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Saurav Sarkar: Arrested for Racial Justice

Hundreds of Poor People’s Campaign Activists Got Themselves Arrested

Christine Ahn: Women Activists Head to DMZ to Promote Korean Peace Process

Interview on a global movement of women mobilizing to end the Korean War

Matan Helman: “In total, I went to prison six times”

In conversation with an Israeli conscientious objector

Badri Raina: Tuticorin: the Vedanta Doctrine

First we give you bagfuls To make government, Then you commit not to meddle With our profit-piling hunt.   But when people demonstrate Against our killer-loot, You promptly send the troopers To take aim and shoot.   Thus it is that you and we— Government and Corporate— Define the nationalist feature Of the proud and Read more…

Noam Chomsky: Donald Trump and the “Me First” Doctrine

Interview on the realities and dangers of foreign relations in the age of “gangster capitalism” and the decline of the US as a superpower

Charles Glass: Palmyra

If you ask the stars to choose a place instead of the sky They will say Palmyra.’ – Yaseen al-Farjani The young man betrayed no emotion as he told the story: ‘They asked him to kneel. He refused. He said, “If you are going to kill me, it will be while I am standing. I Read more…

Susie Day: Trump, the NYPD and the People We Call “Animals”

Accepting that we don’t matter as much as the person in blue with the badge and the gun sets the cornerstone for an oncoming police state

Rebecca Gordon: How Unpiloted Aircraft Expand the War on Terror

Trump Drones On

Justin Anderson: Environmental Degradation Under Trump

Pruitt’s personal indulgences seem far more important than his policies’ impact on the planet

Razan Azzarkani: America’s Treatment of Palestinians

It’s infuriating to see my own country actively condoning brutal violence against my people while other countries sit back and watch

Rosa Gilbert: International solidarity bolsters women’s struggles

The women of Kurdistan stand in solidarity with the women of Ireland – and call for a Yes vote to Repeal the 8th

Saurav Sarkar: War and Moral Injury

Veterans often wrestle with the things they’ve done in war. When will ordinary Americans do the same?

Ken Livingstone: Resigning from the Labour Party

The party must change urgently a process where prior to due process taking place leading figures in the party declare people guilty in the media and pre-empt the decision of the relevant bodies

Henry A. Giroux: Striking Teachers Beat Back Neoliberalism’s War on Public Schools

The struggle over public education has ignited new modes of criticism that contain the potential to build a mass movement from the bottom up

Laura Finley: Stop Blaming Women and Girls for Men’s Violence Against Them

Despite the clear linkage between hegemonic masculinity and lethal violence, school officials continue to disregard this warning sign

John Feffer: Disrupters in Chief

From Washington to Rome, so-called “populist” politicians are hacking away at a genuinely broken status quo. But their alternatives are either uninspired or terrifying

Conn Hallinan: Iran & Sanctions: A Prelude to War?

Has the Trump administration already made a decision to go to war with Iran, similar to the determination of the Bush administration to invade Iraq?

Dean Baker: Protecting Pfizer and Microsoft

We can do better than extending a relic of the feudal guild system

Jim Hightower: Democracy Is Dying in America

We’re Now Under the Rule of Trump’s Cronies

Kevin Basl: Questioning War is a Civic Duty

Why Do So Few Do It?

Jeff Abbott: Guatemalan farmers occupy plantation

Two children ride a bike through the plantation known as Las Palmeras in Guatemala. (WNV/Jeff Abbott) Guatemala’s southern coast is in a constant conflict caused by the expansion of agro-industry. Across the region, small farmers struggle to feed their families as companies buy up more and more land for export crops. Since the arrival of Read more…

Various Contributors: Washington Post, Social Media & Criticizing Sponsors

“This new policy offers a simple loophole to corporations that wish to avoid criticism from the Post, as becoming a sponsor of the paper would quickly put an end to any unfavorable coverage.”

Ramzy Baroud: Gazans Have Crossed the Fear Barrier

Will the international community remain trapped between hollow statements and no action?

Ben Dangl: Occupy, Resist, Produce

A History of Brazil’s Landless Workers’ Movement

Marina Turi: #AlertaFeminista rallies shake Spanish cities

They are feminists, they are many of them, and they are angry

Gillian Russom: Why “blue state” teachers need their own revolt

For the first time, United Teachers Los Angeles is tying our local contract demands to a statewide demand of 20 by 20: funding levels of $20,000 per pupil in California by the year 2020

Laura Flanders: Life or Death to the FCC?

