Matt Grind: National pride makes no sense

National pride is weird. I watched the hockey game, I cheered for the home team. I enjoyed it. After the hockey game, I honked my horn going home like everyone else celebrating. However, the whole time I was thinking "This makes no sense." I am supposed to be proud to be a Canadian. I don’t Read more…

Matt Grind: Why it’s a good idea to form a political party for a Participatory Society

Is it a good idea to form a political party for a participatory society?  When I say this, I am talking about a political party whose goal is to implement the structures of Participatory Economics (parecon) and Participatory Polity (parpolity) if elected to government.  It would also use the ideas of parpolity and parecon to form policy and make Read more…

Matt Grind: international relations

Just testing the site.  One of these days I have to finish my essay on international relations regarding a participatory society.

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