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John Feffer: Venezuela: No to Intervention, No to Maduro

The left has a proud tradition of both democracy and anti-imperialism. It’s critical to keep both traditions in mind when addressing the current crisis in Venezuela

Various Contributors: Venezuela Speaks Out Against the Coup

A collation of local voices opposing US-efforts to topple the government

Kim Kelly: Everything You Need to Know About General Strikes

Connecting worker struggles and the current state of the American labor movement with its storied — and sometimes bloodied — past

Steve Early: A Trusteeship Diaspora

How SEIU’s Self-Inflicted Loss Became Labor’s Gain

Norman Solomon: Bernie’s Likely 2020 Bid Could Transform the Political Landscape

While on the surface aimed at one individual, such an assault is actually an ideological war against the vision of government aligned with social justice

George Monbiot: Mutually Assured Salvation

A world-changing experiment in London’s poorest borough shows how to break out of our disastrous spiral of alienation

Peter Certo: Does the Super Bowl Feel Too Political? Thank Militarism

The staging of professional sports events is deeply political. It’s only when someone breaks character that we notice it

Ramzy Baroud: Why African Countries Are Normalizing with Israel

Diplomatic ties with Chad and Mali may garner Netanyahu a few more votes next April, but they will also contribute to the Israeli illusion that it can be an international darling and an Apartheid regime, simultaneously

Kenn Orphan: The Propagandists for Empire

With most media attention in the US on the government shutdown and border wall stand-off spectacle, the Trump administration has been quietly ramping up US militarism around the world. And it has set its sights on Venezuela, once again, by supporting a coup. Whether or not one supports the policies of Maduro or any other Read more…

Marco Teruggi: Coup in Venezuela: What Next?

The axis of the current situation originates and rests in the US

Rachel M. Cohen: A New Wave of Teacher Protests Takes Hold

On the heels of a successful six-day strike in Los Angeles, teachers in Virginia, Colorado, and elsewhere in California are voicing their demands for better working conditions, and, in some cases, threatening to strike

Kathy Kelly: Defying War and Defining Peace in Afghanistan 

We in the U.S. have much to learn from Afghan women human rights advocates and the People’s Peace Movement regarding the futility of war

Kate Aronoff: Climate Change, Not Border Security, Is the Real National Emergency

The climate crisis advances at the behest of a small handful of of executives and the politicians bought by them. Left unchecked, it will make any kind of organized global community impossible

David Bacon: Will Growers’ Demands For Wage Cuts Get Help From The U.S. Government?

The assault on farm worker wages has also surfaced in Congress as Republicans in the House and Senate introduced bills in the last two years to also end protections for H-2A workers and expand their recruitment

Mark Harris: Trauma: A Tool of Social Oppression

The experience of trauma can also spark rebellion in the human spirit. In the fires of injustice and despair, rebels and revolutionaries are also made

Lawrence Wittner: Creating the Illusion of Safety

The latest report from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, issued on January 24, reminds us that the prospect of nuclear catastrophe remains all too real

Adam Simpson: Agents of Disruption

Organizing unions and developing pathways to ownership is the best way workers can address the anxiety of the so-called “automation age,” not chasing the labor market demands of elites

Mandy Smithberger: Our Man From Boeing

Has the Arms Industry Captured Trump’s Pentagon?

Juan Cole: America’s 7 Racist Exclusions

From Muslim Visa Ban to 1930s Exclusion of Jews

Robert Fisk: Why U.S. figures like Michelle Alexander are breaking their silence on Israel

The host of critics who now assault the latest taboo-breaking liberal academic realize just how serious her willingness to speak could be

Ava Kofman: Google’s Sidewalk Labs Plan To Sell Location Data

The program comes at a time of growing unease with how tech companies use and share our personal data — and raises new questions about Google’s encroachment on the physical world

Patrick Bond: In Zimbabwe, capitalist crisis + ultra-neoliberal policy = ‘Mugabesque’ authoritarianism, Part II

Imperial vultures and sub-imperial doves both turn away from economic carcass

Sam Pizzigati: Extreme Wealth Threatens Our Very Planet

Millions of years ago, life on Earth survived an existential climate crisis. But that Earth had a distinct advantage: no rich people

William J. Astore: The U.S. Military’s Lost Wars

Overfunded, Overhyped, and Always Over There

Bree Busk: Chile’s feminists inspire a new era of social struggle

Feminism has a long history in Chile, but 2018 gave rise to a movement that was far more powerful than anyone could have expected

Juan Cole: How Long til Trump & GOP Radical Islamophobia causes Major Massacre?

