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Thomas Klikauer: How Digital Fascism Works

Digital fascism is no longer a top-down organisation with a Führer on the top and serried ranks of followers on the bottom, but a flattened one-dimensional affair consisting of a patchwork of different right-wing ideologies

Rod Driver: Really Existing Capitalism is Crony Capitalism

It is estimated that the US government spends at least $800 billion dollars subsidizing the biggest US corporations each year

Paul Ringel: Why a Shootout Between Black Panthers and Law Enforcement 50 Years Ago Matters

A Feb. 2 poll revealed that just 36% of Black Americans trust the police, compared with 77% of white Americans

Jonathan Cook: The Guardian revealed its true face in sacking a columnist for criticizing US military aid to Israel

We must fight back. We need to understand that old corporate media like the Guardian are not an ally to the left, they are the enemy

Greg Palast: Smoking Gun for Impeachment

Proof Trump’s Call to March on Capitol was a Crime

Jonathan Rosenblum: Big Business Goes Up Against Democracy in Seattle

Local corporate interests are trying to recall elected City Council member Kshama Sawant

Mike Ludwig: Bernie Sanders Clears Path in Congress to Raise Minimum Wage

Please Help ZNet         Source: Truthout Photo by Marie Kanger Born/Shutterstock   Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders said on Monday that findings in a new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report provide Democrats with a clear path for bypassing Republican obstruction in the Senate and raising the federal minimum wage to $15 Read more…

Mark Schuller: The Foreign Roots of Haiti’s “Constitutional Crisis”

Haiti’s president’s term has come to an end, but he refuses to step down. Solidarity is urgent

Philip Weiss: If Navalny deserves support, why not Issa Amro?

Where is the U.S. government on a Palestinian activist at a time when it has highlighted the freedom of other groups to protest (notably the imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny in Russia)

Brian Shuffler: Ben Fletcher: The Life and Times of a Black Wobbly

In Ben Fletcher: The Life and Times of a Black Wobbly, Peter Cole illuminates the historical relatively unknown life of Ben Fletcher and his involvement with the Industrial Workers of the World

Vijay Prashad: The Three Apartheids of Our Times (Money, Medicine, Food)

The elite is not capable of solving the ordinary problems created by the normal crisis of capitalism; they are certainly not capable of solving the extraordinary problems posed by the pandemic. That’s where movements come in

Lee Camp: Wall Street Admits Curing Diseases Is Bad for Business

This is a system built on the exploitation of others for gain. There was no time when that was not true. And that’s why we need a revolution of the mind

Medea Benjamin: Biden Should Stop Payment on U.S. Funds to Sisi’s Egypt 

They should put a “stop payment” on the U.S. taxpayer-funded check that has enabled Sisi to operate with impunity

Pedro A. Noguera: Education Will Be Critical in the Fight for Democracy and Anti-Racism

What is the role of education in creating a critically-minded public that is unafraid to resist lies and deceptions perpetuated by anti-democratic forces?

Badri Raina: Some Observations on Prime Minister Modi’s Tears in the Rajya Sabha

The prime minister’s tearful avowal of Ghulam Nabi Azad’s nobility inspires further debate on his outlook towards Muslims, protesters and ‘foreign destructive ideology’

Brian Terrell: Ending the Other War in Yemen

Peace in Yemen, peace in the world, demands no less than an end to the production, trade and use of weaponized drones

Andrew J. Bacevich: Beyond Donald Trump

When Poisons Curdle

Reese Erlich: What Trump and the Myanmar Coup Have in Common

The Asian country’s military overthrew its government over baseless claims of voter fraud. Sound familiar?

Andres Arauz: The Left Can Take Back Power in Ecuador

Interview on continuing the Citizen Revolution

Ed Rampell: All Power to the Pictures! Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah performs a valuable service, traveling back in time to present an extremely entertaining, compelling, vivid dramatization of the Black Panthers

David Mandel: Understanding Naval’nyi

To understand Aleksei Naval’nyi’s significance for Russia as a leading figure of the opposition, one needs some idea of the nature of the political regime of President Vladimir Putin

Cooper Feste: Dallas plans to sweep Camp Rhonda, a symbol of houseless organizing

The city of Dallas threatened a local unhoused encampment with displacement and destruction of personal property

Prabir Purkayastha: IMF Rethinking Its Callousness to the Global South

The world seems to have turned topsy-turvy when the undisputed voices of global capital start talking about the virtues of “cooperation” among nations and “universal distribution of vaccines” to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic

DW: Myanmar coup protests inflamed by poverty and coronavirus

Following the coup in Myanmar, a nationwide anti-junta protest movement is starting to take shape. Fears are growing of a military clampdown as the country is facing crises on multiple fronts

Henry A. Giroux: Jan 6th, Fascistization, and Education

Interview on the events of Jan 6th, the destruction of public education and degeneration of mass culture

JS Tan: 2020: A Year of Resistance in Tech

2020 has been a record-breaking year for collective action in the tech sector

Christian Sorensen: Who Are the Ultimate War Profiteers?

