Bill Fletcher: A response to the right-wing “reopen business” crowd: Be careful what one asks for

While my immediate feelings about what should happen to the right-wing anti-science protesters who paraded around cannot be put in writing, I will suggest that society should not be put at risk by those trapped in delusions

Bill Fletcher: Zohra Drif’s Memoir of a Woman Freedom Fighter 

In her actions as a militant, Drif casts aside the romanticization of revolution

Bill Fletcher: Rigged

The 2016 election was only the fourth time in U.S. history that a presidential candidate has lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College, and thus the presidency. And Clinton’s winning margin of more than two million votes is by far the largest of any “losing” candidate.

Bill Fletcher: Quick Reflections on the November 2016 Elections

Had it not been for the Electoral College, at this moment we would be discussing the plans for the incoming Hillary Clinton administration. That’s right. She actually won the popular vote. Thus, once again, that institution created by the founding slave owners has risen from the grave and prevented our exit from the cemetery

Bill Fletcher: Hubert Harrison

By Jeffrey Perry; Columbia University Press, 2008, 524 pp. Jeffrey Perry has constructed a masterful examination of the life of the little known, though immensely significant, Black radical Hubert Harrison. In the first volume of what Perry promises to be a two volume work, Perry examines Harrison from birth till 1918, ending just prior to Read more…

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