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William J. Astore: Destroying the Town Is Not Saving It

Two Unsung Heroes as Role Models for the Air Force

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: We reject dystopia till the end

It’s appropriate to feel rage at injustice. But the moment they take that away from you, is the moment they get you to acquiesce

Henry A. Giroux: What Mass Shootings Tell Us About America

While this is clearly a failure of our gun policies and of misplaced faith in policing, it also indicates a deeper rot in American society

Julia Conley: Call Embraced for Prolonged Student Walkout Over Nation’s Refusal to Act on Guns

“How can we expect them to walk into the firing line every day?”

Marcus Stanley: The US Has No Endgame in Ukraine

Putin’s disastrous gamble in Ukraine has left the West in a strong position to craft a peace that would underscore the futility of Russia’s aggression

Hannah Farris: These Baristas Have Been on Strike for Over 3 Months

At Great Lakes Coffee, workers are on the picket line demanding their rights—part of a growing national movement to organize the cafe industry

Jake Johnson: ‘We’re Fighting for Everybody,’ Say Former Corinthian Students as Biden Cancels Their Debt

“If we all strike together,” said the Debt Collective, “we can cancel $1.7 trillion for 45 million people. Debtors have power.”

Erin Mazursky: Why the abortion rights movement needs to get more personal

As a queer kid, I struggled to understand what choice means. Now, as a parent, I see it as central to ensuring fundamental freedoms for all of us

William rivers Pitt: The AR-15 Has No Business Being in the Hands of Civilians

This is the defenestration of the “Good guy with a gun” NRA talking point. No number of security guards or armed teachers can match that level of violence and damage

Tom Philpott: Russia’s War Created a Global Hunger Disaster

Climate Change Is Ramping It Up

Jake Johnson: Fossil Fuel ‘Addiction’ Is Sabotaging Every Sustainable Development Goal

“Every day that we burn fossil fuels is one more day that we’re undermining these goals for a sustainable, livable planet”

Katrina vanden Heuvel: We need a real debate about the Ukraine war

Wouldn’t it be healthy to have more diversity of views, history and context rather than ‘confirmation bias’?

Ariel Gold: America needs a Jubilee

In memory of the 30 victims of the Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, TX mass murders, we shouldn’t waste a moment before acting to bring about a Jubilee

John Logan: Starbucks Workers Have Won 100 Union Elections

Here Are the Lessons From 5 of Them

Dánae Vílchez: Nicaraguan government outlaws feminist groups serving vulnerable people

Women’s rights groups supporting marginalised and impoverished people are banned by Ortega’s authoritarian regime

Andrew Fishman: Lula Leads, but Bolsonaro Could Still Win Reelection in Brazil

Brazil’s presidential election in October will be a dramatic referendum on the country’s future

David Swanson: Turn Out for the Poor People’s Campaign, Regardless of Its Shortcomings

Of all the lies told to us, powerlessness is the worst, the most unrelenting, the most effective, and the most damaging

Rebecca Solnit: US Mass Shootings Will Continue Until the Majority Can Overrule the Minority

Guns symbolize the power of a minority over the majority, and they’ve become the icons of a party that has become a cult seeking minority power

Andrea Mazzarino: War as Terrorism

Conflicts We Can’t Win, Suffering We Don’t See

John Logan: Starbucks Workers United Wins in US’s Most Anti-Union City

If Starbucks Workers United can win in Greenville, it just might be able to win anywhere

Chris Brooks: How Amazon and Starbucks Workers Are Upending the Organizing Rules

Workers are leading. Unions should support them or get out of the way

Sarah Lahm: Why Michigan public school parents might be too strong for Betsy DeVos

Parents in DeVos’s backyard tell right-wing radicals, “No thank you to divisive, partisan agendas in schools.”

