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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: We Can’t Just “Move On”

Demanding Accountability for Deadly Capitol Attack

Democratic Socialists of America: IMF: Hands off Ecuador

Democratic Socialists of America IC expresses solidarity with the workers, peasants, and indigenous communities struggling against the forces of capital

Norman Solomon: Hidden in Plain Sight: The “Unimpeachable” Offenses

The presidential offenses that are routinely considered unimpeachable — and therefore ultimately acceptable — tell us a lot about Congress. And about U.S. mass media. And maybe about ourselves

Jonah Raskin: Isolatoes: From Natty Bumppo to the Proud Boys

Isolation is part of the problem. The Proud Boys and similar groups have lived on a continent on their own making

Robert Jensen: ‘A simple boy from the prairie’

Radical feminism helped me understand how deeply patriarchy is woven into the fabric of everyday life and how central it is to the domination/subordination that defines the world

Iraida Morocoima: It’s Not About Houses, It’s About Building a New City

We understand grassroots democracy to be at the center of any true revolution: people governing themselves and producing their own life among equals

Clara Liang: The Urgent Need for SCOTUS Reform, By The Numbers

The highest court in the land does not represent the interests of the American people. It doesn’t have to be this way

John Nkengasong: “A Moral Catastrophe”

Africa CDC Head Says Lack of Vaccines for the Continent Will Imperil World

Chuck Collins: The Movement for a Wealth Tax in Washington State

A levy of just 1 percent on wealth over $1 billion would raise more than $2 billion per year to meet the state’s urgent social needs

Sharon Zhang: Warren, Schumer Introduce Resolution to Cancel $50K in Student Loan Debt

Polls have shown that forgiving up to $50,000 in student loan debt is relatively popular among the public, though with some caveats that the forgiveness should be targeted

Jake Lindahl: Bessemer, Alabama, community rallies for Amazon workers’ union

“We’re down here to fight for the people, to get them dignity, respect, and a living wage–not a minimum wage.”

Sunny Hundal: Why India’s Farmers’ Protests Have Sikhs Fearing Violent Attacks

Since India’s farmers protests began last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s far-right Hindu nationalist government has tried to violently suppress them, revealing how close “the world’s largest democracy” is to becoming an authoritarian state

Vincent Emanuele: How to Defeat The White Power Movement

Understanding the White Power Movement and Broader Political Landscape in the United States

Anandita Sabherwal: Greta Thunberg effect

People familiar with young climate activist may be more likely to act

Candice Bernd: Austin Leads the Way in Cutting Police Funding and Using the Money for Housing

Austin City Council voted Thursday to use funds slashed from the police budget to purchase a hotel that will provide permanent supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness

Juan Cole: Int’l Criminal Court will take up Israeli War Crimes and Apartheid in Palestine

On Friday, the International Criminal Court found that it had jurisdiction to consider war crimes and crimes against humanity and the crime of Apartheid in the Palestinian territories

Hamilton Nolan: Going Hungry in the Most Magical Place on Earth

Disney World’s union workers, running out of federal aid, are banding together to keep each other afloat

Martand Kaushik: Reporting is not a crime. So why has India’s government charged our magazine?

The Caravan’s editors write that charges filed against them after covering protests are an ‘assault on free media’

Michael Sainato: Amazon intensifies ‘severe’ effort to discourage first-ever US warehouse union

Movement to unionize workers in Alabama faces tough opposition as the retail giant launches aggressive anti-union drive

Jake Tucker: San Antonio activists save historic public housing as disgraced CEO resigns

What the long struggle against public housing privatization has shown above all else is that with the people united and organized to fight back, we can win

Conn Hallinan: China’s Sea of Conflict

China doesn’t want to rule the world, but it does want to be the dominant power in its region, and it wants to sell a lot of stuff

Osita Nwanevu: Inside the West Virginian Movement to Push Joe Manchin to the Left

The wild variety of grassroots organizers hoping to give the nudge to the senator all agree on one thing: The old ways won’t work

Katya Kazbek: Who The Hell Is Alexei Navalny?

Nothing fundamentally new is happening right now. A part of Russian society is unhappy with Putin and his government, but that’s been a constant throughout his 20-plus year term

Judith G. Atkins: Change Is Not Scary — The Present System Is

Improved Medicare for All would do away with the need for supplemental coverage and expand the services covered

Jessica Corbett: Scientists Warn of ‘Ghastly Future’ Unless Policymakers Act Now

17 scientists called for a World War II-type mobilization to prevent a future of mass extinction, declining health, climate-disruption upheavals and resource conflicts

Sonali Kolhatkar: It’s Easy to Fix Inequality: Tax the Rich

There is no better time than now to address the ridiculous levels of wealth and income inequality in the United States. It can be done with ease through aggressive taxation of the wealthiest handfuls of individuals

Jason Stanley: Movie at the Ellipse: A Study in Fascist Propaganda

Scholars on the Nazis and anti-Semitism have seen this before

William rivers Pitt: Have Democrats Finally Realized That Power Is Only Real If You Use It?