While defense contractors make billions in profits, Wall Street is the ultimate beneficiary of today’s nonstop wars

Sharon Zhang: Fossil Fuel Pollution Caused Nearly 1 in 5 Premature Deaths in 2018

“There’s a vaccine for the 8.7 million deaths caused each year by air pollution from fossil fuels. That vaccine is called solar panels and wind turbines”

Yaku Pérez: ‘Barbarism or solidarity’ at stake at Ecuador elections

Yaku Pérez, the leader of indigenous party Pachakutik, is running on a green platform – but can he reach outside of his traditional base?

Richard Falk: Iran’s Islamic Republic Celebrates its 42nd Anniversary

I believe it is correct that the failure of the United States to overcome Iranian resistance to its destabilization and counterrevolutionary efforts is viewed as one dimension of American imperial decline

Sophie Izon: Who decides what counts as ‘political’?

Government demands for public sector ‘neutrality’ uphold a harmful status quo. For civil servant Sophie Izon, it’s time to speak out

Patrick Cockburn: The Clash Between the UK and EU Over Northern Ireland

The outlook is that Britain will remain obsessed by its relations with the EU – and that those relations will generate continuous friction

Katie Canales: Investors Tell Amazon to Stop Interfering in Union Vote

The investors calling for Amazon to cease pushing back on the unionization efforts collectively hold more than $20 billion worth of the company’s shares

Ed Pilkington: Outcry As More Than 20 Babies and Children Deported by US to Haiti

Ice accused of sending ‘defenseless babies into the burning house’ as deportations of 72 carried out in apparent breach of Biden order

Raji Sourani: ICC’s “Landmark Decision” Could Open Door to Prosecuting Israel for War Crimes

The International Criminal Court has ruled it has the authority to investigate alleged Israeli war crimes in the Palestinian territories

Peter F. Crowley: The GOP Is Over

Republicans have won only one popular presidential vote in the past 32 years

Badri Raina: Persevere

Let death come when it will While I am still busy serving life

James Gustave Speth: The New Environmentalism Must Demand Systemic Change

With examples aplenty of how things can and must be different, we must all be new environmentalists now.

Phyllis Bennis: Where is Biden’s Foreign Policy Headed?

Biden has appointed many old guard interventionists and new Cold Warriors, but there is some hope for a better Iran policy. Watch out for attempts by Israel to scuttle the nuclear deal

Sarang Narasimhaiah: India’s farmers’ protests: “This is history in the making”

Amidst the months-long, farmer-led protests on the outskirts of Delhi, the foundations of a more democratic and anti-corporate India are being built

Rebecca Gordon: The Fire Next Time

Climate Change, the Bomb, or the Flame of Hope?

W.T. Whitney Jr.: Cuba develops COVID-19 vaccines, takes socialist approach

Socialist Cuba’s production of four vaccines is grounded in science, in a dedication to saving the lives of all Cubans, and in international solidarity

Jonathan Michael Feldman: Coop Naysayers as “Religious” Thinkers Who Keep the System Going

This kind of over-valuation of social movement promises is part of a system in which intellectuals make their proposed activity higher on a moral plane than actual solutions established by the people themselves

Ruth Kinna: Kropotkin’s theory of human capacity

Kropotkin’s theory of mutual aid remains cogent as ever, demonstrating the capacity for revolutionary change even in the harshest, most repressive environments

Maureen Clare Murphy: Israel lashes out as ICC okays war crimes probe

The International Criminal Court has territorial jurisdiction to investigate suspected war crimes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, a panel of judges affirmed last week

Ralph Nader: Democrats Disarm Themselves Before Trump’s Senate Impeachment Trial

If the Democrats do not go full throttle in this trial – this last clear chance to exercise the Constitution against Tyrant Trump – they will be remembered as profiles of infamy

Daniel Hellinger: Maduro’s Brown New Deal for Venezuela

Nicolás Maduro’s reforms will deepen Venezuela’s oil dependency, slow regional efforts to decarbonize, and shift oil profits to transnational oil companies

Liberation Staff: Geneva, NY connects fight for rent cancellation to housing justice

People from across the Finger Lakes region of New York came to Geneva, New York on Jan 30 to demand housing justice, safe and secure housing, and an end to racism and disrespect of Black women from the Geneva Housing Authority

John Feffer: Russia: A New Start?

Can Moscow and Washington find common cause against the global scourges of nuclear weapons, climate change, and pandemic?

Sam Pizzigati: The Unintentional Honesty of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

His farewell as CEO recognizes the reality his enormous personal wealth so contemptuously mocks

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