Dennis Brutus: A Bantustan View of Global Financial Apartheid

In three months, the G20 group of major financial powers will join us in South Africa, hosted near Cape Town by the gregarious finance minister Trevor Manuel. As usual the ministers will wine and dine, and protesters will suck teargas. But elite self-congratulation will be muted, for the economic officials were reminded during the recent Read more…

Dennis Brutus: World Conference Against Racism: South Africa Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Brutus and Ben Cashdan IF YOU WERE planning a holiday in South Africa’s east-coast resort of Durban before the warm winter season is over, you’d be well advised to steer clear of the city during the last few days of August and the first week in September. Unless that is, you are a government official, Read more…

Dennis Brutus: US election debacle

Dennis Brutus The world still anxiously awaits the outcome of elections in the United States. But really, will it matter to the way we conduct our business, in a world economy that still imposes misery and inequality in the course of corporate-dominated trade, debt collection and investment? The Florida snarl-up has banana-republic connotations: confusing ballots, Read more…

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