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Sam Pizzigati: In the Shadow of Davos

The case for taxing the rich gets an unexpected boost

Andrea Germanos: Organizers Herald 100th Win as Starbucks Unionization Wave Continues

“Howard Schultz and Starbucks are getting creamed in union vote after union vote.”

Andrea Parra: Colombian Left May Be on the Verge of Winning Power

A popular uprising of millions. A candidate from the social movements. A broad Left electoral front. Colombia’s political ground is shifting

Luciana Cadahia: Colombia Votes on a Shift to the Left

Colombia heads to the polls to reject the far-right politics of Iván Duque and Álvaro Uribe

Elaine Bernard: How Unions Can Emerge from the Pandemic More Effective

Learning from the Covid Disruption

Lonnie Ray Atkinson: Not Always Your Friend, Not Always Feminist & I’m Not Afraid Of Who We Are

The following are excerpts from a new book Don’t Think Of A Republican – How I Won A Republican Primary As A Lefty Progressive And You Can Too

Jaisal Noor: How Georgia’s Latinx community is working to ‘out-organize’ voter suppression

Georgians went to the polls in record numbers during the May 24 primary ahead of the crucial 2022 midterm elections

Henry A. Giroux: To End Mass Shootings, We Need to Change the Deeper Structure of Life in the US

Violence is the oxygen of authoritarianism

Nicole Nehrig: The Anti-Abortion Movement Weaponizes Women Against Women

Anti-abortion women perpetuate the idea that women’s lives are about deference and self-sacrifice. But women must help one another see ourselves as human first

Jenni Laiti: How climate solutions promoted by Western governments avoid what needs to be done

As Sweden backs a new iron-ore mine, the impacted Sámi people emphasize the urgent need for real climate solutions

Billy Nessen: Report from the Donbas

Shelling Intensifies in Severodonetsk as Russia Moves to Capture Key City

Brett Wilkins: Parents Demand Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

“We cannot remain silent as the fossil fuel industry and world leaders rob our children of a livable future”

Jen Moore: The Struggle for What’s Essential

Global mining companies have used the pandemic to push unwanted projects on vulnerable communities, who are fighting back — and sometimes winning

John Logan: Starbucks Is the Country’s Worst Labor Law Violator

Biden Should Rein It In

Kari Lydersen: As Illinois Coal Jobs Disappear, Some Are Looking to the Sun

While Illinois phases out coal, clean energy jobs hold promise—both for displaced coal workers, and those harmed by the fossil fuel economy

Sarah Kwon: Burned Out by Covid and 80-Hour Workweeks, Resident Physicians Unionize

Please Help ZNet           Source: KHN In the early weeks of the pandemic, Dr. Lorenzo González, then a second-year resident of family medicine at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, ran on fumes, working as many as 80 hours a week in the ICU. He was constantly petrified that he would catch the covid-19 Read more…

Kerry Taylor: Deep South Baristas Strike Starbucks

“Starbucks and South Carolina workers are finally tired of being mistreated, harassed, and given less than what they deserve”

Ricardo Vaz: Venezuela: Grassroots Groups Look to Boost Production

Communard Robert Longa defended an industrialization process that counters capitalist logic

Rachel Etter-Phoya: African Ministers call for UN tax convention

Africa loses about US$ 90 billion per year in illicit financial flows, robbing the continent of resources to finance investment and development

Beverly Gologorsky: The Need to Organize

What’s the Message and Who’s the Messenger?

Brett Wilkins: Thousands Protest Outside NRA Convention in Texas

“I’m just tired of the NRA subordinating children’s rights for gun rights”

Sonali Kolhatkar: Global Elites in Davos Pretend to Care About Inequality

Billionaires and the politicians who enable their wealth gathered for several days at a luxury resort to offer their puzzled concerns about why they keep getting richer at everyone else’s expense

Kshama Sawant: How to defeat the billionaire class

The union drives in major corporations like Amazon and Starbucks are the most crucial thing right now

Rebecca Peters: How Australia Reformed Its Gun Laws & Ended Mass Shootings

“Enough Was Enough”

Christian Smalls: We’re Organizing Unions at Amazon and Starbucks. We Won’t Back Down.

