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Phyllis Bennis: A Failed and Failing War

Interview on Trump’s Afghan War escalation

Steve Early: A Tale Of Many Cities

Potholes in the road to municipal reform

Anthony Dimaggio: Revolutionary Politics and Non-Violence

Responding to Antifa and Riseup

Juan Cole: Compliance with Nuclear Deal

The warmongers in the Trump administration have been exploring ways to blow up the Iran nuclear deal, which Trump has repeatedly castigated as “a very bad deal”

Danny Glover: A Child of the Labor Movement

Interview on labor, movement and change

Joseph M. Schwartz: What Should Socialists Do?

Democratic socialism needs to become a mass presence in US society

Robert Fisk: From Protest to War

Instead of serious political advice, the West, especially the US and their proxy Arab allies in the Gulf, then poured weapons into Syria – enough arms to destroy Syria but not enough to overthrow the regime

Glenn Greenwald: Charlie Hebdo & Criticism

It should have never been difficult to grasp the basic yet vital distinction between defending the right of ideas to be expressed and celebrating those ideas

Peter Cole: Dockworkers Shut Down Fascists

Local 10, the San Francisco Bay Area branch of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) demonstrates what can be done to stop fascism

Eliza Egret: West Papua’s silent genocide

The brutal occupation of West Papua is under-reported – but UK and US corporations are profiting from the violence

Vijay Prashad: Standing up to Nazism in U.S.

The move to take down Confederate statues across the southern States reignites the age-old conflicts between white supremacists and anti-racism activists determined not to allow the American Right to command public space in the name of “free speech”

Zephyr Teachout: Fired for Fighting the Power of Google

Google’s actions make it more important than ever that we stand up to fight monopolies. At the end of the day, this is about freedom

David Bacon: What Most People Saw

Photographs by David Bacon Relying on the photographs, reporting and video in the mainstream media can give you a false idea about the marches and demonstrations against white supremacists and Nazi sympathizers in San Francisco and Berkeley last weekend.  The newsroom adage says, “if it bleeds it leads.”  But screaming headlines about violence, and stories Read more…

Jonathan Cook: Israel seeks ‘Jewish’ non-Jews

In another desperate numbers battle against the Palestinians, Israel is preparing to create new categories of “Jews” so they can be recruited to the fray

Sarah Freeman-Woolpert: Mass civil disobedience in Europe

Strategic civil disobedience campaigns like Ende Gelände offer one example of how broad-based participation and creativity can be used to confront a daunting opponent

George Monbiot: Crucial Questions about Harvey

This is a manmade climate-related disaster. To ignore this ensures our greatest challenge goes unanswered and helps push the world towards catastrophe

Margaret Flowers: No Compromise

Bernie Sanders is trying to walk the line between listening to the concerns of his constituency, which overwhelmingly favors single payer health care, and protecting his fellow Democrats

José Orduña: A Devil in a Cast of Villains

President Trump’s pardoning of Joe Arpaio is despicable. But many politicians who have denounced it have also supported anti-immigrant policies and helped fuel the violent drug war in Mexico

Mike Harman: Looting is essential for survival

Looting is a rational response to disaster situations and price gouging. Liberals would prefer people to dehydrate, starve, or drown, while food rots underwater

David Swanson: Charlottesville’s Past That Isn’t Even

Here in Charlottesville, Virginia, I like to point out that the rallies of racists are mostly imported from out of state. It’s tempting to relax comfortably on that assertion, and to reflect on how our great lord and master Thomas Jefferson owned people with more reluctance and inner turmoil than Barack Obama bombing a foreign Read more…

Art Levine: Threat to Mentally Ill and Addicts

The Trump administration is waging war on opioid abusers, the seriously mentally ill and chronic pain patients

Marjorie Cohn: “I’ve Got Your Back”

On Friday, less than two weeks after refusing to unequivocally condemn the white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Donald Trump granted former Arizona Sheriff Joseph Arpaio a rare presidential pardon, calling the notorious racist an “American patriot.” The pardon is noteworthy for many reasons. First, it demonstrates Trump’s utter disdain for the rule of law. Read more…

Branko Marcetic: Before the Hurricane

Cuba is a world leader in hurricane preparedness and recovery. What can we learn from the small island nation?

