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Joe Burns: What Is Class-Struggle Unionism?

We really, really need unions that are willing to fight the bosses rather than cozy up to them

Robert Koehler: The global suicide budget

Please Help ZNet           “Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.” I truly wish these words of Ike, uttered seven decades ago, were no longer quite so relevant. Perhaps what he should have called it was a “cross of irony.” In 2021, the human Read more…

Arundhati Roy: On Religious Nationalism, Dissent, and the Battle Between Myth and History

We are currently in that dangerous place where there is no set of facts or histories that we can agree upon, or even argue with

Mark Evans: The Labour Movement Crisis, the Climate Crisis, and the Green New Deal

Please Help ZNet       Today, May Day—otherwise known as International Workers’ Day—is a good time to consider the question: What is the future of organised labour? This was the subject of a 2006 book, edited by Craig Phelan. The book has an interesting foreword by trade unionist, Dan Gallin. In it Gallin makes a number Read more…

Sonali Kolhatkar: How Young Workers Are Unionizing Starbucks

Starbucks Workers United is racking up victorious union votes in one branch after another of the iconic American coffee chain

Southeast Asian Left: Fight for a better world with a socialist alternative: Joint statement by the Southeast Asian Left for May Day 2022

Please Help ZNet           Source: Links As the world plunged into the COVID-19 pandemic for more than two years, the climate crisis continues to worsen, threatening humanity’s survival on the planet, with workers worldwide, including workers in Southeast Asia, being the primary victims of the global capitalist system’s failure to protect Read more…

Victoria Collins: I’m a Black, Queer Woman Working as an Adjunct Professor—And I’m Going on Strike

My story mirrors the lived conditions of Black and brown folks in academia nationwide. It’s time to demand better pay and conditions on the job

Alex N. Press: On International Workers’ Day, We’re Still Fighting for the Eight-Hour Day

In 1886, workers came together on the original May Day to demand an eight-hour day. Today, from Starbucks stores to Amazon warehouses, that struggle continues.

Aaron White: After Amazon and Starbucks, what’s next for revamped US labor movement?

Workers across the country are beginning to reverse a 40-year decline of labor organising. But deeper problems remain

Tim Schermerhorn: ‘What You Can Get Is Set by How Far You Are Prepared to Go’

Please Help ZNet           Source: Labor Notes Tim Schermerhorn is a Black socialist, lifelong political activist, Labor Notes board member, and retired militant New York City transit worker. An active member and reform activist in Transport Workers Local 100 for 33 years, he ran for union president in 1997 and almost Read more…

Malcolm Clark: City Feed and Supply workers fight for union recognition in Boston

Coffee shop workers are unionizing like never before across the country, and City Feed Unite is joining the movement

Julia Wallace: 55,000 SEIU Members May Strike in Los Angeles

5This Is Why I Am Voting Yes

Jake Johnson: Chevron Profits Quadruple and Exxon’s Double Amid Ukraine Crisis

“Big Oil is intentionally profiteering off the war in Ukraine. We need a Big Oil windfall profits tax.”

Richard Falk: The Second Level Geopolitical War in Ukraine Takes Over

Stop the killing by all means available and unconditionally repudiate the Geopolitical War

Richard Norton-taylor: Dangerous ambiguity: UK policy towards Ukraine

British ministers seem to be making policy towards Russia’s attack on Ukraine on the hoof, and risk heightening the prospect of a war of attrition with no end in sight

Greta Zarro: We Cannot Adequately Resist Without Reimagining the World We Want

Millennials like myself and the rising Gen Z have the weight of the world on our shoulders. The American Dream is in tatters

Anatol Lieven: Is U.S. Treating the Ukraine Conflict as a Proxy War?

Please Help ZNet Source: Democracy Now! The Biden administration has pledged billions in military aid to Ukraine since Russia invaded in late February, and U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said this week that the U.S. goal was “to see Russia weakened.” Author and analyst Anatol Lieven, senior fellow at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, Read more…

Charlie Gardner: Extinction Rebellion scientists: why we glued ourselves to a government department

While we scientists may have been breaking the law, it is the government that’s placing us all in danger

Diana Cariboni: How Latin American women are winning the battle for abortion rights

Argentina, Colombia and Mexico have recently legalised or decriminalised abortion. Could Chile be next?

Jeff Bryant: Community Schools Were Working in Oakland, But the District Is Shutting Them Down Anyway

The school district was at the forefront of a public education model that is gaining national popularity

Steve Early: How Border Deployment Led to Union Organizing In Texas

Amazon, Starbucks—and the National Guard? Politicized mission and bad conditions push soldiers to join the Texas State Employees Union

Eamon Whalen: What the Media Are Getting Wrong About the “Crime Wave”

Perception versus reality of what’s happened under District Attorney Chesa Boudin

Cole Stangler: The French Left Is Uniting Around Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s Radical Agenda

After years of division, left-wing parties are in talks to run together in June’s French parliamentary elections

Badri Raina: Agitated Lankans Could Learn From Their Calm Indian Counterparts

Prices of fuels and food, and all other commodities are sky-high, beyond the reach of some eighty percent of citizens

Eric Blanc: Why Politics Matters for Amazon Workers

A reborn workers’ movement needs both organized workplace militancy and left-wing politicians that back them

Noam Chomsky: Propaganda Wars Are Raging as Russia’s War on Ukraine Expands

Please Help ZNet         Source: Truthout Photo by OlegD/Shutterstock   Since World War I, propaganda has played a crucial role in warfare. Propaganda is used to increase support for the war among citizens of the nation that is waging it. National governments also use targeted propaganda campaigns in an attempt to influence Read more…

Nicolas J.S. Davies: How Could the U.S. Help to Bring Peace to Ukraine?