It’s life or death for the Federal Communications Commission, and death may be the honest option. Let’s face it, the FCC’s mission to regulate communications media in the public interest, has been beaten to a pulp by politicians of both parties over the last two decades.  Now Trump’s FCC chair, Ajit Pai, wants to kill the Read more…

Deonna Anderson: How to Protect a Renter Nation

Laws that help renters are based on the belief that housing is a right for all, not just for those who own homes

Lee Wengraf: The new imperial scramble for Africa

The rush for profits, economic volatility and militarization across Africa promises only instability, rising exploitation and violence

Andy Rowell: “We are going to not allow Kinder Morgan to finish this pipeline”

Hundreds of “kayactivists” took to the water to protest against the pipeline

Kathy Kelly: Scourging Yemen

As Yemeni civilians’ lives become increasingly desperate, they become increasingly isolated, their suffering made invisible by a near-total lack of Western media interest or attention

CJ Polychroniou: ‘Be realistic, demand the impossible!’

How the events of 1968 transformed French society

Dean Baker: Donald Trump’s Big Pharma First Agenda

The pharmaceutical industry will fight like crazy to block any efforts to modernize the system of financing drug research

Antonio Roman-Alcalá: Agroecology is Advancing Around the Globe

With its strong focus on social change for small farmers, agroecology is going mainstream worldwide, but the American food movement has yet to catch up

Adam Johnson: Facebook’s Plan to Fight Government Influence

When a venture that’s supposedly meant to curb “foreign influence” is bankrolled by a number of foreign countries, one would think that would be worth noting

Badri Raina: Democracy – Past, Present and Future

Indian democracy is at crossroads because it did not experience any intellectual revolution

Kali Holloway: Prudish, Delusional, Selfish Religious Nuts

In America, say all the hateful stuff you want and invoke the First Amendment while you’re at it. If you can’t be legally implicated for inciting violence, you’re in the clear

Badri Raina: Begging

Begging, your honour, is a crime; It embarrasses the nation, Which, as everybody knows, is Full of hype and elation.   In fact, hunger by itself Is a most heinous crime; Images of hungry millions Shame those who eat all the time.   After all, between the image and The reality, the former matters most; Read more…

Ali Abunimah: Why did Facebook ban ad for “Killing Gaza”?

The ban lasted for almost three days before the ad was restored without explanation

Norman Finkelstein: “The World’s Largest Concentration Camp”

Israel has once again conducted a premeditated, full-scale massacre in broad daylight, in front of the cameras of the world. Once again, it took place in Gaza

Amitai Ben-Abba: Israel’s New Ideology of Genocide

If the world will fail to act effectively in support of the Palestinians, this will be the crest of the Nakba, the Catastrophe, the process of Palestinian disenfranchisement that has begun 140 years ago

John Feffer: Playing Trump for Peace

How the Korean Peninsula Could Become a Bright Spot in a World Gone Mad

Uri Avnery: The Day of Shame

On Bloody Monday, when the number of Palestinian killed and wounded was rising by the hour, I asked myself: what would I have done if I had been a youngster of 15 in the Gaza Strip?

Ali Abunimah: Lieberman escalates incitement against Palestinian lawmakers

Israel’s defense minister is escalating his incitement against Palestinian citizens of Israel, following a police attack on a peaceful protest in the northern city of Haifa

Valerie Burris: Battling the Indignities of Detroit’s Water Shut-Offs

Shut-offs don’t get people to pay their bills. They just create a devastating cycle, one that’s been going on for 10 years too long already

Reese Erlich: Will Iran withdraw from the Non-Proliferation Treaty?

President Donald Trump announced that the US is pulling out of the Iran nuclear accord–and Iranians are really pissed

Sonali Kolhatkar: Trump’s Cruel Plan to Rip Kids Away From Parents

Trump needs Americans to believe there is an imminent threat to our collective safety and security in order to whip up his base and retain support

Ellen David Friedman: What’s Behind the Teachers’ Strikes

When there is no effective access to meaningful channels for change, workers resort naturally to the only power no one can steal from them—the power to withhold their labor

Negin Owliaei: Building a United Working Class in North Carolina

Down Home North Carolina is organizing a multiracial movement to restore power to the state’s working people

Robert Fisk: How long will we pretend that the Palestinians are non-people?

If we can now accept a massacre on this scale, how far can our immune system go in the days and weeks and months to come?

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