Caitlín Nicíomhair: Petition for asylum seeking family in Belfast

Hello, I am writing to ask you to take a few minutes to sign this very important petition for two friends of mine here in Belfast, Northern Ireland who are faced with deportation to DR Congo. Kazadi and Arleth M’Wepu arrived in Belfast in 2005 after fleeing their native DR Congo. Members of a minority Read more…

Caitlín Nicíomhair: What faces sans-papiers in France?

Round-ups The hunt for sans-papiers is in full swing in our communities. Every day, racist, illegal ID checks (akin to “walking while black”), raids in restaurants, cafes, shops – all to hound sans-papiers. Round-ups in Stalingrad-Flandres, Belleville, outside the schools where people prove their integration… Detention centres Veritable prisons. Arrested sans-papiers are detained in over Read more…

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