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Richard Greeman: USA : The Struggle (Week II)

Yesterday thousands of high school students all across the country went on strike and walked out of school to express their indignation and anguish of the election of a president they characterized as a « racist »,  « fascist » bully. Meanwhile, for a week tens of thousands of Americans have been pouring into the streets every day in Read more…

Dean Baker: Trumponomics: It’s Not All Crazy

Trump has proposed large infrastructure spending and also tax cuts that will hugely increase the deficit. Both offer real benefits, although with substantial risks

Chris Spannos: The chilling powers that Trump will inherit

Trump’s numbers may not be that strong, but he will soon have access to powerful instruments

Michelle Cottle: Why White Women Continue to Back the GOP

The voters have largely supported Republican candidates for years, which underscores the complicated nature of their political interests

Justin Podur: Three Lessons this Leftist Takes from Trump’s Victory

I have been surprised by two electoral events in a few months: Trump’s election victory and the Colombian referendum on the peace accords. Both votes were very close, had low participation rates, and were expected to go the other way. If I were a closer watcher of British politics, I would no doubt have been Read more…

Noam Chomsky: The crises of immigration

United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility 2016 Annual Guest Lecture Barcelona, Spain 5 November 2016 Pope Francis captured the essence of “crises of immigration” in simple words: “Migrants are not a danger — they are in danger.” The implication is clear. The crises of immigration are, in significant measure, moral crises in Read more…

Norman Solomon: For the good of the party: It’s time for Donna Brazile to go

Every day that goes by with the old leadership in place is a day wasted for the essential work to come

Nick Turse: It Did Happen Here

Rebirth of a Nation?

Jorge Rivas: L.A. students ask their mayor to defy Trump by building a model sanctuary city

Hundreds of high school students walked out of classes today to march on City Hall and demand that the mayor update the city’s sanctuary policies

Kim Scipes: Facing the Anthropocene

Fossil Capitalism and the Crisis of the Earth System

Lance Selfa: Who’s to blame for Trump’s victory?

We need to build interracial movements for working-class demands that offer hope in place of despair

Juan Cole: Neofascist Trump Appointee Bannon: “Anger is a Good thing” “if you’re Fighting to Take this Country Back”

Donald Trump named Neofascist Stephen Bannon as his White House strategist, a co-equal with incoming White House chief of staff and former RNC head Reince Priebus. Bannon has espoused large numbers of crackpot conspiracy theories and has talked about how good anger is in the effort to “take back our country” (i.e. to assert white Read more…

Jonathan Cook: Trump may kill Netanyahu with kindness

A Trump policy statement issued just before the election could have been written by Netanyahu himself

Robert Fisk: It’s not Donald Trump who matters now in the Middle East – it’s Putin

The Arabs and Israelis will be spending far more time during the Trump presidency listening to Putin

Stanton Glantz: Big Tobacco Loses in California, Eyes Rise of Big Marijuana

California voters handed Big Tobacco a resounding defeat Tuesday when they passed Proposition 56 to raise the cigarette tax by US$2 a pack (with increases in e-cigarettes and other tobacco products). This is the first increase in cigarette taxes in California in 18 years. The money will fund health care for poor people and reinvigorate Read more…

Noam Chomsky: Trump in the White House

CJ Polychroniou: Noam, the unthinkable has happened: in contrast to all forecasts, Donald Trump scored a decisive victory over Hillary Clinton and the man that Michael Moore described as “wretched, ignorant, dangerous part-time clown and full-time sociopath” is the next president of the United States. In your view, what were the deciding factors that led Read more…

Tom Engelhardt: Empire of Chaos

With President Trump, Is the American Experiment Over?

Vincent Emanuele: Organizing in Trumpland

The key, now, is to plug people into effective organizations and movements who share similar values and goals

David Smith-Ferri: Something to Teach Us About Living Well

Maybe we are, at long last, witnessing a dawning consciousness that there is something crucial to be learned from First Nations

Jonathan Pie: President Trump: How & Why…

This is some truth that needs to be shared, though it will may offend some viewers.

Carl Lindskoog: When Trump’s “Deportation Force” Comes for Us, History Can Show Us How to Respond

The undocumented members of our communities are frightened. And for good reason. In his first day in office, President-elect Trump has vowed to reverse President Obama’s executive orders shielding certain undocumented people from deportation, to cancel federal funding to Sanctuary Cities, and to begin removing millions of “criminal illegal immigrants.” We can and must condemn Read more…

Paul Atwood: Veterans Against Apocalypse

Trump has said he would tamp down hostile relations with Russia yet at the same time he has also amped up inimical rhetoric toward China. He says he will scrap NATO. At present the U.S. has at least 5,000 troops in Iraq but we all know what Trump has said he plans to do about Read more…

Emilio Ferrara: How Twitter bots affected the US presidential campaign

Social media is acquiring increasing importance in shaping political beliefs and influencing people’s online and offline behavior

Michael Albert: Why No Trumpist Celebrations and Finding Our New Old Path

To successfully block reaction, much less to unleash positive potentials, our efforts will have to speak with respect and sincerity to Trump’s voters not as enemies, but allies

Arun Gupta: How Cities Can Protect People Threatened By Trumpism

Cities can offer shelter and protection to their vulnerable citizens and become a place progressives can exert real power

Glenn Greenwald: Democrats, Trump, and the Ongoing, Dangerous Refusal to Learn the Lesson of Brexit

