Barbara Ehrenreich: On Political Ecstasy and Marble Rolling

An interview with Barbara Ehrenreich by South End Press on “Being Left”: …”you don’t know what you are doing all the time, you don’t know what kind of effect your actions are having, but you know that if you keep flipping marbles at a big crowd of marbles, eventually, bit by bit, they all might start moving.”

Barbara Ehrenreich: The Silenced Majority

YOU MAY not have noticed, but 50,000 U.S. coal miners were on strike for four months this spring and summer 1989. The 10-state strike featured the unprecedented mass application of nonviolent civil disobedience to a labor struggle: Thousands of miners and family members have been arrested for peacefully blocking mine entrances. Troops have been called Read more…

Barbara Ehrenreich: Parecon: Life After Capitalism? – Barbara Ehrenreich Interviews Michael Albert

This is the second essay in our series on political vision. Those wanting to know more about the economic vision discussed here, should go to our website, which lists articles and books on participatory economics—Eds.  EHRENREICH: I have heard that there’s been a lot of interest around the world in your book, Parecon: Life Read more…

Barbara Ehrenreich: Transcendence, Hope, & Ecstasy

      Perhaps the best kept political secret of our time is that politics, as a democratic undertaking, can be not only “fun,” in the entertaining sense, but profoundly uplifting, even ecstatic. My generation had a glimpse of this in May 1968 and at other points in that decade, when strangers embraced in the streets and Read more…

Barbara Ehrenreich: Peacekeeping

Ehrenreich   It’s a conundrum that routinely paralyzes the left: The news brings us the horrors of postmodern warfare–concentration camps in Bosnia, mass slaughter in Rwanda, hundreds of thousands homeless in Zaire. On the one hand, we want to do something. On the other hand, as thinking people possessed of some historical memory, we have Read more…

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