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Michael Mann: “This Isn’t a Natural Disaster”

Climate Scientist Michael Mann on Deadly Tornadoes in 8 States

Tom Ferguson: Is the U$A a Democracy?

Interview on how much democracy is there with so much wealth and power in so few hands

Norman Solomon: Current Dispute Over ICBMs Is a Quarrel Over How to Fine-Tune the Doomsday Machinery

Nuclear weapons are at the pinnacle of what Martin Luther King Jr. called “the madness of militarism.”

Nora De La Cour: The Great American Teacher Exodus

Every step of the way, teachers are prevented from actually performing their vocation

Jake Johnson: 100 Million Americans See US Healthcare System as ‘Expensive’ or ‘Broken’

One in 20 survey respondents—representing 12.7 million people—said a friend or family member died over the past year after not receiving treatment because they couldn’t afford it

Sharon Zhang: After Big Win in Buffalo, Starbucks Workers in Massachusetts File to Unionize

If they’re successful, they’ll join Buffalo workers in being the first of the company’s roughly 9,000 corporate-owned locations to form a union

John Logan: Union battles at Amazon and Starbucks are hot news

Which can only be good for the labor movement

Maximillian Alvarez: How companies like Kellogg’s are weaponizing the courts to break strikes

Striking workers at Warrior Met Coal and cereal giant Kellogg’s are having their legally protected right to picket stripped away by business-friendly judges, but they’re not giving up

Extinction Rebellion: Face Your Fear

Whatever your lived experience of eco-anxiety, it’s important that you find ways to share your feelings in a safe setting so you can manage them day-to-day

Nina Hall: Climate activism has gone digital and disruptive, and is facing up to racism within movement

Two new and powerful climate groups — Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion — have been particularly important. Our research suggests they have championed new models and tactics of activism, and also grappled with racism in their own ranks

Lucas Alden: Reflections on “No Bosses,” Participatory Economics and movements

It’s up to all of us desiring a better world on the ground to walk the walk as well

Jake Johnson: Amid Tornado Devastation, Sunrise Says ‘Call It What It Is: A Climate Disaster’

“We aren’t asking, we demand change. Kentucky needs Build Back Better now.”

Medea Benjamin: Israel Is Hell-Bent on Sabotaging US Nuclear Negotiations With Iran

You’d think that Israel might feel obligated not to drag the United States into another disastrous military conflict in the Middle East

Ramzy Baroud: The Omicron Shame: Why is the World Punishing Instead of Helping Africa?

Helping Africa in its critical fight against the pandemic should have been done in a more systematic fashion as part of an inclusive global strategy

Sharon Zhang: White House Says Restarting Student Loans Is “High Priority,” Sparking Outrage

“Allowing payments and collections to resume without taking these actions to protect borrowers in default would undermine our economic recovery”

Ariel Dorfman: Will Chile Return to a Pinochet-like Darkness?

Perhaps those guardians of my country’s dignity, the ghosts of those that Pinochet banished from this world, will protect their compatriots as we decide the fate of our beloved and besieged land

Trita Parsi: Biden’s Efforts to Appease Israel on Iran Have Failed on All Fronts

It’s not the nuclear deal that’s the problem for Tel Aviv, but the very idea that Washington and Tehran would reach any detente at all

Adam Ramsay: Culture wars: identity politics and the fight against surveillance capitalism

For some, it’s a left-wing adoption of neoliberalism. For others, it’s authoritarian. But it’s really just about equality

Robert Jensen: Defining racism: Individuals and institutions, systems and structures

Please Help ZNet             Source: ABC Religion & Ethics An earlier version of this essay was presented to the National Conference on Racial and Social Justice on 17 November 2021. We are at a tipping point in the racial history of the United States — perhaps the most important moment Read more…

Noam Chomsky: Infuriating Conclusion

Interview on COP26 climate summit in Glasgow

Brett Wilkins: Sunrise Movement Blasts ‘Criminal’ Effort by Corporate Dems to Slash Carbon Capture Threshold

“This is essentially a government handout of up to tens of billions of dollars to the fossil fuel industry.”

Kim Moody: The Supply Chain Disruption Arrives ‘Just in Time’

Build unions, raise living and working standards, shorten hours at higher pay—and this supply chain crisis will abate, labor shortages will become a thing of the past, and a blow to today’s outrageous inequality will be struck

Richard Delgado: A Key Founder of Critical Race Theory Discusses the Right-Wing Panic Over It

The frenzy occurring over the idea that schoolteachers would dare to discuss racism reveals the unmistakable hold that overt racism continues to have among large segments of the white U.S

Kevin Danaher: How the USA Could Lead a Global Green New Deal

The struggle against this type of zealotry cannot be won with tanks and bombs, it is a war for hearts and minds, and that war can be won with eco-development on a grand scale

William J. Astore: The U.S. Military Budget as a Mushroom Cloud

Why It’s Time to Make Deep Cuts at the Pentagon

Jordan Green: Why they fight

It’s not just about Trump — the insurrectionists believe ‘their version of America is under threat’