Policy decisions by the United States will have a critical impact on whether there will soon be peace in Ukraine, or only a much longer and bloodier war

Anatol Lieven: The horrible dangers of pushing a US proxy war in Ukraine

If there is indeed a shift in strategy to another level of confrontation with Russia, we need to know what we’re getting into

Jake Johnson: Experts Warn Against ‘Perpetual War’ in Ukraine as US Signals Long-Term Strategy

“Those who urge the supply of weapons to end the war may do with the best intentions, but the effect is likely to be the opposite.”

Lonnie Ray Atkinson: Let’s Get Money Out Of Politics And See What Happens

The following is excerpted from my new book Don’t Think Of A Republican – How I Won A Republican Primary As A Lefty Progressive And You Can Too

Frida Berrigan: A School System Goes to Hell and Back Again

A Pandemic Year of Hope, Trauma, and Tragedy, Up Close and Personal

Philip Mirowski: The Death of Neoliberalism Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Despite predictions of its demise, the neoliberal power bloc of think tanks and lobby groups is still deeply entrenched and pushing into new territory

William I Robinson: Global Capitalism’s Digital Revolution

It is hard to overestimate just how rapid and extensive the current digital restructuring of the global economy and society is

Stephanie Basile: Learn It, Do It, Teach It

Member Organizers Turn the Moment into a Movement

Rob Hill: Winning Against the Odds: The 32BJ SEIU Organizing Model

Over the last two decades, 32BJ has organized over one hundred thousand new members who others said could not be organized . . .

Mark Herz: Union Wins Two Elections Among Clinical Staff at McLean Hospital

Local union organizers have scored another victory at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts

Max Moran: Where’s the Congressional Champion on Pharma Patent Abuses?

Drug companies are using intellectual-property laws to price-gouge the public, and even Republicans don’t like it

Lindsey German: The Call To Stop the War Has Never Been More Necessary

The war in Ukraine is fast becoming a direct war between NATO and Russia and the prospects are horrific

Michael Makowski: What Germany’s Rearmament Means for World Peace

The so-called Zeitenwende is Germany’s biggest rearmament since World War II and makes its military budget the third largest in the world

Jeff Cohen: Progressives Can’t Depend on the Congressional Progressive Caucus

Please Help ZNet           Source: Scheerpost Sometimes one decision speaks volumes. And so it was when the Congressional Progressive Caucus — with 98 members in the House — recently chose to have its PAC endorse a corporate “moderate” against the strong progressive candidate Nina Turner. In the process, the Progressive Caucus Read more…

Pete Dolack: Banks fueling global warming is business as usual

Capitalism is a system that is built, and functions, to generate profit, not to meet needs

M.K. Bhadrakumar: The U.S. Recruits Israel Against Russia

Please Help ZNet             Source: Globetrotter For more than one reason, U.S. President Joe Biden’s call with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on April 24 is hugely consequential. This has been Biden’s second phone conversation with Bennett in four weeks. On March 30, Biden called to express his “deepest condolences” Read more…

David Corn: Amusing Ourselves to Autocracy

Rudy Giuliani’s role on the Masked Singer was a sad commentary on the fragile state of our democracy

Brett Wilkins: Global Military Spending Tops $2 Trillion for First Time in History

“If global leaders actually care about charting a more secure future, then we need a massive realignment in spending priorities,” said one prominent peace group

Julia Conley: Afghan-American Groups Challenge Illegal Seizure of Billions by US

“The seizure of funds would be a deep and grave injustice adding to the continued suffering for the Afghan people that would be felt for generations”

Steven Donziger: Free After 993 Days

Environmental Lawyer on Leaving House Arrest & His Fight with Chevron

Nick Licata: A Political Disinformation Campaign is Threatening Our Democracy

The systematic dissemination of disinformation, however, is more than just lying. It is a political strategy in a war to take control of public power

Jayadeva Uyangoda: The #GotaGoHome Protest Movement

Please Help Znet           Source: Polity After 31st March, 2022, Sri Lanka’s politics is no longer what it has been. It seems to have entered a qualitatively new phase. It is still too early to say anything definite about the true magnitude and future directions of this newness. Its basic character Read more…

Annie Levin: How Creative Writing Programs De-Politicized Fiction

In the shadow of the Cold War, the rise of creative writing programs and ‘show don’t tell’ philosophy drained fiction of its political bite

Nazarii Vivcharyk: How central Ukraine is reacting to war and its new displaced residents

Ukrainians fleeing war in their hometowns are settling in the city of Cherkasy. Here are their stories

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