David Suzuki: Should we be working 15-hour weeks?

The five-day workweek is an anachronistic relic of a time when conditions were far different than today

David Suzuki: Groundbreaking report outlines Canada’s quick path to clean power

Canada could be a clean electricity powerhouse by 2035

David Suzuki: Rest Is Important, but Corporate Polluters Want Us to Stay Distracted

It’s hard to take on systems, but until we do, they’ll continue to grind up nature and spit out profit where rivers, forests and meadows once stood

David Suzuki: Has the Environmental Movement Failed?

Interview on the environmental movement’s failure to sustain its victories and the vision that will be needed to ensure public support for environmental protection

David Suzuki: March for Science on Earth Day

Drastic cuts to science-based agencies like the EPA are galvanizing scientists worldwide

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