Anahí Durand: Peru Minister: Our Socialist Government Is Under Attack. But We Can Still Win

Peru’s socialist president, Pedro Castillo, came into office to fight neoliberalism, but his agenda has been derailed by the Right

Adam Ramsay: Culture wars aren’t a distraction, they’re a battle over everything

For some, the ‘war on woke’ is just common sense. But they’ll find that the pillars holding up England’s traditional hierarchies are rotting

Breaking the Chains Staff: How the fight for abortion rights began

Let’s make this current fight for abortion and a woman’s right to bodily autonomy be the opening shot in the war to root out every last vestige of capitalism

Gabriel Shipton: U.K. Court Clears the Way for Julian Assange Extradition to U.S.

Press Freedom in Danger

Sharon Zhang: Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez Celebrate Starbucks Workers’ Historic Union Victory

Progressive lawmakers are celebrating after Starbucks workers in Buffalo triumphed over nearly insurmountable odds to form the company’s first-ever union

Dipa Sinha: India’s community health workers’ struggle for recognition

India’s ASHA and anganwadi workers are rallying under the slogan “Community health work is work!” to demand fair pay and treatment for the essential services they provide

Sara Sirota: Now in Power, Key Anti-War Democrats Soften on Saudi War in Yemen

This week, Democrats eschewed opportunities to stop U.S. maintenance of Saudi warplanes and halt a missile sale to the kingdom

Brett Wilkins: Socialist Seattle Council Member Sawant Declares ‘Apparent Victory’

“Terrible news all around for the capitalist bums.”

Barbara Madeloni: Teachers Say Students Are Stressed and Fragile

This school began the year 42 educators short. That number has only increased as more teachers leave, exhausted and overwhelmed, or call in sick due to Covid and stressful, unsustainable conditions

Khuloud Rabah Sulaiman: UNRWA stifles employee speech on Palestinian rights

“I cannot be separated from my cause. My job won’t get me back to my homeland. Staying faithful to my right of return and right to resist is what will get me back.”

John Pilger: The Judicial Kidnapping OF Julian Assange

Who among us is prepared to stand up rather than remain mere bystanders to an epic travesty such as the judicial kidnapping of Julian Assange?

Medea Benjamin: Ten Contradictions That Plague Biden’s Democracy Summit

The Biden presidency is still in its early days, but it’s not too early to point to areas in the foreign policy realm where we, as progressives, have been disappointed–or even infuriated.

Peter Montague: The Future of Fossil Fuels Hinges on Two Huge Midwestern Pipeline Fights

CCS is the fossil-fuel industry’s last-gasp attempt to prevent the U.S. and the world from abandoning fossil energy in favor of cheaper, cleaner solar power

John Feffer: South Korea’s Green New Deal: Myths versus Realities

There’s one place in the world where the Green New Deal is a policy reality. But is it living up to its hype?

Karen J. Greenberg: Are We Forever Captives of America’s Forever Wars?

What Needs to Be Done to Finally End Them

Sonali Kolhatkar: Why Xiomara Castro’s win in Honduras could address the country’s endemic corruption and violence

“She’s inheriting a broken country, legal system and Supreme Court and is coming into an empty house that has been robbed.”

Astra Taylor: “Your Debt Is Someone Else’s Asset”

Calls Mount to Cancel Debt & Halt Wealth Transfer to the Rich

Ramzy Baroud: On ‘Gassing the Arabs’ and Other Diseases: Is Israel a ‘Sick Society’?

Whether right-wing, left-wing or center, Israel is committed to its military superiority, its racism and to the military occupation more than ever before

Claudia Drdul: Starbucks workers win historic first union

“If we can do this here, you can do this too”

Eve Ottenberg: Western Militaries on the Doorsteps of Russia and China

Wild-eyed speculation about the Kremlin’s intentions has so far run aground on Russia’s apparent reluctance to engage in a shooting war that could spiral into a full-on nuclear holocaust

Green Party USA: Statement From Green Party US on COVID-19 Vaccines and Mandates

The Green Party of the United States Steering Committee strongly supports the use of vaccines, vaccine mandates and quarantines as part of a comprehensive public health effort to curb and eradicate the novel Coronavirus

Katarzyna Wężyk: What it’s like to live in a country with a near total ban on abortion

As the US teeters on the brink of outlawing abortion, an expert from Poland explains the practical and emotional consequences of such a ban

Chris Hedges: American Satyricon

The Maxwell trial will not hold the powerful men complicit in the rape and abuse of countless girls by the Epstein ring accountable or challenge the oppressive systems which fuel the scourge of male violence.

Richard Falk: Covering Up Failure: Ignoring the Record of Regime-Changing Interventions

What we should know by now is that imperial reliance by the Global North on hard power to control societies in the Global South is a costly, prolonged undertaking, prone to failure and is a major reason for the power shifts from West to East during the last half century

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