Bill Fletcher: The History of Race and Labor in the U.S.

Interview on the history of race and racism in the US from African slavery to today

Bill Fletcher: The Future of the Labour Movement

Trump, Right-Wing Populism, and the Future of the Labour Movement

Bill Fletcher: Extreme Xenophobia in the Dominican Republic

A look at the prejudice currently in the Dominican Republic, the history of segregation in public spaces, and a special comment on the Charleston shooting.

Bill Fletcher: Operating in the Obama Moment

Bill Fletcher Jr. is a longtime labor and international activist and the former President and chief executive officer of TransAfrica Forum. He is the executive editor of The Black Commentator, and founder of the Center for Labor Renewal. His latest book is Solidarity Divided.   Moderated by Bryan Evans, Department of Politics and Public Administration, Read more…

Bill Fletcher: Contempt from McCain as Obama pulls ahead

Minutes after the termination of the second of three Presidential debates between Barack Obama and John McCain, Real News Senior Editor Paul Jay sat down with Bill Fletcher Jr. Executive Editor of The Black Commentator. In part one of their conversation Bill shares his dissatisfaction with Obama’s unwillingness to advocate for any radical policy changes Read more…

Bill Fletcher: Apartheid in South Africa and Israel

Apartheid in South Africa and Israel

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