Collin Harris: MOSS

A Call to the Z Community I feel like the Z facilities could be used for much more collaboration, and could actually function as an incubator for a new alternative media landscape in the U.S. and around the world. It is a great way for us all to network and develop ideas and projects for Read more…

Collin Harris: Madness

Taking conceptual music to new heights, Madness is the new album from Harrison Stafford (aka Professor), lyricist and front-man of international roots reggae-jazz fusion group Groundation. The album was written during Stafford's travels through Israel and the West Bank in 2010 and was later recorded in Jamaica with a crew of legendary figures in roots Read more…

Collin Harris: South America’s Radical Awakening

Social movements are the engines of historical change. As the absurdity of postmodernism swallows the cultural landscape all around us-from mass pop culture to contemporary scholarship-it becomes increasingly fashionable to reject any notion of human history as a meaningful and mindful movement towards a fundamentally better world. But even a most brief observation of history Read more…

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