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Paul Blest: 7 Southern races to watch

Seven key races to watch around the South, all of which will be held on Nov. 7 except for New Orleans’ Nov. 18 runoff

Noam Chomsky: Breaking the Barriers to Free Education

Interview on how a radical reshaping of our educational system could be undertaken in the US

Eleanor Penny: Burning witches and banning abortions

Our economic system depends on a long and bloody history of controlling women’s bodies

Ramzy Baroud: Walls and Militarized Police

How Israel Is Exporting Its Occupation to the United States

Yves Engler: Regime change in Venezuela

Dismissing criticism of Ottawa’s regime change efforts in Venezuela by claiming Canada has been a benevolent international actor is wholly unconvincing

Pauline Murphy: From Ireland to Catalonia

The Struggle for Independence:

Levi Rickert: Dennis J. Banks (1937 – 2017)

“I want to be remembered as somebody who stood up when it was time to stand up”

Elliott Negin: Pruitt’s War on Wind and Solar Energy

During a recent trip to Kentucky coal country, the EPA chief proposed ending renewable energy tax credits

Derek Seidman: Researchers Against the War Machine

The Story of NARMIC

Rachel Caufield: What the charges could mean for Trump

The indictments against Manafort and Gates suggest this investigation is broad, encompassing more than an immediate interest in “collusion” during the campaign

Patrick Cockburn: Iraq ending Kurdistan semi-independent rule

These administrative changes do not sound dramatic, but they effectively end the semi-independence of the Iraqi Kurds which they had built up over the past 26 years

Badri Raina: God’s Helplessness

When God created woman and man, I was a fly on a tree nearby; They came frisking like animals, A feast to my discerning eye.   Then entered God’s canny adversary, From the Netherworld he came; He whispered into their baby ear, And gave them sin and shame.   Thus were born religions, Homilies and Read more…

Kathy Kelly: From the Ground Up

I feel deeply moved by the commitment my young friends have made to reject wars and dominance, preferring instead to live simply, share resources, and help protect the environment

Alex S. Vitale: Policing Is Not the Only Tool

Policing was a new way of constructing state power that was more fine-tuned than relying on the army and the militia

Henry A. Giroux: Weaponizing the politics of Humiliation

Trump has propagated a culture of violence and cruelty that is as unchecked as it is poisonous and dangerous to human life and democracy itself

Juan Cole: Upshot of Mueller Probe

Putin did to US what we did to Iran and Iraq

Tom Engelhardt: Osama Bin Laden’s America

Niger, 9/11, and Apocalyptic Humiliation

Dean Baker: The Tax Scam We Don’t Know

Trump is in effect being allowed to pick his own auditor, with no congressional oversight

Peter Costantini: The ‘Millennium Migration’

The only immigration “crisis” is the cascading assault on civil liberties — and human rights — by racists and immigration restrictionists

William Greider: What Killed the Democratic Party?

A new report offers a bracing autopsy of the 2016 election—and lays out a plan for revitalization

Mark P. Fancher: AFRICOM’s Chickens Come Home to Roost

In the face of Africa’s suspicion, the U.S. still sees strategic benefits to extending AFRICOM’s tentacles into every corner of the continent

Pablo Navarrete: Chavismo Reloaded?

A movement that was on its knees is now walking with a confidence not seen for a while

Nick Turse: From America With Love

U.S. Commandos Are a “Persistent Presence” on Russia’s Doorstep

Ted Glick: Religiously Grounded Pipeline Resistance

The action was deeply spiritual and tactically effective

Lauren Carasik: Winning Is Not Enough

Even when protests do not achieve their immediate goals, the publicity they engender can help turn the tide of public sentiment against the unfettered corporate exploitation of resources

Ashley Dawson: Economic Inequalities and Climate Apartheid

Climate change is past the point of being resolved by nature’s resilience. Only radical social and economic change will halt global warming and “climate apartheid.” A good place to start is in what Ashley Dawson’s new book calls Extreme Cities, as the author tells Truthout in the following interview. Mark Karlin: What are the characteristics of an Read more…

