Branko Marcetic: We Would Never Tolerate Assange’s Persecution If Any Other Country Carried It Out

If Russia were persecuting a whistleblower like Julian Assange, the US would rightly condemn it as authoritarian abuse

Branko Marcetic: The January 6 Hearings Are Failed Political Theater

The January 6 hearings fail to tackle the most important questions about the incident; they won’t hold anyone accountable; and most Americans have tuned them out

Branko Marcetic: Trump wanted to privatize Medicare. Biden’s letting it happen

The Trump administration initiated a program that critics say will pave the way for the total privatization of Medicare. Biden is quietly letting that program continue

Branko Marcetic: The Biden Admin Is in No Rush to Help Ukraine Negotiate an End to War

The US, Ukraine’s leading patron, has signaled it has no patience for diplomatic efforts that cut against its hope for Moscow’s “strategic defeat

Branko Marcetic: Cuba’s Vaccine Could End Up Saving Millions of Lives

Thanks to its public biotech sector and its government’s deep commitment to public health, Cuba is now the only low-income country to have made its own COVID vaccine, and it’s poised to help millions around the world

Branko Marcetic: Last Week’s Elections Actually Gave Leftists Plenty to Cheer

For many on the Left, last week’s elections came like a gut punch. But zoom out beyond the high-profile races cable news pundits fixated on, and Tuesday saw many significant victories for left-wing candidates and policies

Branko Marcetic: Buffalo’s Establishment Pulled Out All the Stops to Defeat India Walton

To beat India Walton, the establishment smeared her, changed the rules, and threw piles of cash. In the end, she flipped Byron Brown’s base while he drove up turnout in the city’s wealthiest areas

Branko Marcetic: The political evolution of Kyrsten Sinema

Sinema reads as a cautionary tale of what happens when political ambition becomes a be-all and end-all

Branko Marcetic: Bernie Sanders Is Making His Pitch to Swing Voters

Bernie Sanders, who’s fighting to pass his ambitious $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill in the Senate, spent the past weekend on the road, doing something his Democratic colleagues seldom do: selling his ideas in swing states

Branko Marcetic: We Need a Nationwide Vaccine Mandate

Measures like those France and New York City recently instituted are an appropriate tool for preventing impending and devastating mass death

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