Federico Campagna

Federico Campagna (1984) spent more than twenty years in Milan, where he worked as a political and literary activist, joining underground projects such as Eveline and  took an MSc in Econonmics and Management of Arts, Cuture Media and Entertainment at Bocconi University. In 2007 he moved to London, where he started working at the Max Wigram contemporary art gallery. In 2009 he started a long-term collaboration with the Italian Autonomia philosopher Franco Berardi 'Bifo'
He currently lives in New Cross, London, and he is now taking an MA in Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths University. He also works as foreign rights manager and marketing 2.0 executive in the radical publishing workers' cooperative Zed Books. He is currently collaborating on the magazines Loop, Alfabeta2 and Nyx.

Federico Campagna's

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