Zachary Donnenfeld

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my work and more importantly for being part of Znet. Raised in Massachusetts I am originally from Colorado and currently reside in Boulder after finishing graduate school in Australia. Although lack a congenital connection to politics I was given Howard Zinn's 'Declarations of our Independence' by a slightly renegade professor in my senior year of high school and while admittedly impressed and influenced by it, it was not until I picked up a copy of Chomsky's 'Failed States' in Rome in 2007 that I became enamored and seriously immersed myself in the letters of the left. I feel my views reflect a blend of slightly liberal but traditional formal schooling, with a thorough self-education in Zinn, Chomsky, Ali, Vidal and other influential thinkers who offer a perhaps more comprehensive, less self-interested perspective of geopolitics. I hope you enjoy my contributions and welcome any comments or criticisms from this extraordinarily thoughtful readership.    

Zachary Donnenfeld's

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