My name is Andrew. I have 3 daughters -Mira, Rae and Rika all born after the turn of the century - and my partner Kaori is from Osaka.I left school when I was 16 and started work for the New Zealand Post Office as a trainee Lineman/CableJointer (back in those days -mid 1980\'s- the New Zealand Post Office was divided into three branches: New Zealand Post for delivering mail; Post Bank the only State owned bank; Telecommunications which took care of the countries telephone network. Things have changed now with the telecommunication and banking services being sold to foreign corporations (bastard neo-liberal \'Labour\' government). I got sick of working for the private Telecom corporation and took the severence option in \'93. I am currently working as a builders labourer for my father, he\'s been self-employed since he was made redundant from Wellington City Council in another neo-liberal down sizing exercise. We do renovations and general maintenance and a few council projects. I like to describe my-self as an Anarchist in the Libertarian Socialist mode. I do not believe humanity has a future if it continues following the corporate plutocratic capitalist model. 


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