Brad Wilson: Brad Wilson’s Farm Bill Proposal

INTRODUCTION (This introduces and supplements my recent op-ed, linked just below.) Farm justice, (labeled as a “family farm” point of view,) has not fared well against the dominant narrative in mainstream media in the 21st century, or even in alternative progressive media or among food progressives and other progressives, or among conservatives. Unfortunately almost all Read more…

Brad Wilson: George Monbiot Misinterprets Farm Subsidies 1

(This blog is Part 1 of a 2-part article.) Monbiot’s Pro-Corporate Outrage (Authors note: This is a work in progress which I will further edit as I have time. There is demand for access to it, however, so I’m posting this now. The same goes for Part 2, which begins with his discussion of sustainable Read more…

Brad Wilson: Unique US Role in Fixing the LDC Food Poverty Crisis

We farm and food activists in the US have a unique responsibility to advocate for solutions to the global food poverty crisis. We, here in the US, better know some key facts about that crisis, facts that are not as well known in other countries for important historical reasons. On average, Least Developed Countries are Read more…

Brad Wilson: Corn is the Biggest Farm Bill Loser, and Other Surprises

Introduction Most of what we hear about the farm bill is that commodity farmers are the winners and that corn is “King.” That’s based upon the Farm Subsidy Database, and the accompanying analysis by the Environmental Working Group. It’s all false, because it’s based upon too little data and a lack of appropriate standards for Read more…

Brad Wilson: Biofuels Fail as a Farm Bill Substitute

Some History Biofuels are criticized for a variety of reasons. Here I focus on the impact of ethanol on corn prices (biodiesel on soybean prices). Numerous food films, books, blogs, and videos have highlighted the problems associated with cheap corn and other cheap farm prices. Corn prices, for example, were below the full costs of Read more…

Brad Wilson: Farmer Front Groups and the Agribusiness Bribe

(This is an excerpt from: Brad Wilson,  “Smashing the Illusion ‘Farmer Clout:’ A White Paper, ZSpace, Jan 08, 2013.  The link to the longer article is temporarily not working, and is being fixed.  BW, 10/6/15) THE AGRIBUSINESS BRIBE: COMPROMISING YOURSEF TO SAVE YOURSELF? To be a part of such a massive loss of clout over your lifetime Read more…

Brad Wilson: Farm Justice and Neoliberalism: Feedback to Julie Guthman

Authors Note:  This is an open letter of feedback to Julie Guthman, who is an academic who writes on food issues in terms of neoliberalism, food justice, race, and more.  I address a number of these themes, including the role of food and farm academics generally. Most recently she’s been quoted for the introductions to Read more…

Brad Wilson: Food Sovereignty as Government Intervention

Subtitle:  The Views of La Via Campesina and U.S. Family Farmers Dominant Interpretations of Food Sovereignty I find that, in the US, “food sovereignty” is often defined as having increased local and regional control over food systems, and politically this often includes national control for small countries, such as Least Developed Countries.  Along with this, Read more…

Brad Wilson: Farm Studies Illiteracy Test

(A Farmers (latest) Test of Basic Hog Sense) INTRODUCTION This is the latest in a series of “tests” I’ve written under the general heading of “A Farmers Test of Basic Hog Sense.” This one explores cultural and academic literacy in relation to the historical Family Farm (or Farm Justice) Movement, and in a context of Read more…

Brad Wilson: Farm Justice: Questions for the Food Movement

I’ve been asked to summarize the key points of some of my work for people in the Food Movement who have a hard time understanding some or other part of it. Here I’m attempting to respond to that with QUESTIONS rather than with my own bullet points. That puts the shoe on the other foot. Read more…

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