Andrej Grubacic

Andrej Grubacic is a radical historian- or, more accurately, an anarchist historian- from the Balkans. Among his works are few books in Balkan languages, chapters and numerous articles related to the history and utopian present of the Balkans. His writings on anarchism, its past and future, are many, and could be found on ZNet.  He used to be based in Belgrade, post-Yugoslavia, but after many adventures and misadventures he found himself in Fernand Braudel Center at SUNY Binghamton. Andrej teaches at ZMedia Institute and  University of San Francisco. He is a program director for the Global Commons.  As anarchist organizer, he is, or used to be, part of many networks: DSM!, Peoples Global Action, WSF, Freedom Fight, and many others. He is one of the founding members of the Global Balkans- the network of Balkan anti-capitalists in diaspora- and ZBalkans- a Balkan edition of Z Magazine.

Andrej Grubacic's

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