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Sonia Mitralia: The new, young and radical feminist movement, at the forefront of resistance in Greece

The event is significant, almost historic, in a conservative and disoriented Greek society, which is always seeking a left worthy of its name

Sebastian Santos: US Military and Sustainability

Unless we act and hold the military accountable for their extreme negligence and haphazard usage of equipment and chemicals that has persisted for decades, incidents like the one in Hawaii will continue to arise.

Hamilton Nolan: How the Mighty Culinary Union Survived the Apocalypse

After facing 98% unemployment in the depths of the pandemic, the strongest union in Las Vegas has risen again

Frida Berrigan: A Christmas Confession

I’m Taking an Eco-Holiday From It All (and So Are My Kids)

Christopher Orlet: The Working Class is Not Voting Against Its Interests

America needs a labor party. A party of the working class. But right now it has nothing that even vaguely resembles either one

Common Dreams Staff: ‘Historically Large Win’: Chile Votes for Socialism Over Fascism

With 97% of 46,887 polling stations reporting Sunday, Gabriel Boric had 56% of the votes, compared to 44% for his opponent

Heather Rust: Hospitals Are Using the Nursing Shortage to Stiff Health Care Workers

Rather than address the underlying issues of the nursing shortage crisis, health care providers are exploiting it in order to further consolidate power at the top of industry hierarchies — and break the power of organized labor

Ted Glick: It’s Time to Occupy Biden

Let’s turn our sadness, anger and frustration into the organized power of the people which, alone, can win victories and bring into being a new world

Alexandra Bradbury: 2021 Year In Review: The Only Way Out Is Through

Here’s hoping this year’s ripple of militancy is followed by a much bigger wave. We’re going to need all the power we can muster

Thomas Klikauer: Covid-19, Hospitals & The Curse of Capitalism

The idea that sickness must be profitable reaches deep into the ideological heart of neoliberalism

F. Douglas Stephenson: Opioid Crisis

Purdue Pharma/ Sackler Family Fails in End Run around Justice

Hamilton Nolan: Ten Predictions For the Year Ahead in Labor

Our infallible crystal ball reveals that 2022 will make workers want to holler

Tyler Walicek: Kshama Sawant Emerges Victorious From Disingenuous Recall Attempt

The corporate-backed campaign to recall Seattle’s socialist City Councilor Kshama Sawant, which stretched on for a contentious 16 months, has concluded with a victory for Sawant, who will remain in her seat as the lone leftist of the council

Jake Johnson: Sanders Rips Manchin and Sinema for Betraying US Families

“I do not respect the arrogance of any member of the Senate who says, ‘You know what, I’m going to torpedo this entire bill,'” said Sen. Bernie Sanders

Liberation Staff: Massive new union of student researchers at the U-Cal wins recognition

In a historic victory decades in the making, Student Researchers at the University of California have won union recognition and will soon begin bargaining

Henry A. Giroux: Right-Wing Authoritarianism and the Crisis of Education

The future of democracy in the US will be decided by the increasing collapse of conscience, the undermining of truth, and a mass consciousness that supports violence as a central weapon for social change

Harsha Walia: Freedom to Stay, Freedom to Move

To create a world where we all have a home, we have to dismantle the border regime — not just borders, but all bordering, all ordering and all exploitative regimes

William rivers Pitt: Despite His Promises, Biden Is Still Serving Fossil Fuel Interests

While he is no Donald Trump, Biden has been revealed in this oil lease fiasco as yet another lying politician willing to eat dirt for the fossil fuel industry

Achal Prabhala: 100+ Firms in Africa, Asia & Latin America Can Make mRNA Vaccine If Tech Shared

If mRNA technology could be shared with the listed companies, “we could vaccinate the world in as close to six months from now”

Paul von Blum: Paul Buhle and the Rise of Socialist Comics

The historian has been at the forefront of telling the lost stories of U.S. radicalism—in comic book form—for nearly two decades

Scientists for the Future: Nuclear Energy Can­not Meaningfully Contribute to a Climate-Neutral Energy System

Nuclear energy is too dangerous, too expensive, and too sluggishly deploy­able to play a significant role in mitigating the climate crisis

Stuckey: Bessemer Amazon workers headed for new union election

The landscape is clearly shifting and Amazon has already shown how scared they really are

Ryan Grim: Josh Gottheimer’s Wild Claims in Rutgers Speech Are Falling Apart

The New Jersey Democrat claimed that a protester screamed “Jew!” at him and that Jamal Khashoggi’s organization has links to Al Qaeda

William Minter: US Cold War with China — first stop, Equatorial Guinea

Right out of the playbook: hype the threat of a potential Chinese naval base facing the Atlantic, get more funding for military operations

Jake Johnson: ‘Progressive in Name Only’

“By exposing their actual records, we hope to spur primary challengers, especially in thoroughly Blue districts where the primary is the only competitive election.”

