Allan Nairn: “Americans Are Now Getting a Mild Taste of Their Own Medicine”

“What has shaken the U.S. population so badly, this assault on the Capitol yesterday, is really nothing by comparison to what U.S. operations have done in Latin America, in Asia, in Africa, in the Middle East, to other democratic movements and elected governments over the years”

Allan Nairn: Deadly Protests Erupt in Indonesia

U.S.-Trained Generals Wage a War on Democracy

Allan Nairn: Indonesian General Plots to Arrest Critics If He Wins Presidency

According to minutes of a campaign strategy session obtained by Nairn, Prabowo has made plans to stage mass arrests of political opponents and his current allies

Allan Nairn: As U.S. Moves to Oust Maduro, Is Invading Venezuela Next?

The United States is continuing to ratchet up pressure on the Venezuelan government in an attempt to topple President Nicolás Maduro

Allan Nairn: Rightist Revolution Can Be Stopped

A longtime critic of the Democratic Party and its support for war and neoliberal policies, calling for the public to mobilize to elect Democrats in the midterm elections

Allan Nairn: How Trump Dragged a Rightist Revolution to Power

It’s the Paul Ryan agenda which could never have gotten elected in its own right, because it’s anathema to most Americans — slashing Medicare, slashing social security, transferring trillions of dollars from the working people, and even the poor and the middle class to the very rich

Allan Nairn: Honduran Election Panel Declares Hernández Winner

The opposition party has called for nationwide protests on Monday, while the Organization of American States has called for a new election

Allan Nairn: A Rightist Revolution

Trump Admin’s Radical Agenda to Roll Back Social Progress

Allan Nairn: Coup in Indonesia

Trump Associates & ISIS-Linked Vigilantes Are Attempting Coup in Indonesia

Allan Nairn: Trump’s Indonesian Allies In Bed With ISIS-Backed Militia

Associates of Donald Trump in Indonesia have joined army officers and a vigilante street movement linked to ISIS in a campaign that ultimately aims to oust the country’s president. According to Indonesian military and intelligence officials and senior figures involved in what they call “the coup,” the move against President Joko Widodo (known more commonly Read more…

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