Antonio Carty

   Born Dublin,Ireland, 18 March 1971. Mother Spanish, Julia Alonso Beazcochea renowned cook & dancer on tables, father Ciaran Carty prominent Irish author and critic. Grew up in Dublin, educated Blackrock College and National College of Art and Design. Also studied animation and film at Dun Laoghaire School of Art and Design, student animation film The Box Trick selected for Galway Film Fleadh. Chosen for participation in one year Film Base cross-border film, radio and TV project. SUBSEQUENT CAREER *artwork published in All Rise comic exhibited at Dublin's Head Gallery 1993 *painted large mural for youth centre in St. Michan's flats, Dublin city centre,1994. Materials provided by Dublin Corporation *chosen by United Arts Club to give Promising Young Artist exhibition of 24 large paintings, all of which were sold,1999 *worked as a film extra on over 20 productions, including Braveheart and Fair City TV drama series *weekly guest commentator on Ana Livia's Community Radio, The Road Home Show. *contributed graphic work to the Sunday Tribune newspaper *exhibited portrait series of Irish workers and their children at Eigse Arts Festival in Carlow,Ireland 2004 *shot short film on Malta’s pre-history on location with support of Maltese Ambassador *directed and shot documentary 'Lulu and Lucy Get Married' dealing with the Chinese community in Dublin,2008 *illustration work for Irish Independent newspaper and Lilliput Press, book publishers PAST FEW YEARS *Set up new art studio in county Leitrim by the Shannon river, 2011 *Created large scale charcoal and ink documentary expressionist series. *Developing new form of magnetized iron filings images, shown prominently on my Flickr online site. *Creating many new forms of sculptures, yet to exhibit *6 page graphic comic story Alexander the Great Cyclist was published, May 2013 in compendium of Irish cartoonists. *Have & continue to create usually 3 minute short movies. (see my website for some) *2013 created and taught free art classes to children in local Leitrim Gael School with another Leitrim artist for the year. *In march 2014 I exhibited a collection of my work at the Hendron's Collider gallery in Dublin. Photos of the exhibition can be seen here. DCTV Dublin Community Television came & video interviewed me working in my studio for an episode of their contemporary art show called Generator. The show aired on public television on 9th July 2014 on DCTV. CURRENTLY * I was asked to submit free illustrations to an international & well regarded News Journalism website called ZNet. My illustration work is now permanently used on their homepage: * I volunteered free posters & graphic layouts & illustrations for the the International Organisation for a Participatory Society, including their Logo, promotional posters & a portrait of Rosie Hacket, we gave out free prints of at the opening of her new bridge in Dublin. * I am completing many variety of art works in new ways, each series another echo of this existence! Here is a Link to a short Video of me using magnetised iron filings as a medium to create imagery : RECENT WEEKS MAY 2016 - Exhibited in Ranalagh Arts Centre group show. She Rose' is a large pencil, ink & fabrics portrait scene. For this picture my source was the Women, their struggle for independence in Ireland 1916, Using historical photos, that capture what I call, their lives sacred traces in time. They together form the strong conscious silhouette of Countess Constance Markievicz, wearing her exotic black feathered war hat! In her hand a pistol erects up to challenge Nelson's Column (phallus for the British empire now gone!) She' rises, the gathered women who risked their lives to stand for Ireland in 1916, form her neck & shoulders, all their faces become a shawl of Women's souls like smiling stars! Together, 'She' walks up O'Connel street in the moment of the Irish Easter Rising 1916, going on up to G.P.O post office to fight for our Republic! JUNE 2016 - Group Show of donated art in aid of Temples st. Children's Hospital. Organised by fellow artist Mateja Smic with O'Callahan Hotels Dublin FROM JULY 2016 * I am finishing creating short animations to accompany the interviews in a new DCTV documentary been directed & produced by David Gillespie. Also I am doing test animations to try & get them to let me do the Opening Sequence to the TV series. CHRISTMAS 2016 I am exhibiting my popular 1916 Print 'She Rose' at the Dock art centre in Carrick & also in Grogan's Pub's well known Christmas Show. I am getting to meet Kilkenny (Design) chain of shops to propose they sell my series of 1916 Art Prints for me in their shops & online stores Antonio Carty November 2016 See most of my portfolio of art & short movies & interview online at: (The bulk of new work I've created over last 2 years is yet to be exhibited, & so its not yet uploaded to my art site, but theres a selection of some of this newest work, teasers!)

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