Brian Tokar: Agriculture & Food in Crisis

The failures of “free-market” capitalism are perhaps nowhere more evident than in the production and distribution of food. In Agriculture and Food in Crisis, editors Fred Magdoff and Brian Tokar have assembled an exceptional collection of scholars from around the world to explore the politics of growing food insecurity and the rise of global resistance. Read more…

Brian Tokar: Toward Climate Justice

Authored by Brian Tokar Introduction by Eirik Eiglad The call for Climate Justice promises a renewed grassroots response to the climate crisis. This emerging movement is rooted in land-based and urban communities around the world that are already experiencing the impacts of global climate disruptions. Climate Justice highlights the social justice and human rights dimensions Read more…

Brian Tokar: Earth For Sale: Reclaiming Ecology in the Age of Corporate Greenwash

Throughout the 1990s, activists, corporations, and government officials  battled for the heart and soul of the environmental movement. In Earth for Sale, Brian Tokar examines the economic issues, political divisions, and worldviews that shaped the conflicts of that era and beyond, including their implications for a renewed ecological movement for the twenty-first century.   "Earth Read more…

Brian Tokar: Gene Traders: Biotechnology, World Trade and the Globalization of Hunger

Genetically engineered agriculture is spreading around the world due to global trade agreements and the aggressive tactics of international financial institutions, governments, and agribusiness corporations. In this broad and comprehensive survey, seven authors show how the interplay of trade policy, “development” politics and biotechnology increases dependency and hunger, while compromising the survival of traditional farmers Read more…

Brian Tokar: Redesigning Life?: The Worldwide Challenge to Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering, animal cloning and new reproductive technologies are  promoted as the keys to a brighter future. Genetic engineers promise a more productive agriculture, wondrous medical miracles and solutions to our most pressing environmental problems.  But growing numbers of farmers, scientists and concerned citizens disagree, citing new hazards to our health and the environment, along Read more…

Brian Tokar: The Green Alternative: Creating an Ecological Future

The first book to fully explore the emergence of grassroots Green politics in the US, first published in 1987, and revised in 1992. "Brian Tokar has given us the best introduction I have seen to the emerging Green alternative.  Without minimizing the problems or romanticizing the Greens, he presents a vision that gives us hope Read more…

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