A big problem is that television news covers a similar plot by a Muslim 357 times more than it covers plots by the Western far right wing

Jonathan Cook: Israeli general mounts challenge to Netanyahu by flaunting Gaza carnage

With April’s elections looming, Benjamin Netanyahu has good reason to fear Benny Gantz, his former army chief

Kevin Roose: The Hidden Automation Agenda of the Davos Elite

They’ll never admit it in public, but many of your bosses want machines to replace you as soon as possible

Billy Corriher: Court packing in coal country

If a pending bill passes in West Virginia, Republican Gov. Jim Justice — a billionaire former coal company executive — will appoint 82 percent of the state’s appellate judiciary in just his first term

Paul Street: In Praise of Direct Action (and More)

The reigning class rule system poses a grave existential threat to any and all hopes for a democratic and remotely decent future

Lucas Koerner: Coup in Progress in Venezuela?

Interview on a “coup attempt”

Marjorie Cohn: Michelle Alexander Is Right About Israel-Palestine

As a progressive Jew, I find that many of my family members and friends are still what we call “PEP” — progressive except Palestine. Amid ever-worsening injustices created by the Israeli system of apartheid and Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, it is past time for this to change. I am hopeful that the firestorm Read more…

Patrick Bond: In Zimbabwe, capitalist crisis + ultra-neoliberal policy = ‘Mugabesque’ authoritarianism

Once again, a formidable burst of state brutality against Zimbabwe’s citizenry has left at least a dozen corpses, scores of serious injuries, mass arrests, internet suspension and a furious citizenry

Frances Fox Piven: Black Lives Matter. Do Elections?

Barbara Ransby profiles today’s Black freedom fighters, who are posing sophisticated new answers to old Left questions—like how to engage in electoral politics

Medea Benjamin: Denouncing U.S. Regime Change Agenda in Venezuela

On Thursday, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pledged to send $20 million to the Venezuelan opposition in the form of humanitarian aid to address the shortages of food and medicine caused in part by harsh U.S. sanctions. Pompeo made the announcement while speaking at the OAS, the Organization of American States. Pompeo’s speech was Read more…

Anand Giridharadas: The new elite’s phoney crusade to save the world

Today’s titans of tech and finance want to solve the world’s problems, as long as the solutions never, ever threaten their own wealth and power

Eric Blanc: What the LA Teachers Won, and How They Won It

Through their historic strike, Los Angeles teachers have taught working people across the country how to fight back and win

Eric Levitz: Airport Shutdowns Forced Trump to Reopen the Government

To the people who rule us, frequent flyers’ lives matter

Vivek Chibber: Erik Olin Wright (1947–2019)

Erik Olin Wright was radicalized in the 1960s and remained a Marxist because his moral compass simply wouldn’t allow him to drift away. With his death, the Left has lost one of its most brilliant intellectuals

Gregory Wilpert: The US Strategy for Regime Change in Venezuela

From economic sanctions to international pressure, how has the US strategy for regime change in Venezuela worked until now?

Samantha Winslow: L.A. Teachers Showed Us How It’s Done

We’ve heard that strikes are outdated and don’t work. We’ve been told that union democracy takes too long and is too messy to work on a large scale. The L.A. teachers strike should finally set those myths to rest

Ricardo Vaz: Maduro V. Guaido

Venezuela’s Maduro and Guaido Give Dueling Speeches as US Begins Diplomatic Withdrawal

Charles Glass: “Tell Me How This Ends”

America’s muddled involvement with Syria

Internationalist Commune of Rojava: Stand with Rojava, oppose Turkey’s war

This weekend, Kurds and their allies are organizing two global days of action to stop the invasion of Rojava threatened by Turkey and Islamist mercenaries

Stansfield Smith: The US coup in Venezuela

For over two years we have been told Putin’s Russia has interfered with the 2016 US presidential elections. We now find the US government has decided it can unilaterally invalidate the actual presidential elections in Venezuela

Miguel Tinker Salas: A Coup in Progress?

Trump Moves to Oust Maduro & Install Pro-U.S. Leader in Oil-Rich Venezuela

Wolfgang Kaleck: Bush, Rumsfeld & Cheney Are a Troika of Tyranny

As Venezuela faces an attempted coup supported by the U.S., Brazil and the European Union, we speak with human rights attorney Wolfgang Kaleck. In November, John Bolton accused Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua of being part of a “troika of tyranny.” Kaleck says the real “troika of tyranny” is George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Read more…

Various Contributors: Over 70 Experts Call for US to Stop Interfering in Venezuela

Noam Chomsky, Alfred de Zayas, Sujatha Fernandes, Boots Riley, John Pilger, Vijay Prashad and many others oppose US interventionism in Venezuela

Gary Olson: Why is Trump Being Portrayed as Russia’s Stooge?

If politically motivated, evidence-free allegations can be leveled against the president of the United States, what can’t be done to the rest of us?

Laura Finley: 2019: The Year to Examine Toxic Masculinity

“Traditional” masculinity, or what sociologists have called hegemonic masculinity, which emphasizes stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression, is bad for both men and women

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