Mike Phipps: Life with Fisk

Review of Love in a Time of War: My years with Robert Fisk, by Lara Marlowe

John Bellamy Foster: Against Doomsday Scenarios: What Is to Be Done Now?

Please Help ZNet             Source: Monthly Review John Molyneux and Owen McCormack: Given the extreme summer weather and the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, just how bad are things now? What do you believe the time scale is for catastrophe and what do you think that catastrophe Read more…

Max Haiven: Our Age of Uprisings: We Are a World Remaking Itself

Amidst capitalist crises, social movements are telling new stories about what it means to be human, revealing our collective power to refuse and create

Anita Mureithi: Thank you, bell hooks

The feminist icon, who has died aged 69, leaves behind a rich, powerful legacy

Ralph Nader: Know This, Trump’s Attempted Coup on Jan. 6 Was Just Practice

What are the institutions—public and civic—that could roll back this fast-approaching U.S.-style fascism with the snarling visage of serial criminal and constitutional violator, Donald J. Trump?

Adolph Reed Jr.: The limits of anti-racism

My point is that it’s more effective politically to challenge the inequality and injustice directly and bypass the debate over whether it should be called “racism.”

Nikos Raptis: The Evil of ‘movoros’

As for the Rumsfelds and the Kissingers of the world, of the last century, we, all of us, should be ashamed for allowing them to do what they did

Nelson Lichtenstein: Strike Wave in the U.S.?

Interview on Union Drives & Worker Revolts

Robert Koehler: Mass murder: New victims, same old questions

What I fear is that, socially speaking, we’re afraid of change. We’re not afraid to wage war; we’re not afraid to kill. But we’re afraid of change

Erica L. Green: New Leader Pushes Teachers’ Union to Take On Social Justice Role

Becky Pringle, the country’s top Black labor leader, has plunged the National Education Association into the reckoning unfolding in public schools

Brett Wilkins: Unions Demand Covid-19 Safety Measures for Health Workers Be Made Permanent

“OSHA must act swiftly to extend lifesaving protections for health care workers and to create new Covid-19 safety rules for all workers.”brett wil

Various Contributors: European Forum 2021 Brussels

A look at the European Forum 2021 Brussels

Jessi Pederson: Encampment at Spokane City Hall demands shelters open doors to all

At around 4:00 AM on the morning of December 10, houseless people and community organizers in Spokane, Washington, began to set up an encampment in front of City Hall

Marjorie Cohn: British Court Trusts US to Protect Assange Even Though CIA Plotted to Kill Him

The Biden administration must immediately dismiss the indictment of Julian Assange and withdraw its extradition request. The life of Assange and investigative journalism as we know it hang in the balance.

Lucy Knight: bell hooks, author and activist, dies aged 69

While her contributions to feminism are widely appreciated, bell hooks also published groundbreaking work on film, the visual arts, education, and a host of other subjects. She helped shape the modern U.S. cultural landscape

Badri Raina: Rahul Gandhi’s Speech Differentiating Hinduism and Hindutva Was a Watershed Moment

Where the Congress leader may have erred is in characterising all those present in the Jaipur audience as Hindus

Pete Dolack: Envisioning a world with no bosses

Please Help ZNet               Source: Systemic Disorder Many people, especially those with eyes open to the ravages of capitalism, know what they don’t want. Fewer know what they do want. That is understandable, given that the task of building mass movements on so many fronts is daunting. But while Read more…

Various Contributors: “International solidarity once failed the people of Chile. It must not fail today.”

Parliamentarians and public figures from over 15 countries unite in defense of Chilean democracy ahead of 19 December elections.

Jennifer Bendery: Elizabeth Warren Announces Support For Expanding The Supreme Court

“I come to this conclusion because I believe the current court threatens the democratic foundations of our nation,” the senator said in an op-ed.

Ariel Dorfman: Chile’s Future at Stake

In Chile, voters will determine a close runoff election between far-right candidate José Antonio Kast and leftist Gabriel Boric, a former student leader

Robert L. Funk: Gabriel Boric and the New Left’s Old Problem

The Chilean candidate represents a class of Latin American politicians who appear more revolutionary than they really are

MIT-GSU: MIT graduate employees announce majority support for unionization

Will MIT commit to contract negotiations?

Robert D. Bullard: The Father of Environmental Justice, on Whether We’re All Doomed

Interview on the global struggle to keep this world safe to live in, and how racism gets in the way

Michael Albert: Postcapitalist Work: Balanced Jobs And Equitable Remuneration

Owners gone. So, who decides what to do and how to do it?

Thomas Klikauer: Wealth, Capitalism and Ideology

As an almost classical consequence of capitalist markets, sovereignty in monetary terms exists only for big players

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