Damon Lynch

I am a PhD student in social anthropology, photographer and free software programmer (free as in freedom). My geographic areas of interest are the Middle East and South Asia.  I have spent time in Israel Palestine, Iran, Pakistan, India and the Philippines. 

My primary interests are religion and peace and conflict.  I am a keen supporter of Abdul Ghaffar Khan (1890-1988), a Muslim who formed the world's first nonviolent army, called the Khudai Khidmatgars (Servants of God).  Khan is sadly hardly known even in the Muslim world.  However in time he and his movement will find their special place in recorded history, I am sure.

Meditation is very important to me.  The teachings of Eknath Easwaran have transformed my life for the better. 

I was born in Wellington, Aotearoa (New Zealand).  An interesting fact about me and my family - I went on marches protesting the Indonesian occupation of East Timor, but it was my brother who went there as a peacekeeper with the New Zealand military!

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