Interview on racist union busting, being invited to the White House, and how genuine human interaction is the key to workplace organizing

Sheila Xiao: The People’s Summit for Democracy Offers a Progressive Vision

For the Americas, which are on the cusp of transformative times, the age of the Monroe Doctrine is over

Jeff Schuhrke: Teachers at the Blue Man Group’s “Progressive” School Strike Over Union Busting

“It’s definitely been a really great experience of building solidarity and feeling empowered in this fight.”

Ann Wright: Symposium On The Abolition Of Foreign Military Bases

hile global attention is focused on the horrific war destruction of Ukraine by Russia, the western Pacific continues to be a very dangerous place for global peace

Lonnie Ray Atkinson: Blasphemous & The FTS Caucus

The following are excerpts from a new book Don’t Think Of A Republican – How I Won A Republican Primary As A Lefty Progressive And You Can Too

Jessica Corbett: ‘Perverse’ Supreme Court Ruling ‘Effectively Ensures That Innocent People Will Remain Imprisoned’

“This is radical. This is horrifying. This is extremely scary”

Julia Conley: US Students Walk Out to Demand Gun Control

‘We Refuse to Go On Like This’

Robert Hunziker: Climate Change Wows the Polls

Will Fox News’ far right extremists win in November or will Australian political sentiments sway America’s political fabric?

Julia Rock: Biden Is Aiming to Destroy a Historic Climate Change Lawsuit

The Biden administration has indicated it will fight tooth and nail to prevent the lawsuit from ever getting a trial

Javier Pineda Olcay: Chile’s New Constitution Takes Shape

The document lays the foundation for a participatory, plurinational, and feminist democracy

Jeremy Gantz: Starbucks. Amazon. Now, Trader Joe’s Is Unionizing.

Workers are pushing for the grocery store chain’s first union

Mike Ludwig: Fiery Stalemate Threatens to Destroy East Ukraine

US Weapons Pouring In

Teen Vogue Staff: Summer Lee Is Running for Congress Because People Are Disillusioned With Politics

The Pennsylvania congressional candidate thinks we need to transform how politics work in the U.S., and let young people lead

Alejandra Zaga Mendez: Die Linke and Québec Solidaire Want to Rebuild Class Politics

Die Linke’s Stefan Liebich recently met with members of Québec solidaire to talk politics

Robert Raymond: A shorter workweek may increase worker productivity — but that’s not why we need one

With the average worker in the United States clocking 47 hours a week, Americans are among the most overworked populations in the world

Luke Beirnel: The Stormont Election and Ireland

Symbolically, it is significant that the post of first minister will go to an Irish nationalist in the Stormont

Timothée Parrique: A response to Adam Lee: Is degrowth wrong?

Degrowth might be wrong, but it will take more than a two-page mumble to convince me that it is

Samantha Michaels: Blaming Chesa Boudin for Crime Is Empirically Wrong

Five myths about progressive DAs and lawlessness, debunked

Steven Hill: Why no gun control? Because of the failure of winner-take-all elections

“Swing voter-ocracy” is contributing to this tragedy for America’s children

Juan Cole: When it comes to Guns, the US is a Third World Country run by Corporate Lobbyists for a Profit

Trump may have derided sh*thole countries, but he and his ilk are exactly the people who have turned America into one

William rivers Pitt: Thanks to Republicans and Manchin, We May Get Only “Prayers” as Children Die

No significant attempt has been made to tighten federal gun laws since Sandy Hook

Jessica Winter: Seeing America, Again, in the Uvalde Elementary-School Shooting

Republicans, as we know, get what they want. It is their best feature

Robert Spitzer: How the NRA evolved from backing a 1934 ban on machine guns to blocking nearly all firearm restrictions today

These latest mass shootings may stir gun safety supporters to mobilize public outrage and turn out voters favoring stricter firearm regulations during the 2022 midterm elections

Steve Early: “Racketeer for Capitalism”

Memorial Day Salute To A Repentant Ex-Marine

Thomas Klikauer: War Propaganda, Pseudo-Events and the Global Village Idiot

Perhaps another potential title for this article might that be of Journalism “as” Propaganda

Phyllis Bennis: The U.S. Is Complicit in Shireen Abu Akleh’s Killing

If our tax dollars are furnishing the weapons that kill journalists and other innocents, that’s not just an international crime—it’s against U.S. law, too

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