The parallels between the U.K.’s shocking approval of the Brexit referendum in June and the U.S.’s even more shocking election of Donald Trump as president Tuesday night are overwhelming. Elites (outside of populist right-wing circles) aggressively unified across ideological lines in opposition to both. Supporters of Brexit and Trump were continually maligned by the dominant media narrative (validly Read more…

Elizabeth Warren: Remarks at the AFL-CIO on President Elect Donald Trump

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke about President Elect Donald Trump and the Democratic agenda moving forward

Alec MacGillis: Revenge of the Forgotten Class

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were playing with fire when they effectively wrote off white workers in the small towns and cities of the Rust Belt

Michael Moore: Morning-After To-Do List

Roll up your sleeves, people—there are fascists to defeat. 1. Take over the Democratic Party and return it to the people. They have failed us miserably. 2. Fire all pundits, predictors, pollsters and anyone else in the media who had a narrative they wouldn’t let go of and refused to listen to or acknowledge what Read more…

Badri Raina: Corruption

Corruption is always a matter Of the other man’s pocket, Never of  our own soul; We can kill and maim all We want and still remain whole. The citizenship we authorize Is unrelated to bread, To school, to work, to medicine, To roof over the head. Corrupt are those that speak of this, In preference Read more…

Anonymous. Anonymous: ‘Brown, Bearded, Son of Immigrants, Voted Trump’

“If you feel that 50 million of your countrymen are racists and ignorant voters, I feel sorry for you”

Juan Cole: As Der Donald-inspired Hate Crimes grow, US Universities at Risk

A tsunami of reports about hate crimes directed at minorities are coming in from all over the country in the wake of Der Donald’s presidential win

Kathy Kelly: Where to Turn

Many U.S. people awoke this week with a new understanding of the dangers facing our common life together. These battles we fight are not a game, and they can escalate into even direr realities

Juan Cole: How can Progressives get through the Next 4 Years? Organize!

Only sustained activism and organizing and effective steps to change the balance of power in Washington and in the statehouses can actually challenge Trumpism

Vijay Prashad: Standing Rock’s last stand

This generation has heard stories of the betrayals. This is their experience of it. Betrayal, like the land itself, is a link to their ancestors

Greg Palast: The Election was Stolen – Here’s How

he only way they could win was to eliminate the votes of non-white guys—and they did so by tossing Black provisional ballots into the dumpster, ID laws that turn away students—the list goes on

Samantha Winslow: Massachusetts Teachers Knock Out Corporate Charter School Scheme

Despite being outspent by corporate education reformers, a teacher-led coalition beat back charter school expansion

Steven Rosenfeld: Can We Count on the Election Results? Exit Poll Discrepancies and Voter Suppression Are Serious Issues

“This is a familiar pattern, indicative of electronic rigging”

Charlie Chaplin: Charlie Chaplin’s Speech in The Great Dictator: A Call for Decency, a Statement Against Fascism

Chaplin added this speech to The Great Dictator (1940) one week after the fall of France to Hitler

John Foot: We’ve seen Donald Trump before – his name was Silvio Berlusconi

Be warned: Italy’s former prime minister promised the world and disdained the truth – and became his country’s third longest-serving leader

Becky Bond: Where Do We Go from Here? Former Bernie Sanders Adviser & Chicana Organizer Call for Mass Organizing

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: We turn now to the reaction by activists and organizers to Trump’s victory on Tuesday. Anti-Trump protests continued for the second night in a row on Thursday in cities across the country—New York, Philadelphia, Dallas, Oakland, Portland and more. Demonstrators took to the streets voicing fears that Trump’s political triumph would deal a Read more…

Vijay Prashad: Voters Just Delivered a Mandate to a Pack of Absolute Fiends and Monsters

Republicans have the House, the Senate, and Governorships

Glenn Greenwald: Bernie Sanders Would Have Been a Stronger Candidate Against Donald Trump

On Wednesday, hours after Donald Trump won the presidency, Senator Bernie Sanders issued this statement on Trump’s election: “Donald Trump tapped into the anger of a declining middle class that is sick and tired of establishment economics, establishment politics and the establishment media. People are tired of working longer hours for lower wages, of seeing Read more…

Naomi Klein: It was the Democrats’ embrace of neoliberalism that won it for Trump

Let’s get out of shock as fast as we can and build the kind of radical movement that has a genuine answer to the hate and fear represented by the Trumps of this world

Ramzy Baroud: The Infamy of the Palestinian Elites: An Imminent Split within Fatah?

The Fatah movement is involved in a massive tug-of-war that will ultimately define its future

Steve Early: How The Left (Greens included) Can Go Local–and Win

As Kermit the Frog, America’s most famous Muppet, says: “it’s not easy being green.” Preliminary results of the Green Party’s latest national campaign confirm the reality of his observation. The Party’s much-touted goal was getting 5% of the vote on Nov. 8, so it could qualify for $10 million in federal funds for 2020 campaigning Read more…

George Monbiot: Cars don’t just choke our children – they tear a hole in our communities

A chance has emerged to press the UK government into action over deadly pollution – and I don’t mean just the fumes from diesel engines. We must take it

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: In solidarity with the Florestan Fernandes National School and MST

In light of these repeated attacks on the foundations of the democratic rule of law, we just cannot remain silent

Elizabeth Warren: Statement from Elizabeth Warren

The time for ignoring the American people is over. It’s time for us to come together to work on America’s agenda. Democracy demands that we do so, and we are ready

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