Aditya Ganapathiraju

I am a student at the University of Washington, in Seattle. I think Noam Chomsky put it best when he said,

There are poor and suffering people in the world, and they need help, and we are in the position to give them help because we are very privileged. We have a legacy of freedom and privilege, which has been won by hard struggle, it hasn\'t been given from above, its been won [and] we have it, and we can use it to help people who are suffering seriously, if we try...

Here are some other thoughts,

Not in the flight of thought
But in the act alone is there freedom
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

There are moments when things go well and one feels encouraged. There are difficult moments and one feels overwhelmed. But it\'s senseless to speak of optimism or pessimism. The only important thing is to know that if one works well in a potato field, the potatoes will grow. If one works well among men, they will grow—that\'s reality. The rest is smoke. It\'s important to know that words don\'t move mountains. Work, exacting work, moves mountains.
Danillo Dolci

Life\'s most persistent and urgent question is, \'What are you doing for others?\'

There is only one thing that I dread: Not to be worthy of my sufferings

Never let anyone keep you contained, and never let anyone keep your voice silent.
Adam Clayton Powell


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