Eddie Girdner

Native Missourian. Lives in Izmir, Turkey. Ph.D University of California. Taught political science for more than twenty five years in California, Alabama, Mississippi, Cyprus and Turkey. Author of Global Political Economy (2014), Confessions of a Renegade: Peace Corps Years (2014); Socialism, Sarvodaya and Democracy (2013); USA and the New Middle East (2008); Killing Me Softly (2002); People and Power (2013), Mersin-10, Turkey (2015), Sweet Home Mississippi (2015), Fair Winds (2015). Autobiography of a Black Sheep (2015), The Business Model (2015) and The Professor (2015). Into black and white film photography using a Leica M6 classical film camera. Develop and scan my own film and make black and white prints.

Eddie Girdner's

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