Juan Cole: Top Trump Admin. Crimes

Except for Sessions, this list has nothing to do with Russian influence on the 2016 presidential race, and probably is actually beyond Mueller’s purview. But somebody should lock these creeps up

Lawrence Wittner: Problems of the Super-Rich

A study just released has revealed that, during 2016, the total wealth of the world’s billionaires rose by 17 percent―from $5.1 trillion to $6.0 trillion

Josh Bivens: Cutting corporate taxes

Economic logic and evidence argues strongly that American workers should not expect any noticeable wage boost from cutting corporate income taxes

Tana Ganeva: Life in Prison for $5 Worth of Marijuana

The madness of the drug war is far from over

Patrick Cockburn: 40 years of war

There is a growing mood of self-confidence in Baghdad which I have not seen here since I first visited Iraq in 1977

Justin Podur: A New Bad Turn in Afghanistan

The return of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the Butcher of Kabul, is the latest symbol of the country’s destruction

Max Blumenthal: Twitter Bans RT and Sputnik Ads

Who’s Next?

Nicole Sault: Triangle of Fear

The history of the border and migration have been influenced by powers and patterns that we need to examine in order to see what pathways lie open to us for the future and how to address the sources of fear today

Adam Sanchez: Why Teach Reconstruction?

The Reconstruction period teaches us that when it comes to justice and equality, what may seem impossible is indeed possible

Kaelyn Forde: Collateral Damage of the Drug War

Five years after the deadly Ahuas shootings in Honduras, a detailed report reveals direct DEA involvement, government inaction, and little help for the victims

Samantha Winslow: Public Sector Unions Up the Ante

Locals are building leadership structures inside the workplace that can not only keep member numbers up but also lay the basis for shop floor campaigns—where members act on their own behalf on the job

Christopher Wright: Corporations won’t stop climate change

Corporations won’t save us from Global Heating

Nick Turse: From Niger to Somalia

U.S. Military Expansion in Africa Helps Terror Groups Recruit

Vijay Prashad: Devastated Puerto Rico

Three weeks after Hurricane Maria struck, Puerto Ricans continue to lead perilous lives, without access to water or electricity, and relief packages have only exacerbated the country’s serious debt problem

Atilio Boron: Macrismo Reloaded

The Tasks We Have Ahead

Jonathan Cook: Netanyahu exposing Israel’s secret?

New law would tell Palestinian citizens in Israel that they are not equal

Johann Hari: Trump’s Opioid Response

Ignoring real solutions

Lance Canales & The Flood: Plane Wreck At Los Gatos (Deportee)

A version of the legendary song

George Monbiot: Subverting democracy

Throughout the neoliberal era, governments and companies have devised new criminal and civil procedures to defend capital from protest

Jake Johnson: Privatization in Puerto Rico

“Whether it’s water or energy, privatization helps Wall Street, not communities.”

Histyar Qader: Youtube, Facebook & Kurdish-Shiite Tensions

After clashes in northern Iraq this week, hundreds of fake pictures have flooded Iraqi social media. Some are real, some not, but leaders on both sides say it’s leading to a dangerous escalation of tensions. Given the partisan nature of much of the media funding in Iraq, there’s always been a fair amount of fake Read more…

Marlene Cimons: Displaced Coal Miners Turn to Beekeeping

Mark Lilly, 59, grew up and still lives in West Virginia. He spent three decades as an insurance adjuster, often talking to people struggling through the decline of coal. At the end of some very long days, he would escape to his bee hives. “It was therapeutic,” he said. Life in coal country may no Read more…

Annie Lowrey: The Inequality Beneath Sexual-Harassment Headlines

The problem is worse in low-profile, low-accountability, and low-wage industries.

Marjorie Cohn: Judge Dismisses RICO Lawsuit Against Greenpeace

The purpose of these lawsuits is to bankrupt environmental organizations

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