging gentrification. A labor-community-Left coalition energized by recent wins. The 2023 elections could transform Chicago.

Noam Chomsky: US Is Prioritizing Its Jockeying With Russia, Not Ukrainians’ Lives

Please Help ZNet         Source: Truthout Photo by Wirestock Creators/Shutterstock   Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is an utter disaster for Ukraine, and the war is not going well for the Russian forces who are experiencing heavy losses and may be running low on both supplies and morale. Perhaps this Read more…

Julia Rock, Matthew Cunningham-Cook, Andrew Perez, David Sirota: The End of Roe v. Wade Is the Culmination of Years of Right-Wing Efforts

For decades, the American right has eroded the federal right to an abortion, while Democrats have failed to safeguard it

Kim Kelly: Abortion Rights are Workers’ Rights

The Supreme Court’s plan to strike down reproductive freedom is an attack on workers everywhere. The labor movement should treat it that way—by taking urgent action

Natasha Lennard: The End of Roe

Saving Abortion Rights Means Taking Them Into Our Own Hands

Olivia Alperstein: Nothing Is More Personal Than the Right to Control Your Own Body

Roe doesn’t just protect abortion rights. It’s the keystone that keeps politicians out of the most intimate aspects of our lives

Michael Moore: The Forced Birth Ruling

An entire gender was degraded, the fertilized egg was declared a human being, and all citizens are now conscripted to follow a vicious edict of the Catholic Church

The Juice Media: Honest Government Ad | Carbon Credits & Offsets

The Australien Government has made an ad about its carbon-credits scheme, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative

Victor Grossman: War, Peace and Ukraine

The obvious plans in Washington and Berlin are to continue or expand the fighting, regardless of human losses until Russia is defeated or taken over

Gilbert Achcar: The Left and Military Aid to Ukraine

An exchange on the question of military aid to Ukraine

Jake Johnson: AOC Says Democrats Must ‘Leave It All on the Field’ to Defend Abortion Rights

Other progressive lawmakers echoed that message, with Rep. Cori Bush declaring: “Abolish the filibuster. Codify Roe. Expand the Supreme Court. Protect abortion rights by any means necessary.”

Bill Fletcher: Why the far right is so obsessed with gender politics

Misogyny and a commitment to re-establishing male supremacy are two alarmingly consistent features defining far-right movements around the globe. Why?

Julia Conley: Critics Warn Alito Draft Threatens Much, Much More Than Abortion Rights

“Everything is on the table and clearly has been,” said one observer. “Marriage equality. Griswold. Loving. Don’t ever listen to anyone who tells you such fears are silly or overblown.”

Larry Wilkerson: Ukraine and the Doomsday Machine

There are serious discussions about the use of “tactical” nuclear weapons. Is a limited nuclear war possible? How can we avoid it?

Brett Wilkins: Anger, Resolve as Thousands Rally Nationwide for Reproductive Rights

“It took a mass movement to win Roe,” said Seattle rally host and city lawmaker Kshama Sawant, “and it’ll take a mass movement to defend it.”

Jake Johnson: ‘Time to Take to the Streets’: Mobilizations Planned as Supreme Court Targets Roe

The push by conservative justices to overturn Roe v. Wade, said one abortion rights advocate, “is giving us an opportunity to show them how ungovernable we will be if they follow through.”

Lizzie Chadbourne, Katie Finnigan, Emily Janakiram, Alyssa Leigh & Camila Valle Lizzie Chadbourne, Katie Finnigan, Emily Janakiram,: Abortion Would Be Immediately Prohibited in 24 States If SCOTUS Overturns “Roe”

Reproductive justice advocates, feminists and allies have always fought to protect that right, and this work continues despite whatever the Supreme Court may decide

Robert Taylor: Fighting to Live in Louisiana’s ‘Cancer Alley’

Oil Giants Poison Air & Water

Medea Benjamin: “A Very Dangerous Moment”

Russian & U.S. Escalation Raises Risk of Direct Military Clash in Ukraine

Michael Albert: War: Which Side Faces Forward?

