Andrew Perez: Verizon Sends in Union Busters Against Washington Workers

Verizon workers seeking to unionize in Washington state say the company just brought in executives to intimidate them

Andrew Perez: How Kroger Is Using DC Spin Doctors to Fight Their Unionized Workers

Workers at the Kroger-owned supermarket chain King Soopers were recently on strike — a public relations nightmare. The solution? Enlist spin doctors to talk about how wonderfully the company treats its employees

Andrew Perez: Corporate Lobbyists Declare War on Nina Turner

Corporate Democrats and lobbyists for Big Oil, Big Pharma, Fox News, and Wall Street are fundraising for Nina Turner’s primary opponent Shontel Brown in the Ohio congressional race

Andrew Perez: Democrats Are Subsidizing Health Insurance Predators

Democrats want to pay billions to put Americans on expensive corporate health insurance plans rather than expand Medicare or create a public option. It’s a gift to a criminal private insurance industry that needs to be completely abolished

Andrew Perez: Documents Reveal Hospital Industry Leading Fight Against Medicare for All

Investor-owned hospitals are leading the fight against the creation of a comprehensive, universal health care system, according to corporate filings reviewed by MapLight

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