Mumia Abu Jamal: Charlottesville and the Battles of History

Perspective. How to look at the world. How to interpret it. How to understand why things are the way they are. That’s the real value of history

Glenn Greenwald: Using Hate to Suppress the Left

In Europe, Hate Speech Laws are Often Used to Suppress and Punish Left-Wing Viewpoints

John Feffer: The Racism Heard Round the World

When the neo-fascist National Front is more willing to condemn neo-Nazis than Trump, we have a problem

Naomi Klein: Message to the Media

Examining storm coverage

William Cohn: Make America Hate Again

To pardon a public official who refuses to obey the law (especially a direct court order) is to give the finger to the judiciary, and thus our constitutional order

Adam Johnson: Free Publicity to Mercenary Profiteer

The New York Times turned over a large chunk of the most precious opinion space in the English-speaking world to mercenary entrepreneur Erik Prince, so he could promote his plan to privatize and profit from the US occupation of Afghanistan

Mark Weisbrot: Trump Sanctions on Venezuela

Trump and his advisers may see Venezuela as less risky than some of the alternatives, such as North Korea, Iran, or Syria

Dean Baker: Trump’s Tax Cut Plan

Trump’s plan would mean ‘a huge increase in the budget deficit primarily to give tax cuts to the richest people in the country’

Patrick Bond: Capitalist ‘deglobalization’

BRICS Xiamen summit doomed by centrifugal economics

Pete Dolack: Economic democracy in Rojava

The basic units of Rojava’s organization are councils and commissions. These constitute the building blocks of Rojava’s system of “democratic confederalism”

Naomi Klein: Harvey Didn’t Come Out of the Blue

Now is the time to talk about climate change

Ramzy Baroud: The Terror Next Time

The Daesh Story Is Not Ending

Thom Hartmann: Media & a Left-Wing ‘Threat’

We have to be vigilant about the coming smear project against Antifa

Mark Lewis Taylor: Finally, MLK Jr’s Revolution?

Challenging Confederate Generals and US Generals Today

Robert D. Bullard: Houston’s Unrestrained Capitalism

Harvey “Catastrophe Waiting to Happen”

Juan Cole: The Criminals who amplified Harvey

The whole Trump administration should resign in shame, since they have lied to the American people about the disaster of burning fossil fuels

Dean Baker: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

A Government Agency for Promoting Growth

Sam Mayfield: Protests in Idaho

Idahoan protesters took a stand against Murray and his work alongside other recent mobilizations against white supremacists from coast to coast

Brian Terrell: Trump’s Most Vicious Racist Rant

On Monday, August 21, President Donald Trump delivered a prime-time speech almost shocking in its ordinariness. It was such an address as either of his immediate predecessors, George W. Bush or Barack Obama, could easily have given over the previous decade and a half. While hinting at nebulous new strategies and ill-defined new metrics to Read more…

Matt Taibbi: Is LIBOR a Lie?

LIBOR is probably both manipulated and made up. The basis for a substantial portion of the world’s borrowing is a bent fairy tale

Joe Emersberger: Lenin Moreno is a Fraud

How far to the right will he take Ecuador?

Kevin Zeese: Trump Enters A Quagmire

The US will learn what other empires have learned, “Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires”

Juan Cole: 5 ways Climate Change made Harvey Worse

The jury is out on whether much hotter oceans will produce more hurricanes or not. What is certain is that the ones that are produced will be much more intense

Marykate Jasper: A 10-Day March Against White Supremacy

The 112-mile march will run from August 28 – September 6. Marchers will stop at a number of Confederate monuments along the route, and the journey is split into ten 4- to 17-mile legs

Monika Warner: Air Traffic Privatization Hits Turbulence

Message to the airlines: you can’t have it all. Control of the skies and aviation safety is a public service.

Baher Kamal: Climate Migrants Might Reach One Billion

Forecasts vary from 25 million to 1 billion environmental migrants by 2050

Gary Olson: Deep State Banishes Bannon & Co.

Bannon’s anti-globalist, “American First,” nationalistic and even isolationist positions guaranteed his exit

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