Whatever we do to address the war, we need to stop thinking that my view, your view, or anyone else’s view who is sincerely leftist deserves to be condemned and even overtly attacked

Rajan Menon: The Economic Consequences of the War

Why the Conflict in Ukraine Is a Disaster for the Poor of This Planet

Gabriel Winant: Socialists Are Trying to Revive the American Labor Movement

The Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee, a partnership between socialists and the United Electrical Workers union, is trying to be at the heart of a new mass labor resurgence

George Lakey: How activists can fight through doom and gloom to be more effective

When the biggest changes seem impossible, activists can still take important steps to empower themselves and build for long-term success

George Monbiot: Tested to Destruction

England’s punitive exam system is only good at one thing: preserving privilege

Cira Pascual Marquina: Jump-Starting a Commune: Voices from Monte Sinaí

Small producers in a lush valley are determined to overcome the impact of the sanctions by building a commune

Murtaza Hussain: Palestinian Poem Sets Off Antisemitism Fight at Georgetown

The ADL is leading a charge to cancel a 23-year-old Palestinian activist for a line of poetry it claims echoes a medieval antisemitic trope

Noam Chomsky: Noam Chomsky’s Speech to the 2022 World Social Forum

Please Help ZNet           Source: Campaign for Peace, Disarmament & Common Security Recorded by the Campaign for Peace, Disarmament & Common Security on April 29, 2022.

Jake Johnson: ‘Time to Take to the Streets’: Mobilizations Planned as Supreme Court Targets Roe

The push by conservative justices to overturn Roe v. Wade, said one abortion rights advocate, “is giving us an opportunity to show them how ungovernable we will be if they follow through.”

Richard Heinberg: Can We Abandon Pollutive Fossil Fuels and Avoid an Energy Crisis?

When it comes to maintaining energy flows, there is a closing window to avert both climate catastrophe and economic peril

Lonnie Ray Atkinson: No More Red Placebo No More Blue Placebo

The following is excerpted from a new book Don’t Think Of A Republican – How I Won A Republican Primary As A Lefty Progressive And You Can Too

Nontobeko Hlela: Why nonalignment is an urgent imperative for the Global South

As the US escalates its new cold war against Russia and China, there is now an urgent imperative to reject this cold war mentality of wanting to divide the world along old acrimonious lines

Luis Feliz León: Amazon Workers Decide Not to Form Union at a Second U.S. Facility

Organizers Pledge to Fight On

Jackie Flynn Mogensen: After a Week on Strike, Stanford Nurses Just Approved a New Contract

“Hospitals across the country must step up their support for nurses, and we stand together with nurses nationwide to fight for a healthcare system that truly values nurses and our expertise.” 

La Izquierda Diario Costa Rica: ‘This Is How Change and Revolutions Begin’

Amazon Call Center Workers in Costa Rica Send Their Support to ALU

Shamime Ibrahim: Political education for all

Political education is absent from our current system. The left should be providing alternative means of obtaining it

Thomas Piketty: Long Live Participatory Socialism

I used to believe socialism was a failed idea. But then capitalism went too far. Now, I believe we need a socialism that is decentralized, federal and democratic, ecological, multiracial and feminist.

Badri Raina: Return

Returning from the dying moment Cannot be in vain

Evan Brannan: 5+ million people march on May Day in Cuba, a country of 11 million

Cuba’s May Day parade is historically the largest in the world, and this year it came back with a roar in one of the largest turnouts seen in years

Ramzy Baroud: Cost of the Ukraine War Felt in Africa, Global South

Let us not forget that millions of people are going hungry, paying the price for a global conflict of which they are not part

David Cortright: Defections are crucial to ending Putin’s war

Russian soldiers looking for a way out need support

Daniel Ellsberg: Who really benefits from war?

War is “very profitable for the people who are supplying those weapons to keep it going

Jessica Corbett: UN Chief Slams Fossil Fuel Sector for Trying to Use Ukraine War to ‘Lock in a High Carbon Future’

“A shift to renewables is crucial to mending our broken global energy mix and offering hope to millions suffering climate impacts today”

Andrew McCormick: Texas voter suppression helps keep climate action off the table

A majority of Texans want politicians to address the climate crisis, but broadscale voter suppression means leaders are less responsive to voters’ concerns

Kaden Thaxton: Texas Eco-Socialism Conference presents real, present solutions to fight climate change

The overarching theme of the conference stressed, from beginning to end, that while the situation is dire, there are implementable solutions

Hamilton Nolan: One Simple Trick to Protect Workers from Inflation

Union contracts could ensure economic stability among the working class amid inflation

Bridget Meehan: You’ve Got My Vote, H.F. Valentine

Please Help ZNet         “Don’t Think Of A Republican – How I Won A Republican Primary As A Lefty Progressive And You Can Too”, written by Lonnie Ray Atkinson and serialised on ZNet, documents the ground-breaking campaign trail of H.F. Valentine, a Left progressive candidate running in a Republican primary. Valentine is Read more…

Mike Ludwig: Evictions Are Climbing to Pre-Pandemic Levels in Cities Across the US

Falling behind on rent can be a slippery slope toward losing a home, especially in red states with few legal protections for renters

Craig Murray: Donziger: A Tale For Our Times 79

We are all, in a sense, the prisoners of corporations which dictate the terms on which we live

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