Badri Raina: Not all Things in Hindi are Kosher to the Sangh: Hindi as Language and as Ideology

It is clear why India’s top advocates of Hindi are so conspicuously running shy of acknowledging a novel in Hindi winning the International Booker

Damian Carrington: Weaning Ourselves off Fossil Fuels Is Going to Hurt

Investors will take a hit, a new study shows—but that’s no excuse for climate inaction

Chris Hedges: How to Defeat the Billionaire Class

We need a courageous rank and file leadership

Karl Hansen: Britain’s Rail Workers Are Poised to Strike Against Austerity

Forty thousand rail workers across 16 companies in Britain have voted to strike

Luis J. Rodriguez: Luis J. Rodriguez, the Chicano activist poet running against Newsom

We need to fight for working people and seriously address the systemic rot that has caused so many to lose faith in our political system

Manuel Rozental: Colombia Election Runoff

Leftist Gustavo Petro Leads Presidential Vote But Faces Trump-Like Tycoon

Danica Jorden: The Face of Uvalde

Please Help ZNet         A teenage gunman armed with an assault rifle savagely extinguished the lives of 19 schoolchildren and two of their teachers for over an hour in the most militarized region of the most powerful country in the world. Nearby, in the waters and on the banks of the Rio Read more…

Frank Smyth: ‘Why does this only happen in your country?’

The NRA and the GOP are coalescing around gun rights in Houston, as the United States normalizes racist and random shootings nationwide

Norman Solomon: “Gun control” is a great idea — and what about for the U.S. military too?

Believe it or not, the U.S. military kills about as many civilians every year as die from gun violence at home

Ruth Miller: Indigenous Organizers in Alaska Lead the Way Toward Livable Climate Future

Please Help ZNet             Source: Truthout In the United States, the public and politicians are moving in opposite directions on climate change. Grassroots environmental activism is spreading on the local state, regional and national levels, while Congress generally continues with a “business-as-usual” approach, rejecting the foremost way to avoid the Read more…

Branko Marcetic: The Biden Admin Is in No Rush to Help Ukraine Negotiate an End to War

The US, Ukraine’s leading patron, has signaled it has no patience for diplomatic efforts that cut against its hope for Moscow’s “strategic defeat

Ralph Nader: Is Corporate Criminal Law Heading for Extinction?

Lawlessness is now so rampant that a group of realistic law professors claim there is no corporate criminal law.

George Monbiot: Microplastics in sewage

A toxic combination that is poisoning our land

Amyn Sajoo: Western countries demand Russia follows international law – so why don’t they?

With a passion that recalls the aftermath of the Second World War, politicians and commentators are demanding a global order that takes seriously the rules of the United Nations Charter

Andrew Willis Garcés: What the Amazon Labor Union Can Teach Us

Want to Win a Union at Work?

Sarah Lazare: The Pentagon Is Funding the Same Gun Makers Democrats Want to Regulate

Daniel Defense, the company that made the gun used by the Robb Elementary shooter, has been handed over 100 federal contracts

Bruce Hobson: The Most Important Recent Labor Victory You Never Read About

At this GM plant in Mexico, workers on both sides of the border came together across national boundaries to challenge corporate power

Sam Pizzigati: In the Shadow of Davos

The case for taxing the rich gets an unexpected boost

Andrea Germanos: Organizers Herald 100th Win as Starbucks Unionization Wave Continues

“Howard Schultz and Starbucks are getting creamed in union vote after union vote.”

Andrea Parra: Colombian Left May Be on the Verge of Winning Power

A popular uprising of millions. A candidate from the social movements. A broad Left electoral front. Colombia’s political ground is shifting

Luciana Cadahia: Colombia Votes on a Shift to the Left

Colombia heads to the polls to reject the far-right politics of Iván Duque and Álvaro Uribe

Elaine Bernard: How Unions Can Emerge from the Pandemic More Effective

Learning from the Covid Disruption

Lonnie Ray Atkinson: Not Always Your Friend, Not Always Feminist & I’m Not Afraid Of Who We Are

The following are excerpts from a new book Don’t Think Of A Republican – How I Won A Republican Primary As A Lefty Progressive And You Can Too

Jaisal Noor: How Georgia’s Latinx community is working to ‘out-organize’ voter suppression

Georgians went to the polls in record numbers during the May 24 primary ahead of the crucial 2022 midterm elections

Henry A. Giroux: To End Mass Shootings, We Need to Change the Deeper Structure of Life in the US

Violence is the oxygen of authoritarianism

Nicole Nehrig: The Anti-Abortion Movement Weaponizes Women Against Women

Anti-abortion women perpetuate the idea that women’s lives are about deference and self-sacrifice. But women must help one another see ourselves as human first

Jenni Laiti: How climate solutions promoted by Western governments avoid what needs to be done

As Sweden backs a new iron-ore mine, the impacted Sámi people emphasize the urgent need for real climate solutions

Billy Nessen: Report from the Donbas

Shelling Intensifies in Severodonetsk as Russia Moves to Capture Key City

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