I am cautiously daring to hope that Democrats are starting to realize that power exists only if you use it

Frank Clemente, Chuck Collins, Arianna Fano Omar Ocampo, Will Rice: Pandemic Super Bowl 2021: Billionaires Win, We Lose

No matter who wins the 55th Super Bowl, the big winners in our COVID-ravaged economy are billionaires — including dozens of sports team owners

Ramzy Baroud: Our Mutual Fight: The Case against Pakistani Normalization with Israel

The Pakistani government should never, under any circumstances and no matter the pressure, normalize with Israel

Alex N. Press: Silicon Valley Wants to Entrench the Gig Economy and Neutralize the Labor Movement

Gig economy companies and organized labor are at war over the future of work and the definition of “employee”

Ari Paul: Covering School Reopening, Chicago Papers Pit Unions Against Parents

Anti-union forces around the country depend on Chicago’s editorial boards to blunt the force of the CTU, lest it inspire more teachers around the country

Moira Donegan: AOC’s Powerful Plea for Republican Accountability Cannot Be Ignored

The congresswoman knows impunity for those who incited the Capitol attack just allows them to do the same, or worse, again. Impunity for the people who told the lie would amount to complicity in their conduct…

Thomas L. Knapp: Big Tech’s Playing Monopoly. It’s Going to Lose.

The long-term result of American Big Tech allying itself with the state to suppress Internet freedom will be its withering as users desert it

Grace Blakeley: How Neoliberalism Created a Society of Individuals

Decades of neoliberal policies have reshaped our world – but perhaps their deepest impact has been to corrode the bonds which underpinned society: replacing the collective with the individual

Brett Wilkins: Rep. Bowman Calls On Israel to Vaccinate Occupied Palestinians

“Israel, as an occupying power, has a responsibility to provide vaccines to the Palestinian people,” the first-term congressman asserted in a letter to Israel’s acting consul general

Harvey Goldberg: What’s at stake in Ecuador’s Elections?

Capitalism in Ecuador has been surviving the pandemic by increasing the exploitation of the working class and farmers

Vijay Prashad: Are We Not All in Search of Tomorrow

Despite the hollowing out of democracy, elections remain one front in the political contest, and in that contest, the left fights to summon a democratic spirit

Noam Chomsky: The Threat of Nuclear Weapons

“The Threat of Nuclear Weapons: Why Canada Should Sign the UN Nuclear Ban Treaty” Presented by the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute

Nick Engelfried: Grassroots Organizing Defeated Keystone XL and Built a Savvier Climate Movement

From frontline battles to large national mobilizations, tar sands resistance developed new tactics and organizing strategies

Alex Lawson: The So-Called Moderna Vaccine Is a Publicly Funded Miracle

We could face another global shutdown from a new vaccine-resistant variant of the virus unless we successfully arrest the pandemic with an effective vaccine today

Robert Koehler: National Vs. Human Security

They did not come prepared to seek understanding, then act from that understanding

Chris Walker: Polls Show Support for Biden’s Executive Orders, as Progressives Push for More

“I’m seeing too much hesitation. If they don’t deliver amid these multiple crises, then Republicans will storm back into power in 2022.”

Lynn Stuart Parramore: Epidemic of Despair Could Haunt America Long After COVID

Researchers worry the pandemic may have severe after-effects, with deaths of despair impacting more distressed and newly-vulnerable populations

Jake Johnson: Sanders Rebuffs ‘Partisanship’ Complaints From GOP That Unilaterally Passed $1.9T Gift for Rich

“Eighty-three percent of the benefits of the Trump tax plan went to the 1% and large corporations… There was not one Democrat that voted for that bill.”

Amanda Macias: ‘This war has to end’

Biden halts U.S. support for offensive military operations in Yemen

Liza Featherstone: The Danger Posed by Far Right to AOC and the Squad Is Very Real

The far right is dangerously obsessed with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow left-wing members of Congress. They deserve the Left’s solidarity

Hannah Dickinson: Rochester police attack and pepper spray 9-year old girl, body cam shows

These violent, racist police cannot keep collecting paychecks while they brutalize working people.

Laura Clawson: Amazon to pay huge settlement in wage theft case

This week in “Amazon is scum” news, on Tuesday the company reached a $61.7 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over a longstanding practice of stealing tips from delivery drivers

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