Bill Fletcher: Guns, Settlers & Race

Gun ownership in the U.S. was a defining feature of whiteness

Bill Fletcher: Chapel Hill and the Racialization of Murder

It is througha struggle around the racialization of murder that we have the opportunity to change not only the manner in which crimes are addressed and tolerated by the larger society

Bill Fletcher: Terror…and Racial Terror

It is difficult for most white people to appreciate the racial terror with which people of color live

Bill Fletcher: Suspected for Being Black

What white America largely misses is that there is a system of terror under which African Americans constantly live

Bill Fletcher: The Choice: David Fagen, the Philippine-US war, & Black Internationalism

“We all wanted to kill ‘niggers’…beats rabbit hunting…” –White US soldier commenting on the Philippine-US War[1]   One of the least known conflicts in US history was the Philippine-US war. The length of the war is, itself, a subject of some debate, having ended according to many historians in 1901, but actually lasting closer to Read more…

Bill Fletcher: Immigration, “Reasonable Suspicion” and the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court's decision in Arizona v United States will be studied for weeks to come. While the Supreme Court threw out key elements of Arizona's anti-immigrant statute, what they permitted was the right of the police to investigate the immigration status of individuals who have been stopped if they – the police – have Read more…

Bill Fletcher: Romney and the Right: They Hate Him…But They Hate Obama More

What is interesting about the relationship of the extreme political Right to Romney is that they actually hate him. This is not speculation. If you review the language of the Republican primary season it is clear that they actually despise him. They do not believe that he is a real conservative. They do not believe Read more…

Bill Fletcher: How Do We Respond to Obama?

Rather than dwell on the question of whether we can bring Obama home, whether he ever was home, etc., I want to refocus on this question of how to respond to him, particularly as we start to think about 2012.   First, what do we now say about 2008? Contrary to those who have thrown Read more…

Bill Fletcher: The Other Green Movement

Nader Hashemi and Danny Postel, Editors, The People Reloaded: The Green Movement and the Struggle for Iran’s Future, Brooklyn, New York:  Melville House Publishing, 2011, 440 pp.   Nader Hashemi and Danny Postel have produced one of the most interesting, informative and timely pieces of work on Iran that I have seen in some time.  Read more…

Bill Fletcher: It’s Been Real

Every so often there is someone you get to know and you just have this deep sense that you will be on the same road with them for the duration.  And when death joins you on that road no matter how prepared you think that you are, it always feels as if someone hit you Read more…

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